Tips and Tricks to Make your Space Cozy in an Instant

If there is one word that you want guests to use when describing your home, especially in the winter, it’s “cozy”. The need for a cozy place to return to dates back to the earliest times in our history. The cold was one of humankind’s worst enemies until, Eureka! We conquered the power of fire. Perhaps for the first time, humans had a concept of what it meant to be cozy. But whether you live in a cave, a studio apartment or a mansion, the principle remains the same.

Many of us find it hard when it comes to decorating and giving our home a certain ‘feeling’. Whether you just want a refresh or are moving into a new place, there are always things you can do to add some coziness to your space. Read on to learn some tips on how to turn your home into a cozy and inviting heaven!

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Rethink The Forgotten Spots

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you are taking advantage of every inch of your home. There are so many little elements that can make such a big difference in the coziness of our homes and with some ingenious interior design ideas you can create a truly special home. Utilize bespoke, unique furniture that is stylish and irresistibly comfortable and pay attention to these details:

Make a little space for yourself

Tips and Tricks to Make your Space Cozy in an Instant 2 Make a little space for yourself

Try setting up a cute little reading spot in some unused corner. Choose a beautiful accent chair, set up a warm floor lamp, and you will have the perfect space to relax with your book and spend some time unwinding alone. Don’t forget to lay a soft throw blanket down and a big square pillow for when you want to snuggle up on the floor.

Look after your windows

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Having the right window treatment can also change the whole vibe of a space. Add some layered curtains to soften the cold lines of windows or bring some life with hanging plants or window sill cactuses.

Add some royalty to your bedroom

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Your bedroom should be the absolute coziest place in your house, and if you have always felt that your bedroom was just too bland and clinical, try adding a tapestry to the wall above your bed. The softness of tapestries brings a wonderful warm texture to a bedroom, adds a splash of colour and brings all of your bedroom furniture together.

Rejig your Lighting Situation

To cultivate a comfortable and cozy vibe, create warmth with clever use of lightning. Lightning is one of the most important elements of any room, particularly when it comes to adding a feeling of warmth to a space. Before you start adding any lights, you should address your current lightning situation by thinking about the number of light sources in your space, the design of each and whether they are warm or cool. An abundance of task lights will work better than a single overhead one. Keep in mind where you want the clusters of illumination to be when the sun goes down.

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Banish the cold temperature lights as they are not doing you any favors. Try to bring in some warm bulbs and you will feel instantly comfortable and at ease. String lights are also a good choice to add a wonderful warm feel to your room without too much effort. Smart lights that can change the color to whatever your mood dictates are also a good option.

Life-up with some plants and flowers

Add More Nature

Living elements such as plants will instantly warm up your space and also add some natural, relaxing colours when it’s gray outside. A variety of plant pots also add texture and interesting shapes to any space. Choose pots and planters in warm colors and make sure that they are in harmony with your wall and furniture colors. Seagrass baskets are a great choice to bring in natural elements as well. If you are intimidated by real plants, don’t feel bad to use some faux greenery. Just stay away from anything too obviously fake. Stretch your wallet a little and go for realistic faux plants.

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Scents have a transformative power, what you smell is as important as what you see. As well as flowers, introduce wax melts, scented candles, incense, or essential oils. Whatever pleases your nose. There are many ways to scent your home so find a fragrance that you love and spread it around your home. Once you have a house that smells good, you will never want to leave.

Coziness is all about Texture

Spaces without textures are often cold and unpleasant. There are a whole host of simple ways to add texture into your living space:

Get cozy underfoot

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Nothing brings a more chilly vibe than cold feet, especially in the cooler seasons. That goes for hardwood, laminate flooring and tiles. A rug will benefit any room in your house so don’t limit rugs to the living room. Carpets are great for insulating and warming up your rooms too. Make sure to always have a plush bath mat as no one wants to step onto a cold, wet bathroom floor after taking a how shower.

Texture up your couch and bed

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Everybody loves to curl up on their cozy bed or couch after a long day. If you have a leather couch, throw on some square pillows with soft covers as they are comfortable and also aesthetically pleasing. It is always good to invest in some good bedding and remember to throw a fluffy blanket on top.

Introduce some small accessories

This is such an easy texture solution but it is so effective! Place some textured objects that you love to touch into your home. They might be woven blankets, chunky knit pillows, velvet, faux fur or linen fabrics, ceramics or wood vases… you name it!  Anything with interesting materials or design will automatically add much-needed texture to your home which will increase the coziness. A mirror or artworks are great to add wonderful textures and sophistication as well.

Final Thoughts

When all of these elements blend together, you will have a home that is not only sophisticated but is also warm, cozy and inviting. Your home should be your sanctuary so make it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Try out some of the tips and tricks in this guide and you can create the coziest of cozy homes.

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