Where Are Harvey Woodworking Tools Made? Things to know

Many people know about Harvey’s products. But do you know: Where are Harvey woodworking tools made? Check the answer here!

Harvey machines are properly recognized as among the world’s best machine tools. Orders for these devices under the most well-known brand names corroborate this. But, where does Harvey get his woodworking tools?

Harvey Industries is a high-quality woodworking machinery company based in China. It offers its products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Harvey has been an OEM for several of North America’s most well-known woodworking firms and now sells select machines under its brand.

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Where Are Harvey Woodworking Tools Made?

1. Harvey-Compass-ST-1500

Harvey Compass ST-1500

Harvey Industries Co., Ltd is the world’s top woodworking machines and accessories manufacturer. The corporation’s headquarters are in Nanjing, a magnificent ancient city in southeast China.

More than 30 kinds of Harvey equipment are in stock and ready to ship at the cheapest pricing. Harvey’s equipment is well-known for its quality and inventiveness all over the world.

Because Harvey Industries Co., Ltd. began as an OEM supplier, its machines are commonly referred to as Laguna in the United States.

Harvey thinks that high-quality woodworking equipment should be safe, accurate, dependable, simple to operate, and elegant.

Running the machine should be more than simply a chore, but also a pleasure. Harvey’s competent and enthusiastic staff has worked tirelessly to make this philosophy a reality.

The Best Products Of Harvey

We want to show you the greatest goods from this brand. Hopefully, you’ll be able to discover the best deal.

Table Saw: Alpha HW110LC

2. Alpha-Series

Alpha Series

The Alpha Series is the perfect solution for individuals who feel that “Good Enough is Not Enough.” Harvey completely redesigned all of the Alpha machines with fresh concepts to redefine the norms of woodworking technology for the future.

  • 31-1/2″(800mm) table made of extra-deep cast iron
  • Tabletop with a golden TiN coating
  • Compass miter gauge that is a one-of-a-kind
  • Heavy-duty T-square fence with dual high/low viewers
  • Transparent blade guard with enhanced protection and dust control
  • Massive cabinet-mounted trunnion made of cast iron
  • Underneath the blade, a dust veil
  • Integrated dust collecting system
  • Magnetostrictive safety switch

Band Saw: HW614 14″

  • Heavy-duty, robust steel frame that is CSA certified
  • Large resaw capacity Strong industrial motors.
  • Worktable that has been precision ground and coated
  • Cast iron flying wheels that are dynamically balanced
  • Worm-geared trunnion system for work table tilting from -15° to 45°
  • Ceramic saw guides are one-of-a-kind for increased accuracy and longevity.
  • System for quick blade release/tension
  • Magnetostrictive safety switch
  • For a rapid blade stop, use the foot brake with a micro switch.
  • Dust collecting ports on both sides

Wood Lathe: Turbo T60

3. Turbo-Series

Turbo Series

The Turbo T60 Wood Lathe is the company’s biggest lathe. With a swing capacity of 24′′ and heavy-duty construction, this machine can provide years of trouble-free woodturning.

  • High-quality cast-iron headstock, beds, and stands provide optimum stability.
  • For seamless functioning, all beds are perfectly honed to mirror-like surfaces.
  • A sophisticated YFD motor with variable speeds of 60-3500 RPM powers the unit (Reversible).
  • A blue backlight provides a digital wide-angle speed readout.
  • Extraordinary torque at low speeds allows for simple operation on big workpieces.
  • Sliding headstock allows for simple outboard turning.
  • The “Swing-away” extension bed system is a one-of-a-kind mechanism for convenient tailstock storage (standard for T-60).
  • A cast-steel tool rest with a chrome finish comes with a micro height adjustment.
  • End mounts for an extension bed to provide for a greater center distance.
  • Extension bedside mounts for back turning.

Dust Processors: Gyro Air G700

4. Gyro-Air-Series

Gyro Air Series

The Gyro Air G700 Dust Processor features low noise, high efficiency, and extremely successful dust collection. It employs a technique known as “axial centrifugation.”

It’s going to spin, entering dust at 4000 RPM, driving it to the outer edges. Then the dust falls into two internal bins: one for big particles and the other for tiny particles.

Only 0.1 percent of the airflow reaches the pleated filters at the end, resulting in far less clogging and higher efficiency than traditional dust collectors. It also has a noise level of only 72 dB, which is comparable to a calm conversation.

Furthermore, Gyro Air has variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the suction up or down based on your demands. It can significantly cut power consumption and noise levels.

  • At maximum speed, the DC emits just 72 dB of noise. You can comfortably continue a conversation while turning it on.
  • Variable speed control allows you to reduce suction when necessary, allowing you to customize airflow to work at hand while also lowering noise and power consumption.
  • 9% of dust falls into the bins before reaching the filters, resulting in significantly less filter cleaning and improved efficiency.
  • Two trash cans pull out of the front compartment for simple emptying.
  • Dust Processor is a caster-mounted machine.
  • The horizontal orientation is low enough to fit beneath many workbenches or storage units.

Where Are Harvey Woodworking Tools Made? Things to know where are harvey woodworking tools made

Wood Shaper: Alpha HW303E

Harvey meticulously developed and manufactured the Alpha HW303 deluxe industrial-grade shaper. It provides practically every function you could want in a fine woodworking spindle molder.

Thousands of them have satisfied clients all around the world. It is a woodworker’s best companion for the rest of their life.

  • The primary table is precision ground cast iron with a T-slot.
  • Industrial 3HP LEESON TEFC motor in-ground cast iron extended wing.
  • A spring cushion system makes spindle lifting easier.
  • The spindle drive system is self-contained and of high quality.
  • A solid wood Dovetail guideways for greater precision and durability
  • As standard, the device includes a 2” spindle (CE version).
  • Several insert rings.
  • Miter gauge made of cast iron with an adjustable sliding bar.
  • For precise positioning, it uses a high-end industrial fence system.
  • On the fence housing, there is a 4″ dust collecting port built-in.
  • The operator will appreciate the control panel with speed indication.
  • Thermal overload prevention and a magnetic safety switch
  • Collet for 1/4″-1/2″ router bits

Miter Gauge: Compass MG-36

The Compass MG-36 Miter Gauge features maximum accuracy and rapid adjustments. It’s a must-have accessory for every professional woodworker’s table saw.

  • Tapered grooves and a locking pin are part of the positive index system.
  • It’s simple to remove the locking pin tension with two fingers, allowing the Miter Gauge to pivot and index to a new angle.
  • Positive adjustments are possible to 0.02mm (1/50th degree) or any manual angle in between.
  • Cutting capacity of 36″.
  • The crosscutting fence is a heavy-duty, black-anodized CNC machined extrusion of 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Positive points and intelligent trigger lock.

Let’s see how to assemble Miter Gauge: Compass MG-36 with this video:


Harvey has created almost dozens of tools for foreign dissemination. Its high-quality products include everything from Try Squares to Planes to the award-winning Chopstick Master. And, now you know: where are Harvey woodworking tools made?

Even though there is a widespread belief in the United States that Chinese-made tools are inferior, Harvey’s CEO has stated that he cannot afford to let anybody down.

Harvey has been on a road of excellence and exceptional customer service over the past 20 years and will remain committed to its purpose.

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