The Pros and Cons of Having a Tinted Home

When you think of tinted windows you probably imagine a slick-looking car with blacked-out views. This is the most popular way to imagine tinting windows but it is far from the only way to utilize the technology of making windows darker. The home can also be a great beneficiary of window tinting, and there is good reason to believe that tinting your home’s windows is a good way to make sure that it is not just good looking, but practical in nature too.

Everything you do to your home should be with a purpose. You renovate your kitchen to be more accommodating or add value, renovate a bathroom to be more spacious, and tinting your windows should be the same. It is not just to make them look cooler, it can serve a really useful purpose for those that need it. Tinting your home’s windows might be your next home project to look into, but you need to know both the pros and cons before spending any money.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Tinted Home

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Added Privacy

When you tint the windows of your car, the general idea is to keep prying eyes out, and that is exactly what tinting your home’s windows does too. Using SmartFilm materials can help people walking by from seeing what is going on inside, which may be a problem for you. Even if it isn’t, you still want to know that your home is a private space where you can feel safe. Tinting your windows enhances the privacy of your home in a small, but the mighty way.

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Keep The Home Cool

Sunlight might be the thing that is actually peering into your home, and this could be causing discomfort. This is especially true when it is hot out during the summer, and you are struggling to keep the home cool. When sunlight gets into the home, you are probably going to be cranking up the AC to compensate. Keeping warm light out helps you, and everyone inside, stay cool and relaxed. Not blasting the AC also saves you money which could help out at the end of the year when you add it all up.

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Keep UV Rays Out

Keeping the UV rays out is a little different than just wanting to cool the house down. When the sun produces those rays, they can have a bad effect on the furniture and flooring of the home. Extended periods of exposure to strong UV rays, which are especially magnified through the glass, can cause the wearing down of fabrics or materials on furniture. A couch cover can become duller over time the longer it is exposed to UV rays, so tinting your windows can do more than just keep the sun from making the home too hot, it can actually protect your home too.

Improve Window Integrity

Privacy is only one part of the puzzle for more home safety. The windows you have now are not as strong as they might appear, which makes them an easy target for potential burglars or crooks to get into your home. It might not seem like it makes sense, but the tinting film that goes on the windows adds another layer that can improve the integrity of the window. This makes it less likely for someone to easily smash the window. When this happens, it can deter a burglar and keep your family and your belongings safe where they belong.


Not As Great During Night

Tinted windows work excellently during the day time and keep prying eyes out from seeing what is going on inside, but unfortunately, they don’t work as well at night as they do during sunlight. The lights you keep on inside your home will illuminate the tint and make it just as easy to see in as it would with normal window transparency. It is not that big of a stretch to say that this is a softball of a con because frankly, the use of tinted windows makes more sense to keep people from seeing in during the day, but you would like to get the most possible privacy from it. This can also be solved by simply pulling down blinds or curtains at night.

Lack of Sunlight

The lack of sunlight can be just as much of a bad thing as it can be a good thing. While you don’t want to be cooking inside your home from all the sunlight, meaning you need to blast AC too, you also don’t want to be devoid of any warmth. This is especially true if you live somewhere with a significant cold season when you want as much sunlight to warm the house as possible. It also means you want to be able to get that UV light so even if you are cooped up inside, you are still able to get some vitamin D.

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Not Likely to Add Significant Value

Tinted windows add privacy, they can help reduce the cost of cooling your home, and they can even protect you from a potential break-in, but oddly enough, none of these things add up to a significant increase in value for your home. The problem with tinted windows and home value is that they are really up to the person who is interested to decide if they want tinted windows or not. It is a person by person thing but most people are not entirely worried about these things. If you are selling the home to someone, or just want to improve its value, tinted windows are not going to add a noticeable amount of improvement to the home’s value overall.

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Tinted windows on a car make sense, sometimes you don’t want someone to see you poorly lip-syncing to your favorite car, but tinted windows on a house are something that seems strange to a lot of people. While it is not as common as tinting car windows, these improvements to your home come with its own host of pros and cons, so it is up to you to see if this is something you need for your living space.

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