Where To Sell Woodworking Projects? The Best 10 Places

Where to sell woodworking projects? This article will recommend the best places so that you can make some extra cash from your art creations.

Places to sell handmade woodcrafts

Places to sell handmade woodcrafts

In recent years, the craft industry has been gradually developing, and its products have won a place in customers’ hearts. If your home is already full of your woodworking creations, you can sell them for a profit.

So, where to sell woodworking projects? There are several good places to put up your art for sale, including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, social networking sites, or local retail stores.

Let’s delve into this article if you are looking for the best places to put on sale your handmade crafts.

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Where To Sell Woodworking Projects

Where To Sell Woodworking Projects?

Waiting no longer! Let’s jump into the best places to make some money off your homemade woodworking products.


In 2015, Amazon developed a “Departments” category for handmade products. To sell your products on this website, you first need to sign up for terms with Amazon. Also, you have to make sure that your product meets all their criteria.

When your products are labeled with an Amazon tag, surely many people will know and trust them. Nevertheless, you also have to pay a higher monthly fee compared to other sales sites.




Etsy is the oldest platform that appeared in 2005. This giant will assist you in selling products more quickly than if you are to launch your website.

When you begin putting your art for sale on Etsy, you will have the choice of paying for extra exposure or finding free advertising solutions.

The number of visitors per day is endless, but nothing is free. In other words, you have to pay for the items you sign up for to sell, including delivery costs.




Another popular e-commerce market you can bring your woodworking projects to sell is eBay. This website draws a large number of consumers.

On eBay, there is a lot of competition, so achieving a good seller rating takes time. Given the volume of online traffic that eBay gets, this is a reasonable area to open a business.

What’s more, it’s a great idea to look into eBay’s charges. Their framework has become increasingly sophisticated since you contract with them.




Despite being a high-traffic social networking site, Instagram is not known as a marketplace for sales. Using Instagram to promote your things is a little different than using Etsy.

You’ll need to take a decent photo of your woodworking project to upload it. The next step is to give your item a description. It’s preferable if you keep it short.

To boost your brand’s visibility, use hashtags that are relevant to the product. It helps increase the visibility of your product when users search for one of the hashtags you have.




Facebook has made significant moves in recent years to broaden the scope of what you may do on the site. The Facebook Marketplace now has certain features that assist in bringing consumers and sellers together.

Why not sell your products here? It will be an excellent venue for you to market your items because it has over 2.7 billion active members monthly.

You may publish your crafts for free in the marketplace’s general category using your Facebook profile. You may also use Facebook to buy advertisements to promote your listings in areas other than your present location.

Crafts Shows And Fairs

Are you seeking a place to promote your products in the fastest way? Look no further than craft shows and fairs.

If your product is great enough, you have more opportunities to meet potential customers and possibly have many long-term business relationships later.

Selling products at these fairs may also help you figure out if you’ve priced your goods right or if there are any modifications you can make to help your crafts sell at a better price.

Crafts show

Crafts shows

Local Retail Stores

Almost every community has a retail store that solely sells items manufactured by local craftsmen. The number of individuals that support local craftspeople is astounding.

Also, these shops are an excellent place to gain the popularity of a woodworking product. They are willing to consider stocking your things on their shelves if you propose simple payment arrangements with them.

Your Business Website

Apart from the third-party e-commerce markets, you can create your business website. Before starting your business, it’s better to learn ways to build a website.

You can use WordPress or Shopify to begin putting up your products for sale. The price you will give payment is determined by the method you use to build a website.

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Considerations When Choosing The Right Sales Method

Before you look into the many choices for selling your woodworking creations, you must first determine what would work best with the objects you’ve made. Here are some suggestions to assist you.

  • Identify your niche in the business: You can create any woodworking art, but it’s better to focus on one item. Furthermore, you also need to research the items that customers are particularly fond of.
  • Select a market suitable to your budget: There is a wide range of platforms for you to choose from. That said, you must scrutinize all related costs before startups.



Wrapping Up

This article has got to the bottom of your question: Where to sell woodworking projects?

Overall, you can sell crafts on e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram.

If you have enough budget, you can consider starting up your own business with a sales website. Thank you for reading!

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