The Why And How Of Woodworking Review: Is It For You?

Are you in need of a book containing a lot of good knowledge about woodworking? The Why And How Of Woodworking can be the right choice for you.

The why and how of woodworking

The method of implementation and the secret of success are topics of interest to wood product manufacturers and traders. It is provided in the book “the why and how of woodworking”.

In this book, Michael Pekovich has compiled important information to help you realize your dream of manufacturing and trading wood products.

Let’s find out the content in the following article to better understand the meaning and value of this book!

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What Is “The Why And How Of Woodworking”?

This book provides most of the questions asked about woodworking.

In this article, we want to introduce “the why and how of woodworking” as a famous book for people working in the wood industry in this article.

This one was published in 2018 and became one of the best-selling products.

It provides quite exciting knowledge about the woodworking industry. Therefore, it creates attraction for those who work in this industry and those who love art wood products.

Who Is The Author Of The Book?

Michael Pekovich

Michael Pekovich

The book’s author is Michael Pekovich, who serves as the artistic director of Fine Woodworking magazine. In particular, people also know Michael Pekovich as a talented furniture designer and maker.

Michael Pekovich is not only impressive with his skills and practical experience in the industry, but he also gives readers truthful and easy-to-understand information. Besides, he also helps to solve complex problems in simple and easy-to-implement ways.

This author took on the work of a teacher at the Connecticut Valley Woodworking School and the Marc Adams School. Also, he provided knowledge, solutions to brand wood production, and taught more skills to his students.

Now, you can watch this video to know how he creates holding jigs:

The Why And How Of Woodworking Reviews

We have compiled background information and some reader reviews to help you better understand the meaning of the books. These contents will definitely help you get an overview of the book.

The Main Content

Besides providing basic content about the woodworking industry, the books also reflect the recognition and appreciation of the role of this industry. Handcrafted wooden products are growing and are a movement towards simplicity.

Handcrafted wooden products

Handcrafted wooden products

In this book, Mike Pekovich addresses two big questions that concern people: the why or role of furniture manufacturing and the fundamental ways in which some of the most popular products are made.

The books provide a step-by-step guide from selecting the wood, cutting the laminate correctly, and preparing and finishing the product to perfection.

Moreover, by reading this book, you will feel impressed with the way the author conveys information. He provides the basics and inspiration, and design advice to help woodworkers develop a style to make their mark.

The books present the content in a coherent, clear, and divided manner. The table of contents includes Introduction; Finding Your Path; Get Your Hand Tools Going; Basic Building Strategies; Cabinets; Boxes; Chests; and Casework.

This book represents the author’s perspective and his emphasis on wood manufacturing. At the same time, as a person in the profession, he also shared more issues that new workers need to pay attention to when starting work.

Customer Reviews

This book received many positive reviews from readers. Most people find it extremely useful and practical.

People have commented that this book contains much-needed information for furniture designers and manufacturers, clearly explained and illustrated.

At the same time, they also affirm that the author Michael is a great teacher because he provides knowledge and motivates woodworkers.

Some other opinions assert that people will be surprised with this work because it contains a lot of interesting knowledge and skills from the author’s enthusiastic lessons.

Meanwhile, Gary Rogowski – the author of the book “Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction” thinks that people can learn a lot of practical experience through the book. He also highly appreciated this book and said that it could give workers precious industry information.

At the same time, others agreed that it helped them better understand the meaning of woodworking. As a result, it helps them have a more accurate assessment of the industry and products.

Why Is This Book Interesting?

There are many reasons for this one to create an excellent attraction for readers, especially those who work in the wood industry or love this woodworking job. Some fundamental reasons that everyone can know.

Provide diverse knowledge and skills

Provide diverse knowledge and skills

Provide diverse knowledge and skills

This book provides essential knowledge to help better understand the meaning of woodworking. At the same time, the author also guides a finishing process to produce some of the most popular products on the market.

Moreover, the book also points out some issues that workers need to consider when manufacturing products and their skills to hone and improve.

Perspective from experienced profession

Perspective from experienced profession

Perspective from experienced profession

Besides, the author Michael is a professional wood craftsman and designer, which also makes the perspective of this book more realistic. As a result, readers feel the authenticity and usefulness of the information provided by the author.

Impressive presentation style

The appeal of this book is also reflected in the author’s style of presentation. He presented the content in a detailed and exciting way, so readers found this book very attractive.

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With the content we have provided, you can determine exactly the book “the why and how of woodworking”. This book is fascinating, attractive, and very useful for those working in the wood business.

Hopefully, you can take the time to study this book to understand better what it means and how to produce effective wood products.

Please find out the interesting knowledge of the book and share with us in the comment. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

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