Why it’s important to Have Your AC Serviced

Air conditioners are quite appreciated by everyone because of how essential they are to people’s quality of life. But not a lot are familiar with how an AC works on an internal level. The components and mechanisms that control the dynamic of cool or hot air inside the AC are complex.

People know that investing in an AC means investing in their wellbeing. It’s an expensive device with a long life expectancy, but it’s still vulnerable to be affected by external and internal factors. A lot of people don’t understand how important it is to maintain an AC because they don’t quite understand what goes wrong if it’s left unchecked.

Without maintenance, the AC unit will stop being as efficient as it used to, not to mention that it can suffer irreparable damages. Here’s a brief overview of why servicing your AC is important.

Why it's important to Have Your AC Serviced


How Does the AC Work?

It’s important to understand the basic functionalities of the main components in your AC to be able to grasp why maintenance is important. Once you turn your AC on, it starts taking some air from the room it’s in and then sends it to a heater or furnace.

This heater is responsible for dealing with the chemical responsible for absorbing or providing heat, such as Freon. The air is conditioned by passing through coils that are filled with either hot gas or cold fluid and then dispensed through the AC to the room. There are multiple filters inside the AC that catch small particles and debris before it’s conditioned.

Why it's important to Have Your AC Serviced 2

Breathe Cleaner Air

Air is a very versatile medium for bacteria and viruses to move through, and since it’s not easy to know whether you’re breathing clean or contaminated air, you and your family can be in danger unknowingly. Determining whether the air is contaminated or not requires thorough testing because both kinds can be odorless.

The filters that your AC uses takes care of this problem job by blocking harmful particles, bacteria, pathogens, and allergens. But after a while, its efficiency decreases and it starts leaking the harmful debris into the air that gets distributed in your home. Routine Maintenance can easily ensure that your filter is always clean and free from harmful substances.

Why it's important to Have Your AC Serviced Cleaner Air - Copy

Longer AC Life

No matter how luxurious your AC is, it still needs to be maintained to operate at its peak condition. The problem with leaving your AC too long without servicing is that some components start getting weaker, subsequently affecting the performance of other components. This type of slow chain reaction can cause your AC to break down completely if it’s not taken care of early. The more time your AC spends without maintenance, the higher the effect on its lifespan.

Why it's important to Have Your AC Serviced Longer AC Life

Fix Unnoticeable Issues

A lot of the problems in the AC aren’t pronounced enough to be noticed by people inside the house. A little problem that can be fixed by the AC technician in 5 minutes can cause the compressor to completely break down if it’s not fixed for a long time. You can get more information about the 41-point check professionals do to ensure that they let no issue go unnoticed.

People who wait for noticeable changes in their ACs to call the technician won’t be able to react to problems that aren’t quite apparent to non-experts. It’s hard to know what harmful effects these problems could cause over time because of how varied the results can get.

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Save on Bills

A lot of people with old or non-serviced start noticing an odd gradual increase in their electricity bills. This can be caused by the increased amount of power that the AC requires to cool or heat your room since its efficiency is getting lower due to not being maintained. If you leave it long enough, it can break down completely, which will mean that you’ll have to pay a lot of money to replace major components in your AC. The money you invest in covering the maintenance of the AC will help you avoid major expenses over time.

Why it's important to Have Your AC Serviced Save on Bills


Higher Efficiency

You don’t want to turn the AC and wait for ages for it to have an effect on your home. Without maintenance, the efficiency of your AC starts decreasing slowly. This can be quite problematic in regions of extreme temperatures. If you’re dependent on the AC to stay comfortable, having it deteriorate can seriously affect your quality of sleep and ability to work.

It’s hard to imagine life without an AC. Taking it for granted and not servicing it will only cause it to deteriorate and eventually break down permanently. You want to avoid making mistakes that can cost you a lot in the long run, especially when it comes to essential appliances like the AC. Leaving your AC in good hands should put any worries to sleep.


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