The Pros and Cons of Buying a Solar Powered Home

The future of our planet is quickly becoming dependent on the important actions we take today. What kind of actions? Not decisions of war or peace, but how we treat the planet itself. No matter what we do, we need to be conscious of the fact that the planet should be our number 1 concern, not petty indifferences, and the best way to do that is by creating a sustainable future. This future is one that cannot rely on the traditional forms of energy consumption we are used to, instead, we need renewable options.

Although we might not always feel like we as individuals have the power to make a great change in our lives for the benefit of mankind as a whole, there is still a lot we can do to make things right. One way that people are taking control of their lives to be more eco-friendly is with solar-powered products or goods. Vehicles are a big one, but solar panels for home use are probably the most popular option. So, what is the deal with solar-powered homes?

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Solar Powered Home

Check out this pros and cons list to see what it could mean for you.


Lower Your Utility Bill

This is the benefit that everyone likes to see. Lowering your utility bill with solar panels comes from the fact that you are harnessing the energy of the sun, not using the power grid. If you live somewhere with a lot of sunlight, say Melbourne, Australia then you can really benefit. If you’re thinking about investing in Solar Power Melbourne locals would recommend this as it can help with utility bills, which helps keep money in your pocket. Anything to save money is a good investment.

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Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Others are less worried about saving money and more about saving the environment, which is also a noble cause for investing in a solar-powered house. Being able to say you are reducing your carbon footprint by not relying on the energy grid is a great way to make yourself feel better and show that you are doing your part. Even though one household might not feel like a big change, you can at least be sure that you are making an attempt at protecting the environment with more sustainable choices.

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Receive a Money Return

When people talk about solar-powered homes, they often refer to it as an investment, as evidence here as well. It is not just a passive investment into the environment, but using solar energy can often allow you to claim a rebate or sell off excess energy produced back to the grid. This allows you to get a monetary return on your solar panels which is another good way to save money, not just in the utility bills. Likewise, the rising cost of electricity is making it more expensive each year, which you can avoid by switching to solar.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Every reno you do to your house should be done with two things in mind: 1) Improve the house for your enjoyment, and 2) Make sure it adds more value. Solar panels can improve the value of your home because you would be advertising to people, not just prospective buyers, that your home is on the cutting edge of energy-saving technology.

Panels are not cheap so being able to tell someone you already have them is an immediate shot of improved value. Not to mention the selling point that energy rebates are coming their way is another good reason to improve stock in your home.

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Installers Are Not Common

It’s not that solar panel installation is impossible to find, but depending on your area, it might be harder than some other places. It was mentioned that the hotter or sunnier the place, the more likely it is to find installers, but the opposite is true for cold climates.

There just might not be a demand in it for them so they will not be likely to be found so easily. This can cost you extra bucks trying to find a reliable service to install your new solar panels, and it can take longer to get them installed.

May Not Work For Your Roof

Not every roof is compatible with a set of solar panels. There are plenty of roof materials that make it much harder to get the racking (the panels mounting system) to stay in place. These materials can consist of cedar or slate tiles, which are usually found in older homes.

This might not be a problem if your house is more contemporary in its building materials, but could pose a problem for those that do. Ground-mounted is still an option, but the best part of having them on the roof is the access to sunlight and they are out of the way. This could be a potential problem for your solar-powered home.

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Can Be Expensive

No one ever said going green was cheap. While you can try to avoid as many payments as possible, the ability to cover your roof in solar-panels is going to cost you upfront. It can range depending on factors like tax rebates, but new panels could be in the thousands.

This is an unfortunate reality of being able to call your home energy use renewable, so it doesn’t turn everybody off. Still, you need to know that it won’t be the most straightforward walk in the park in terms of money. You can get a loan or finance them, however, and at least the rebates and reduced utility usage can soothe the sting a little bit.

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Green energy and renewable sources of power still seem to be a tricky conversation to have, but the fact of the matter remains that it represents the future of what the planet needs. You might not be able to convince countries to stop producing landfills worthy of clothing, or drilling for oil, releasing CO2 by the tons, but you can make small changes at home to make a difference. The first, and most notable, could be switching to a solar-powered home.

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