Where To Buy Quality Wood For Woodworking? Things to know

If you are wondering where to buy quality wood for woodworking, you are at the right place. Where to buy quality wood for woodworking? Let’s see!

Wood is your most precious resource as a carpenter. You can’t make anything without it, so you’ll be relying on it all the time. So, where to buy quality wood for woodworking?

You may want to consider many options, including home improvement stores, lumberyards, hardwood stores, and woodworking stores.

It’s critical to understand where to buy wood for woodworking so you’ll know where to go when you need more. Now, let’s take a closer look at this article!

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Where To Buy Quality Wood For Woodworking? Things to know Where To Buy Quality Wood For Woodworking

Where To Buy Quality Wood For Woodworking?

Here is the list of best options recommended by seasoned woodworkers. Please check to see if there is any place in your town.

Home improvement store

Every town may have at least one home improvement shop. It has a huge quantity of wood, but it may be limited in species compared to a specialized timber store.

Pine, poplar, maple, and oak are the most common products they sell. The timber comes in standard sizes and lengths of 8 to 12 feet based on the species.

If you’re looking for a common species, a home improvement store is a fantastic place to go since it’ll be accessible.

Then, you can find what you’re looking for. Sometimes, the boards might be more pricey, but it’s worth looking at.


The lumber yard might be a great place to explore if you need extra building quality products.

They may not have the same variety as other stores, but they may offer pressure-treated and weather-treated timber that the others do not.

Most lumber yards are outdoors. The timber is open to the weather as a result of this. If it isn’t a concern for your job, a lumber yard can provide excellent timbers.

If you need more than some sticks, you can also get bulk prices and discounts on greater volumes.

The lumberyard stores timbers outdoors

The lumberyard stores timbers outdoors

Hardwood store

The best thing about hardwood stores is that they offer high-quality selection, diversity, and the true beauty of raw timbers.

These are smaller shops, or at least smaller in terms of category, with loads of timber from worldwide.

A specialist lumber store has the benefit of having a greater selection. You’ll get dark brown timber there if you really need it.

The store will also have purple, crimson, or a piece of Spanish cedar wood. Large chunks of the most popular exotics that woodworkers use the most are also available.

Woodworking stores

Wood is usually accessible in the fancier woodworking stores that offer supplies. It varies from store to store. Some have a large selection of timber, while others have a limited variety.

The most significant benefit to shopping at a high-end woodshop is that you can get items that you won’t find anywhere else.

You may also ask questions about the timbers, and the staff (who are woodworkers) will provide you with the necessary information.

Fine woodworking shops also have common woods for the craft, such as cherry, teak, and maple.

They may also have specialized items like turning blanks, pen wood, and other things you can only buy at a store.

You can get the products that nowhere sells

You can get the products that nowhere sells

How To Choose High-Quality Wood?

Once you’ve located the place to buy lumber, you should check its quality. Here are some factors for your consideration.


Moisture fills the wood cells, causing expansion. After being cut, the lumber is green with 100% moisture and not ready to use.

Then, it dries out correctly after one or two years of curing. It preserves the color, texture, and structure we are familiar with.

You need to examine the resistance and see whether any moisture remains on your fingers.

Press your fingertips against the wood. It will feel very different from other dry timber you’ve handled if any expansion has occurred.


Raw timber that has been resting for an extended period is no longer as sturdy or practical for construction.

Whether due to temperature fluctuations or something else, aged timber has expanded and compressed several times.

Old lumber is not ideal for woodworking. It can’t offer the appropriate level of flexibility needed for construction.


When you’re through with your work, contractions will still happen.

You must select a robust timber that can be well coated, and you must be careful as you finish it.

The temperature may still influence contraction and expansion. However, it is much less of a concern when there is a coating of resin between your timber and the outside environment.

You can also apply a resin coating for the timbers to protect them. This video will show you how to do it.

Check the lumber carefully before buying

Check the lumber carefully before buying

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Final Words

Now you know where to find wood for woodworking. Each option has specific benefits that can be exactly what you need.

It’s essential to consider your requirements carefully before opting for the final decision.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for being interested in the post!

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