6 Overlooked But Essential Things to Burglar Proof Any Home

We cannot call a place our home unless we feel safe in it. It doesn’t matter how wonderful it may look like, if it is not protected, then, there’s no use in living in it. The first step, of course, is to lock the front doors to protect your house. Other necessary steps will be discussed further in the article.

6 Overlooked But Essential Things to Burglar Proof Any Home

When people buy a new house, they often focus on decorating only. It’s understandable because that’s the part we enjoy the most, however, it shouldn’t be a priority. According to some research, burglars break into homes approximately every 25.7 seconds. Doesn’t that sound scary? It sure does!

To prevent this from happening, we will give you six amazing ways that could help you turn your place into a wonderful, safe nest.

Let’s Get To It!

6 Things to Burglar Proof Any Home

Lights On!

Things to Burglar Proof Any Home 1 Lights On!

Most thieves wait for the sun to set to make sure no one can see them. That’s the perfect time of day for them and unfortunately, that’s the moment your house could become a target.

However, you can change this by purchasing either sensor lights or the floodlights and place them everywhere you can! When we say everywhere, we literally mean it – side, front, the rear of your house.

You need something that is powerful and effective, that is going to chase these burglars away! Many former burglars have stated that they would never enter the house that is surrounded by these lights because it is way too risky for them.

Think About the Trees Outside

Things to Burglar Proof Any Home 2 trim your tree - Copy

Now, this may seem like an irrelevant thing because most homeowners do not even pay attention to the trees that are in front of their homes. However, they present a perfect way for thieves to enter the upper part of the place you live precisely thanks to this tree.

You may think that this area of your home is difficult to reach, but with just a little bit of effort, they could easily strike. So what can you do to protect your place? First of all, it’s important to trim your tree and make sure that whenever you are using ladders, take them with you.

It’s important not to leave them in your yard because that is another great way for them to easily break in! Keep in mind that trimmed trees enhance visibility, which is one of the worst things for the crooks!

Pay Attention to Wi-Fi Network

Things to Burglar Proof Any Home 3 Wi-Fi Network - Copy

Unfortunately, many people perceive Wi-Fi only as a way to go online and browse various web pages. Although it is the main reason we own one, you mustn’t forget that it is also a perfect way for others to access both your financial and personal details.

On top of it, if, by any chance, you also utilize home automation, then it is also another way for them to easily attack your home. Moreover, those who have connected their security system or home device with their Wi-Fi have literally opened the doors of the place they live in.

Still, on a more positive note, there are ways you can keep hackers and burglars away. These are some ways:

  • Use a firewall
  • Hide and rename your home network
  • Purchase an antivirus
  • Secure your wireless router
  • Activate WPA encryption
  • Create a password that cannot be easily guessed

Is There Anything Else?

Fake Your Presence

Things to Burglar Proof Any Home 4 Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

Whenever you are going somewhere for a longer period of time, for instance, a vacation, you need to make sure that especially then your house is safe and secured. One of the most creative, yet neglected solutions is to buy a Fake TV Burglar Deterrent.

Now, this is something that isn’t pricey, yet it’s very effective when it comes to securing your house, otherwise, if burglars notice that no one is at home, your place will become their next target.

How does this work, you probably wonder. Well, it actually mimics the light that looks exactly like the one from the television. If they notice it, thieves will soon give up from your house because they will assume that someone is already inside.

Furthermore, it stimulates the light of a real set and fills the room with various colors. That’s exactly why it seems like you haven’t left your home. People do not think of this device, which is a shame since it is so useful, yet affordable.

Protect Your Roof

Things to Burglar Proof Any Home 5

This is another issue homeowners tend to forget. Smart criminals have also taken this part of your house into consideration too, that’s why it is important to secure because they also make an easy target.

The first step towards this goal is finding a roofer for your home and then think of the ways you can prevent crooks from entering. They are usually doing it through roof tiles, giving them access to your home by breaking through the ceiling boards.

One of the best ways to cope with this issue is to purchase a first-class alarm that is going to detect any of their movements. According to some experts, the best alarm systems are the ones that are UL-certified.

What does this stand for? It represents Underwriter Laboratories, which is a corporation that is used to check various things, starting from precisely these alarms, different devices, to toys for the children, etc.

They are not doing just this, but they also verify, inspect, advise, test, and many other beneficial things, therefore, if you come across a security system that has been approved by them, take it into consideration.

And Don’t Forget…

The Back Doors

Things to Burglar Proof Any Home 6

That’s something that doesn’t frequently cross your mind, especially because many of us are deluded by the fact that we are safe just because our front doors are locked and secured.

Keep in mind that every single door is a potential entryway for these criminals. How can you secure them then? You can do that by either installing security camera systems or by purchasing a deadbolt lock.

No matter how safe you may feel inside your home, without these some of these things, you can never be 100 percent sure that everything is alright. Many people think that something like this could never happen to them until it actually does. Therefore, make sure to implement at least one of these suggestions or if you can, find a better one.

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