What Is an Electric Log Splitter and How Will You Benefit from It?

It’s important to understand just how good any type of machinery is before you buy it. Since you’re paying for quality, durability, and performance, you should research and test everything out before you go ahead with your purchase. This is the case for equipment like electric log splitters. They are necessary and convenient for a lot of woodworking projects and storing wood for the winter.

What Is an Electric Log Splitter

If you want to learn more about this useful machine, then read on to understand what an electric log splitter is and why it’s highly beneficial.

What Is an Electric Log Splitter?

What Is an Electric Log Splitter and How Will You Benefit from It 1

An electric log splitter is a machine that splits thick hardwood or softwood logs into smaller pieces of wood. It has a sharp blade in the middle with two handles to control the splitter. It has 2 strong retaining plates that keep the log firmly in place. The machine has a hydraulic mechanism that is controlled with a lever and a control button switch that pushes the log forward to the blade. It also has a stroke limiter mechanism to adjust your machine based on the length of the log. Keep in mind that you should only split one log at a time, and it should never be placed crosswise. This is to prevent the machine from getting damaged and for your protection against possible injuries.

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Which One Should I Get?

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Getting the right piece of equipment depends on your needs and your budget. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to shop around and research the two different models’ types to understand which one suits your project. You need to understand that most electric log splitters have different capabilities depending on which category they’re in. The machine could be a single or dual action splitter. The dual action splitter seems to be more convenient because it splits the log from both sides instead of just one. Some models have vertical options that can be appealing for projects that split bigger and heavier logs. Overall, each unit is powerful enough for the job and they are easy to operate.

Easy to Maintain

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You can rest assured that these splitters are easy to maintain. They do not require too much maintenance compared to the gas alternative units. However, it’s important to understand the simple maintenance steps that can make the process a lot easier. When the unit is durable enough that it doesn’t need frequent maintenance, it would be worth the money spent on the splitter because you would get so much value out of it. Most machines need periodic maintenance to ensure good performance and optimal output every time you split a log. Electric splitters will always be working properly to ensure productivity in your projects and the safety of everyone who uses the unit.

It Saves Time

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It’s amazing how this piece of equipment can save you a lot of time. Your projects can go faster and the chore of storing firewood would be done easily. It’s very convenient because you won’t have to spend hours using an ax to split logs. The time it takes to split a log traditionally is longer than using a splitter. You would only need to cut the log once and there won’t be any mistakes. The same can’t be said when you use an ax because it takes time, effort, and possibly more than one swing to properly cut your logs into manageable pieces that are adequately shaped.

It’s Safe and Useful for Many Log Shapes

A splitter is very safe to use, and it can cut various logs with different shapes and sizes. The machine is designed to have a lever for the hydraulic mechanism to push the log, but it will never push anything by itself because of the safety button. This safety control switch can keep the log in place because you might not be ready for splitting or it might be placed awkwardly for a proper cut. This can protect you from injuries and prevent the machine from getting damaged. Also, the splitter has a stroke limiter that makes the process very convenient. Even though the logs must be pre-cut into round sections, you don’t have to follow a specific length because the machine can be adjusted accordingly.

Portability Features

We’ve mentioned before that an electric log splitter is easy to use and that is mainly because of how portable it is. These machines aren’t too heavy or difficult to move around. They are designed to be easily portable while assembled and you can easily split logs anywhere indoors or outdoors without any safety concerns. Also, the unit can be disassembled very quickly to store it anywhere. Assembling the parts is equally simple and won’t be a hassle. However, the portability features make this machine worth the cost because you won’t have to disassemble it if you have a good storage place.

It Saves You Money

What Is an Electric Log Splitter and How Will You Benefit from It 6

Log splitters can save you money in two ways and both of them are quite convenient. The first way is that you won’t have to hire someone to split logs for you if you are physically unable to do the job yourself. The machine doesn’t have any limitations, and anyone can operate it. Also, you won’t have to pay a lot of money on heating bills every month. You could use the splitter to store ample of wood logs to keep you warm all winter. Not to mention that it’s environmentally friendly compared to other heating methods in your home. The money you save over time is enough reason to convince anyone to invest in an electric log splitter.

It wouldn’t hurt to learn everything you can about electric log splitters before you make the purchase. You need to know how to operate it properly and what to do if the logs didn’t go through the blade correctly. It’s mandatory to read the manual, but it would be smart to see how it works yourself and then practice using the splitter once or twice to get the hang of it. This piece of equipment is worth every penny spent because it can make your life easier during a project or when you’re casually storing firewood for later use.


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