Simple Steps for Proper AC Maintenance

Having an air conditioner system (or AC) is crucial, particularly during the hot days, as it makes the air around you much cooler. However, this is not the only benefit that it provides to us – AC machines are designed to improve indoor air quality by cleaning the air of harmful airborne bacteria. This is very beneficial for our respiratory health and to prevent the development or worsening of health conditions such as asthma.

Simple Steps for Proper AC Maintenance

We are all guilty of not looking after the majority of machines around the house for as well as we should – it is natural to forget such things if you are busy with other, more important commitments. You may not realise that your AC system requires some maintenance until it stops working and you have to either fix it or get a new one. AC systems require some maintenance in order to last and function effectively.

In this article, we will provide you with simple steps for proper AC maintenance, so that you prevent your AC machine from breaking down completely.

Understand How Your House AC Works

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but you would be surprised at how many people do not actually understand the mechanics behind AC systems and how they work. We are not asking you to study an engineering qualification, but it is useful to know the very basics about your AC machine so that you understand what type of maintenance it requires, why it needs this and how often as well as how you can do it yourself.

If you know how it works, you will also be able to recognize and fix little issues that may arise – this avoids the costs and time it takes to hire a professional. Make sure that you read the manual that the AC comes with fully, and you can also ask questions to staff members when you buy your product as they may be able to explain things to you in a simple manner.


Is Your Unit the Right Size?

AC machines come in different sizes, and that’s for a good reason – you must take this into consideration when purchasing a new AC unit. If the AC machine is too small for the space, it will have added pressure to cool and clean the air. Therefore, make sure that you get the appropriate size for the room where you will be installing your unit – you can ask professionals around you for recommendations if you are unsure of what the appropriate size would be.

Keep it Clean

AC units come with specific features, namely filters, that serve the purpose to clean the air of dust, bacteria and pet hair that may be lingering around. One of the most important maintenance tasks requires you to clean these filters of any debris. Failure to do this could mean significant issues to your machine. Many units also contain fins where dust and other particles may get stuck – you can easily clean this with a soft-bristle brush Just be careful not to bend or crush the fins as they are of fragile material.

Simple Steps for Proper AC Maintenance 2

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat is something that is almost essential in every household as a way to control the AC unit. These enable you to control and set a specific temperature, for different times during the day. It is essential that your AC unit does not become overworked, particularly unnecessarily. If there are times when you will be away for some time, or are not home at a certain time during the day, you can naturally forget to adjust the temperature settings of your AC. Having a thermostat allows you to set this up and the temperature is adjusted automatically according to your preferred settings.

Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube

Your AC has a condensate drain tube that can become clogged due to condensation and bacteria that form a sort of slime around the tube. If this is the case, you will notice water puddling around your unit when it is running. Do not worry if you see this, as you can easily clean the tubes by draining them, however you must act quick to avoid further, more severe issues.

Contact Expert Help

Having your AC function effectively can be something that you can do yourself if you learn enough about it, as we discussed previously. However, you may not understand specifically what you are doing, as this may cause more issues than good to your AC. It is important to note that many professionals are specifically qualified in the industry to understand the mechanics of such complex units.

The pros over at suggest consulting with air conditioning contractors is a smart move if you want to ensure a long lifespan of your AC system. Whether you simply require maintenance or there are other issues with the machine, trained professionals will be able to achieve this for you.


Replace the Filter

We mentioned above the need to change the filters – however, you may have to replace the filters completely if they have too much dirt build-up. You may easily see that the debris is not fully getting removed, when you clean it – this is a sign that the filters should be replaced. I neglect this, the indoor air quality provided by your AC will significantly decrease.

Control Heat Through Windows

Again, making sure your AC system does not overwork is an essential part of its maintenance. As you may be aware, poor insulation in your home can result in increased temperature levels indoors, which will make your unit work harder than necessary. You can ensure that you use curtains and blinds, for example, as a way to control how much heat gets in through the windows. If you have insulation issues in your home, you should aim to fix these – not only the temperature levels will be more stable, your energy bills will also be less costly at the end of the month.


Making sure that your AC system works effectively does not have to be complicated – as long as you know the basics. Follow the simple steps discussed above for proper AC maintenance. If you feel overwhelmed, you can always contact a professional to prevent further issues with your AC.

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