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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property

Safeguard Your Vacation Home

You may only visit your vacation home a few times per year, or you may enjoy it so much that you go there often. However, since it isn’t your primary residence, you need to protect it from vandalism and burglaries.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property
Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property

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Top Reasons why you Need a Security System in Your Vacation Property

Whether you have a cabin in a remote wooded location, a beachfront property or anything in between for your home away from home, it all needs to be protected. A security system is a smart investment for any type of vacation property to protect all of your assets in your home away from home.

Remote Monitoring System

A remote monitoring system allows you to monitor your vacation property at any time. A smart home system can be monitored on any device such as a computer, laptop or cell phone.

This aspect will keep you on top of anything that goes on while you aren’t there.

You can remotely see what each and every camera in your system is seeing and set up alerts so if someone is walking around your vacation home, you will have a clear recording of who it is and what it appears that they are doing.

Thieves love outdoor buildings, which many people don’t think to secure with a security system on them.

If you have a cabin in the dense woods of a mountainous region, you will likely have a snow mobile and other expensive items in an outdoor storage unit.

If your vacation home is near the beach, you may have a boat stored along with fishing equipment or skiing equipment that could look really great to a burglar.

Since these items stored outdoors are used in the region of your vacation home, a thief will have no problem selling them for money in the same area.

You could lose many thousands of dollars of your property by not securing an outbuilding.

Home Burglary Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property 2 Home Burglary Protection

It’s a well-known fact that a burglar targets unoccupied homes to try and get whatever is worth anything out of the home and dash away with it.

Vacation homes are a prime target. People who commit theft of homes are quite good at seeing the signs that no one is home and the same is true with a vacation home.

They can find out from unsuspecting neighbors in a simple conversation that your home is unoccupied most of the time.

You may think that you don’t have valuables stored in a vacation home, not like your gun collection or your valuables in your home safe, but you still have a lot to lose in the case of a burglar.

Imagine going into your vacation home and it is totally cleaned out. I mean, there is not a stick of furniture or an appliance anywhere in the house.

It’s just walls, floors and ceilings and totally empty. That is the worst-case scenario that may have been prevented with a security system.

If a thief sees that you have a home security system, they will likely just move on to another prospect because they only want what they can grab and get away with easily and don’t want to be caught.

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Vandalism Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property 3 Smart Home Vandalism ProtectionWhen you arrive at your vacation property and pull up to the house, then see that all the windows are smashed out and there is graffiti spray painted all over the driveway and the home, you will be very disheartened.

It takes a lot of time to call the insurance adjuster, wait for a report and then get either reimbursed for repairs that were costly or a check to make repairs.

Finding reputable contractors in a town where you don’t live and really don’t know many people can also be quite a task.

A security system will sound an alarm if someone attempts to enter the home from any window or door, or even if they break a window.

The monitoring company and your own monitoring device will know within a second what is happening and the video surveillance can record the criminals in their tracks.

If it is obvious that you have a security system, vandals will find some other unsuspecting property to destroy.

Flood Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property 4 smart home flood protection

Some of the best security systems offer flood detection capabilities. Even a small water pipe leak can lead to extensive damages in a home if it is not discovered for some time.

It doesn’t matter if the water pipes break in the ceiling or the walls, the water will run downhill and onto the floors.

All of your carpet and carpet pad or hardwood floors can be ruined along with the walls and the insulation inside of them.

This can even lead to black mold, which takes extensive cleaning to rid your vacation home of it.

Over time, even a small water leak can lead to thousands of gallons of water in your vacation home and be very expensive to repair.

Not to mention the huge cost of the water bill associated with this scenario.

Thankfully, a security system with flood protection can alert you before a small leak becomes a huge nightmare.

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Fire Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Security System in your Vacation Property 5 Smart Home Fire ProtectionThe Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that home electrical fires account for 51,000 fires each year and cost $1.3 billion dollars in damages.

This is an excellent reason to have integrated smoke detectors in your security system for your vacation property.

The best types of smoke detectors also have heat-sensing abilities to alert the monitoring company and you immediately in advance of a full-blown fire.

Electricity can arc and start a fire in any home at any time. Most people think of someone leaving a space heater on and causing house fires, but no one even needs to be in a vacation home for an electrical fire to break out and cause devastation.

These are the top five reasons why you need a security system in your vacation property.

It will cost you to have it installed, but it is an investment for your property so you will have peace of mind and can enjoy your home away from home for peace and quiet.

Source: Safetyhub

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