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10 Best Storage Heating Systems: Top Picks and Reviews

It can be a tedious task finding ways to keep us warm during the cold seasons. From the electricity bills to the need to reduce the carbon footprint in our environment, it can be a difficult task knowing what to go for. Does your heating run solely on electricity? In that case, a storage heater will be a perfect choice. You will have saved a lot of money in the long run when you Consider using a storage heating system.

Besides being quiet, storage heating systems are easy to install and super convenient. Typically, a storage heating system runs off electricity. How does it work? It simply works by heating the internal ceramic elements. This happens during the night. It is good to know that the stored heat is run off during the day. It is also important to note that heat can power out for several hours. The heat from the storage heating system will heat the air already in the room.

You can agree with me that indeed there are numerous modern options that you can use to heat during the day. With recent technology, you can be able to control the temperature in your surroundings through Wi-Fi. The numerous technological advancement we have witnessed for the last couple of years will enable you to warm up your home more efficiently.

How can you know whether the storage heating system is right for you? You can go for it if you depend on electricity. Do you have a home that runs on Economy 7 tariffs? Be guaranteed that storage heating systems will be cost-efficient in such instances. How much will they cost you to run? You might be aware that the running cost of storage heating systems mainly depends on the wattage. With that in mind, you should go for low wattage storage heating systems. You will notice a significant decrease in electricity bills if you Consider using it during off-peak times.

That being said, you might want to purchase a storage heating system. There are numerous reliable models in the market. But the problem comes when choosing the best model. To enable you to land the best storage heating systems in the market, we have compiled cost-efficient products that have been manufactured by reputable manufacturers. All these storage heating systems have been tested and proved efficient to be used. So if you have been looking for the best storage heating systems, you should look for no more. Here are the most reliable storage heating systems you will ever come across.

10 Best Storage Heating Systems


Review of the best Storage Heating Systems

Elnur 2.6 Kw Smart Storage Heater

Do you know that this storage heating system can heat up to 18 square meters? There is no doubt that people living in open homes will appreciate the power released by this storage heating system. This storage heater has been manufactured with an integral energy manager. What is the role of this feature? Typically, the energy manager monitors the amount of charge you will use in a day. From there, it will adjust the amount of heat it will store during the night. That is the reason why it has been Considered as one of the most cost-efficient storage heating systems of all time.

After purchasing this storage heating system, you will also be provided with a backup heater. You can use the backup heater for chilly moments if you feel like you need a boost of warmth. The best thing about this storage heating system is that it has been manufactured with a built-in thermostat. The thermostat has been included in the heating system to regulate the room temperature. If this is not yet enough, this storage heating system uses the thermostat to control the temperature while still charging. This means that you don’t have to worry when your room is stuffy more so during the night.

How can you top the storage heating system off? All that you need to do in that case is to connect it to a mobile device through Wi-Fi technology. With this, you will be in an excellent position to keep the tabs on. In addition, you will have the full freedom to control energy usage from anywhere in the world. All in all, it is the perfect storage heater that you can use in the 21st century.

People prefer using this storage heating system since it provides a modern, highly efficient heating solution. Furthermore, it is fully programmable. It comes with a daily programmer with a three-level temperature selector. Last but not least, it has a high level of accuracy. This ensures that your rooms will never be over heated or under heated. This will not only reduce energy Consumption but also it will save you a lot of money.

It is among the very few storage heating systems that have been manufactured with an LCD screen. The LCD screen will show multiple information, such as the current level of charge of the storage. Away from that, it boasts of open window detection function that reduces energy waste. The manufacturer has also made it with high-quality insulation materials that come with low thermal conductivity.

best storage heating systems 1 Elnur 2.6kw 1200w Ecombi Smart Night Storage Heater, ECOSSH408


  • It features an LCD screen that shows the current level of charge.
  • It boasts of high-quality insulation materials.
  • It has high-temperature accuracy.


  • You can’t plug this storage heating system into a socket.

Elnur 1.9kw Ecombi Smart Night Stoarge Heater

Although it is costly when compared to most storage heating systems in the market, it will provide you with great value for your money. The presence of 1.9kw watts in this storage heating system means that you can heat a large room of 12 square meters. The manufacturer is a leading electric heating company that has gained an excellent reputation for its reliable international heating products. They have been producing high-quality storage heating systems for more than 17 years. They have a special attention of quality to ensure that only the most efficient and durable storage heating products are available to the public.

When you talk to the company expert staff, they will help you understand all the benefits you will experience after purchasing this storage heating system. The company will ensure that you receive a perfect heating system that will satisfy all your needs. You will be guaranteed of one of the most professional and friendly services in the market. You don’t have to worry about whether your walls will be able to support it.

The manufacturer has included large brackets that will be of great help when it comes to reducing the weight burden. It is also good to know that you will be provided with a thirty-year warranty. With this warranty, you will rest knowing that you have made a long-lasting purchase.

best storage heating systems 2 Elnur 1.9kw 900w Ecombi Smart Night Storage Heater, ECOSSH308


  • The manufacturer provides customers with a 30 years warranty.
  • It is a durable product that will provide your heating needs for years.


  • It is expensive.

Dimplex Qm150 Low Energy Heater

This heater is more controllable when compared to other storage heaters in the market. You can attest that indeed this is a great benefit. With this storage heating system, you have the freedom to set the room temperature that you need. Typically, it features three different programs that you will be required to set in case you need to heat. The best thing is that each of these programs can be set differently for each day of the weak.

In addition, the highly regarded storage heating system comes with an intelligent charging system. The main reason why the manufacturer included this feature when manufacturing the product was so that they only charge themselves up enough. This will provide the heat that you need. Moreover, the storage heating system will automatically adjust when the weather gets warmer.

While the older storage heating systems models made the room too warm in the morning while not warm enough during the night, this is not the case in this model. Be assured that you will have exactly the temperatures you want at any time. People have been praising this storage heating system model since it is easy to use.

best storage heating systems 3 DIMPLEX QM150 3.3 kW Low Energy Low Carbon Intelligent Storage Heater 7 Day Programmer White


  • It is easy to use.
  • It features an intelligent charging system so that the storage heating system can heat it enough.
  • This storage heating system will automatically adjust itself.


  • You will spend a lot of time setting this storage heating system.

Creda Tsre050 500w Storage Heater

Have you been looking for a low costing storage heating system that has been designed with low costing heating? You are in the right place. The top storage heating system has been manufactured with aluminum material on its surface. The surface of the storage heating system has been made with aluminum material to provide the best heat transfer to the room. This heating system supports both radiation and convection methods of heat transfer.

Usually, this storage heating system model utilizes the special high-performance mineral thermal fluid. This feature allows it to disperse heat over the entire surface. In addition, it features easy to use digital controls. Similar to top storage heating systems in the market, it features a precision thermostat that will provide accurate degrees. The thermostat that provides an accuracy of 0.3degrees will eliminate large fluctuations.

It will also avoid unnecessary energy Consumption. This will keep your energy bills low. Furthermore, you will be provided with a 10-year warranty. With that in mind, you will use this storage heating system with the assurance that in case it develops any defect, you are free to return it to the manufacturer.

Last but not least, you will not experience any costly pipe work. It is not only easy to use but also easy to install. If you have come across this storage heating system model, you can attest that it has state of the art features that include a microprocessor that controls the electric Consumption. Away from that, you will have several temperature options when you purchase this storage heating system. The three options include; comfort, economy, and frost protection. Finally, it has a flat keyboard that is easy to clean and lock.

best storage heating systems 4 Creda TSRE050 500W Storage Heater


  • It provides a high level of accuracy.
  • It has an easy to clean flat keyboard.
  • You will have an easy time when installing this storage heating system.


  • It does not have an auto shut off.

Dimplex Qm125 Quantum Storage Heater

It has emerged as the most advanced and economical storage heating system of all time. You should look no more beyond this storage heating system if you want a storage heating system that offers low running costs through the off-peak tariff. Unlike other storage heating systems manufactured by the top heater maker, this model has improved insulation.

It has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years simply because it is much cheaper to run. Do you know that this storage heating system will Consume 30% less energy when compared to the common storage heating system? You can agree with me that it must be quite amazing.

The manufacturer is known to come up with products that match lifestyle and climate conditions. It will deliver heat only when you need it. In addition, this heating system has been fitted with the IQ controller. This means that you can pre-set to your heating requirements. What are the features that have made this storage heating system famous in the last couple of years? It has a manual adjustment that is quite rare to find in most storage heating systems in the market. Moreover, it has an LCD and user-friendly knob that has been designed with visually impaired in mind.

You can use it to store energy during periods of low demand. Furthermore, it comes with state of the art design that is no deeper than a double wet radiator. Lastly, it boasts of a 7-day programmer for fan operation and installer settings.

best storage heating systems 5 Dimplex QM125 2760W Quantum Storage Heater


  • It features an LCD with room temperature settings.
  • It comes with a seven-day programmer for fan operation and installer settings.
  • It boasts of the state of the art design.


  • It will use more energy when compared to older heaters.

Dimplex Xle 0.5kw Storage Heater Xle050

This storage heater has been manufactured to be energy efficient. In addition, it comes with the recent dry thermal technology. The high precision electronic thermostat and fully programmable heating controls are some of the remarkable features that the manufacturer has included in this storage heating system.

This storage heater will provide you with a Consistent heat quality. Heat in this digital storage heating system is distributed from a powerful combination of radiation and convection heat. Moreover, it features numerous temperature and program management settings to choose from. These settings include hour by hour and seven days in a week. These settings will ensure that every room is maintained at the desired temperatures throughout the day and night.

The 24/7 programmable thermostat and timer will lower the energy costs. The accurate temperature calibration enables correct temperature room reading. Furthermore, you will be supplied with wall mounting brackets. Be assured that with the wall mounting brackets, it will even be easier to install this storage heating system.

The United States of America’s top storage heating system maker has also included a keypad lock. This keypad lock enhances security in the storage heating system. Where can this storage heating system be used? It is the perfect choice when it comes to extensions, small and portable offices. The aluminum body design and the thermal technology in this storage heating system will provide you with efficient heat distribution.

best storage heating systems 6 Dimplex XLE 0.5kw Storage Heater 7 Day Timer Eco design Compliant - XLE050


  • It has been made with a thermal technology that provides efficient heat distribution.
  • It features a keypad that enhances security in the storage heating system.
  • Accurate temperature calibration.


  • The instructions on how to use this storage heating system are not very clear.

Elnur Ecombi Ecohhr2 High Retention Storage Heater

It has been designed by one of the most famous heater manufacturing companies. The 3rd generation heater is the perfect choice for modern interiors. Usually, they come in different colors and heights. Therefore, you can install them in a wide range of interiors.

The manufacturer has been awarded several times for excellently designing this storage heating system. With that in mind, you can imagine what you are getting. Away from that, it features a built-in thermostat that allows you to heat your premises only when needed. It will reduce the room temperature during the day and increase the temperatures during the night when you need it.

best storage heating systems 7 Elnur Ecombi ECOHHR20 High Retention Storage Heater


  • It has an elegant design.
  • It is easy to use and install.


  • The heat efficiency in this storage heating system is not very good.

Dimplex Xle 1.0kw Storage Heater Xle100

The reliable storage heating system has been manufactured with an adjustable thermostat. In addition, it features three heat settings and plug storage. The manufacturer has also included carry handles for easy portability. The carry handle in this storage heating system makes it easy to move it around. It is the best choice if you want storage heating systems that will make your room more comfortable and warm.

best storage heating systems 8 DIMPLEX XLE 1.0kw Storage Heater 7 Day Timer Eco design Compliant - XLE100


  • It boasts of several storage options.
  • Handles have been included for easy portability.


  • People have been complaining about its durability.

Creda Tsre100 1000w Storage Heater

Are you aware that this product has been designed with oil-filled fins that typically heat up quickly to distribute warmth across the room? That’s why it is the perfect choice when it comes to homes and offices. In addition, it features three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. The adjustable thermostat allows you to choose your ideal temperature.

It is good to know that this storage heater is ideal for well-insulated spaces and also for occasional use.

best storage heating systems 9 Creda TSRE100 1000W Storage Heater


  • It will quickly distribute heat across the room.
  • It is a durable product.


  • It does not detect open window.

Elnur Adl3018 3.00kw Storage Heater

It is good to keep in mind that this storage heating system is easy to install. The powerful and yet efficient storage heater will have no problem in your home. It features an adjustable thermostat and automatic power offsetting. All that you need to do is to plug and turn on to complete the easy installations process. Finally, you will have an easy time when carrying this heater around.

best storage heating systems 10 Elnur ADL3018 - 3.00Kw Fan Assisted Storage Heater (H.660 x W.810 x D.240)


  • Automatic power setting.
  • Easy to install.


  • You need to maintain it regularly.


Things To Consider When Purchasing A Storage Heating System

There are numerous factors you should Consider if you want to land the best storage heating system. While there are multiple storage heating systems in the market, not all can satisfy your needs. Therefore, it is essential to go for a storage heater that will fulfil all your needs. Here are some essential factors you should never forget.

Physical size

You should Consider the available space in the room when choosing storage heaters. A storage heater that has been designed with 3.4kw might adequately heat the room, but it might not perfectly fit in your room. It is advisable to measure the space in your room before deciding on the best storage heater to purchase.


The wattage you select will vary depending on the size of the room and the type of insulation available. You can Consider using a storage heater calculator to work out the required wattage for each room in the house.

Final thoughts

After intensive research, we found out that these are the most reliable storage heating systems. They have been reviewed and proved reliable without biasness. With that in mind, you should purchase any of the above products with confidence that it will fulfil all your needs. As you plan to purchase your preferred storage heater, we hope that you will use this review article to land the best products in the market. If you have a disturbing question regarding storage heating systems, you can ask our team.


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