What Homeowners Should Know About The Different Types Of Roof Designs

Probably you have been wondering which roof design will be best for your house. If you ignore these thoughts and let a roofing contractor go for any design, you might regret it. If you also make an uninformed choice, you will face the consequences of your choice.

The Different Types Of Roof Designs

A roof is supposed to be functional and should add beauty to your house. You might be overwhelmed when choosing the design as the available roof designs are many. When you know a lot about different roof designs, you will make an informed decision. Some of the things you need to know about some of the common roof designs are articulated below.

Gable Roof

A gable roof usually has two roof sections placed opposite each other but meeting at the center of the building. Triangular spots are formed on the sides as a result of this. The triangular spots can be open for an open gable roof and closed for a closed gable roof. Open gable roofs offer better ventilation than closed gable roofs due to the open triangular spots. The pitches of this kind of roof can vary with the type of the installed gable roof. Side, crossed, front, dutch are the common types of gable roofs.

You have probably noticed that most of the houses in your neighborhood have this kind of roof design and maybe wondered why. It is simple to build, and most roofing contractors build it without any difficulties. Also, it can be used on many house designs because of its simple design.

If you live in areas where rains are experienced for the better part of the year, go for this type of roof design. Its sloping roof sections make it shed water well. However, have good gutters put in place.

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Hip Roof

Hip roofs have four sides that form a ridge and slope downwards to a house’s walls. They are long-lasting and strong when built by good roofing contractors. You can connect with some of the best roofing contractors on this site. If you live in an area where wind or snow is often experienced, this is the type of roof design you need to choose. Its sides and height make it good at withstanding strong winds. However, complex trusses and rafters need to be used during its construction.

You can choose a cross-hipped, half-hipped or a simple hip roof depending on your house’s design. A simple hip roof will be perfect if your house has only one wing, whereas a cross hip roof will look good on the house with separate wings. Ensure that there is good waterproofing during the installation of a cross hip roof; otherwise, water will collect in its valleys.

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Shed Roof

Have you been thinking of having a home with a contemporary look? This is the best type of roof design to go for. It has a single slope, making it possible to use it together with another type of roof design. A shed roof is pocket friendly because you do not need a lot of roofing materials when building it. Also, good roofing contractors do not ask for a lot of money when building it since it is simple to build.

Any roofing material can be used when constructing a shed roof, making it possible to choose a building material that you can easily maintain. Its steep slope makes it good at shedding water preventing roof damage by water. Also, solar panels will absorb maximum solar energy when installed on this kind of roof design.

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Flat Roof

A flat roof will be perfect if you want to roof a large structure or an outbuilding. It usually has an underlayer and a top layer, which are made using inexpensive materials.

Flat roofs are easy to install because of their simple design. One can easily climb on a flat roof, making roofing contractors charge less for the installation, maintenance and repair of these roofs. Also, the installation of solar panels on this roof is easy because of this.

Why put your air conditioning system on the floor when you have a flat roof? The roof’s surface is flat, and your air conditioning system will serve you better when installed there. However, do not try this if people are always climbing on top of your roof.

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Making an uninformed decision when it comes to a roof design is not advisable. Consult a roofing contractor if you do not know much about the different roof designs. Also, do not forget to look at the design of your house.

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