What Is A Jig Woodworking? All Things You Need To Know

What Is A Jig Woodworking? The detailed article below will help you easily understand the classification of this tool and its operating principle.

What Is A Jig Woodworking

Fixtures are an essential component of precision machining, adding significantly to the quality of the finished product.

To make this easy, you can use a jig. So, what is a woodworking jig? What applications does it have to your work?

The jigs are basically capable of making thin cuts in the wood surface by taking advantage of the movement of the small and sturdy blade inside.

The article will present the contents of indispensable tools in today’s life.

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What Is A Jig Woodworking?

A Jig Woodworking

 A Jig Woodworking

It is a version to adjust the movement of a horizontal blade or another one which would cut or alter wood. It is of wood; you also custom craft it according to the specific woodworking functions of your choice.

You can also purchase this popular tool for plastic, prefabricated, or metal. This article aims to enable carpenters to repeatedly, accurately, and quickly do similar cuts on other wood pieces.

If cutting a piece of wood with your bare hands will be difficult, it will help you thanks to this function. And another process of this product is to keep your cutting more steady to avoid cutting too much or cutting incorrectly.

Thus, it can be that jig woodworking is a project that helps you do the job faster and easier and aims to improve the accuracy, speed, or repeatability of the woodworking production process.

Variety Of Forms

A function, size, and shape will vary considerably depending on the method and software used. As far as we know, people used this tool initially for drill support. Then, with improvements and additional tools, it can also be available with chainsaws.

Indeed it has quite a few applications, but you will have to bring its specialized items. It has a design to make a saw blade straight in cutting and prevent it from moving out at a specific time; This is an excellent way for cutting corners correctly.

Diverse In Usage

This tool is compatible with a possible drill, so it can be in the top of the wood piece to cut. Surely you will wonder what the pre-drilled holes on the product are for?

Then the answer is the holes to determine where the drill should cut on the new component. If the wood pieces you are working on are different in size, they can be available to fit each piece of wood.

It can also pinpoint the exact location of the cut-off point, making the measurement process much more convenient.

Sometimes, it is available in conjunction, clamps and covers to secure the cut wood piece. The additional use of these tools is vital to counteract movement in a process.

Furthermore, the tool sliding on the fixture can make it move, resulting in wrong cuts from your original drawing. At the same time, it also weakens the point of using this product in one place.

Notes When Choosing To Use Jig

When deciding whether to use JIG – jigsaw or not? Then you need to consider selecting them based on specific criteria because the quality of the jigsaw processing has a significant influence on the product quality; therefore, while choosing the type, you should consider the following factors:

  • Fixtures used must have good bearing capacity and quality and be suitable for the production process.
  • The simpler the structure, the easier it is to use, repair, and replace it, and the more types it can be easy to assemble, the better.
  • High strength, long service life, and resistance to cutting pressure; not quickly damaged during use.
  • The product must be safe for the user.
  • Great aesthetic design.

Difference Between Jig And Fixture


Jig design

Jig design

A Jig is a device commonly used in drills that, in conjunction with a drill bushing, helps orient the tools so that the drill makes only the holes that the bushing has positioned in the routine.

It is also a commonly used manufacturing technology device to improve productivity by accurately positioning and securely holding workpieces and directing the cutting tool.




The fixture is a device used to focus on improving production efficiency and productivity in mass production.

It locates and manages to maintain the workpiece in an incorrect position, but it does not include the ability to orient the cutting tool.

Profile blocks and sensors or thickness gauges are in conjunction with jigs to align the cutter to the workpiece.

For more comparison, check out this video below:


The basics of jig woodworking and information about the difference between Jig and Fixture are information contained in this article.

Hopefully, you will better understand this essential tool for those with mechanical and manufacturing-related jobs. Through this article; If you find the content valuable, please share the section with others.

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