7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home

You might find yourself in a position where the house you just bought doesn’t have any fences around the backyard. Or, the fences that you currently have are not high enough and do not provide enough privacy for you and your neighbour. Finally, you might be looking to enclose your house completely with a fence and gate it off. Regardless of the option you choose, it is important that you tackle it the right way and know what you are getting into. Here are seven tips on installing a fence around your home.

7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home

7 Tips for building a fence

Pick a Design That Fits Your Aesthetic

The first thing that you should look for when building a fence is finding a design that works for you and your home. The last thing that you want is to have your house become a complete eyesore to anyone else in the neighbourhood. Along with that, if this is a fence that is going around your home completely, you also have to consider the gate and how you want that to look.

There are a large amount of designs for you to choose from in this regard, ensuring that you get exactly what you want. Once you have picked a style you want, look for a manufacturer who carries it and start installing your new fence. Always make sure that the fence you buy fits the look of you and your home.

Many fence design elements

Check the Property Lines

Whenever you are looking to build a fence, you have to consult the municipal government and figure out where the property lines are around the house. There have been plenty of disputes between neighbours when the fence was not installed correctly or installed on another person’s side. Once the city representative marks the property lines, you are given the green light to build the fence and start construction.

7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home Property Lines

Lay Out the Fence Posts

Once you know where you can build the fence, it is time to put the plan into action. Measure out the total length of the fence and determine how many fence posts you are going to need. Try to balance this out and make it as even as possible, as an uneven fence with too many posts will be quite unpleasant. Always measure the distance for your fence posts and plan accordingly.

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Start Digging

Now that you have laid everything out and determined the measurements for your fence, the next thing for you to do is to start digging. Grab yourself a shovel or special tools used for a job like this and get to work. Do not dig the hole too deep as your fence posts will be too low. Be careful with a shallow hole as well, as the fence post will not have adequate support and in heavy winds and storms could be ripped up from the ground.

This part might be a little labour intensive, but is one of the most important parts so do not skimp out on the work or take a shortcut. Dig the correct holes where you have marked your fence posts and get them ready for the next step.

7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home Digging - Copy

Add the Posts and Fence

Now that you have dug your holes, it is now time to start building the fence itself. Start by laying the posts into the ground. It is best if these posts are a heavier material than the rest of the fence as it will ensure that the whole thing is supported. Some wooden fence posts actually have concrete on the inside to help keep it sturdy while still looking like wood on the outside.

Now that your posts are in, it is time to start adding in the actual fence. Start by grabbing the rails and attaching them from post to post. This will be the frame in which you will attach the pickets. Once again, ensure that everything is properly spaced out and even. Now that your rails are attached, you can now begin to attach the pickets to them. Measure out the spaces here and install the correct amount of wickets. Once this is all done, congratulate yourself as you have gotten the majority of the work done.

7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home post

Add Post Caps

Your fence is sturdy and standing tall, however, it might look like you are missing something on it. Fence posts can be slightly jarring to look at if they are left alone. Not only that, but the top and bottom of your posts are where damage is most likely to occur. Weather and animals can chip away at the grain of the wood on top and ruin your fence, forcing you to spend money on repairs.

This is where fence post caps come in handy. Not only are they decorative and make your fence look nice, but they also keep it safe from all of the hazards above and can make sure that your fence lasts for many years. Don’t forget to add post caps to your fence posts once everything is installed.

7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home Post Caps

Stain the Wood

If you have opted for a wooden fence, you now have to coat and stain the wood. Once again, this helps make the fence look better, but it also helps to keep it clean and protect the outer layer of the wood. Staining coats the wood in an outer layer which can act as a shield for it.

Not only will the staining help protect it from the elements, but it will also stop the wood from discolouring. UV radiation causes wood to change colour and can end up ruining the look of your entire fence. Don’t forget to stain your wood once you have completed everything.

7 Tips on Installing a Fence Around Your Home Stain the Wood

Now that your fence is done, you can sit back, relax, and marvel at what you just accomplished. Sure, building a fence might be a lot of work and can take a lot of time, but there is nothing like completing a project without the help of an expert. Not only that, but you have now saved yourself plenty of money and can put that towards anything that you would like. Planning is key when building a fence and you would never have accomplished it without taking the adequate time to do so. What kind of fence do you want to build?

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