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Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon

Most of us feel safe and sound at home but dangers are everywhere on the corner. Fortunately by being aware of all those household hazards and taking the precautions by looking to these smart products your home sweet home can become a safer place.

Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon
Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon

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Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon


Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon gunbox 1 e1545122524755

We all want to protect what is important to us but it is not always easy, deciding where and how to store a gun is a critical consideration. In a home invasion scenario every second is precious and need a quick access to your firearm is essential.

The Gunbox is the ideal way to defend responsibly. The Gunbox keeps your handgun safe allowing you to quick convenient access when you need it most. This thing is built tough, it has been designed with Aircraft strength almunium alloy. The Gunbox opens with your fingerprint (biometric).

You can even charge your cell phones and tablets using the Two USB ports on the back of Gunbox. You will find some other innovative feature as it has a alert system which will send notifications to your cell phone if someone tampers with it without your permission.

If your Gunbox has been stolen you can track it via gps technology. Safe storage & quick access The Gunbox defend responsibly

Ring Alarm

Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon Ring alarm e1545122087644Ring alarm puts whole home security at your fingertips. Its more than just an ordinary security camera. It monitors inside of the house as well as outside if the house. Ring alarm has different components. It is compatible with both IOS and ANDRIOD devices.

Through the ring app you can completely customize the alarm system to meet your needs. For instance you can set up the alarm system to do things such as send you instance alerts when door and windows are open or anything is in the motion.

In fact if you have another ring device such as ring video doorbell or ring spot camera you can sync them and also control them with a single app. It makes extremely convenient to monitor and manage essentially from a dashboard.

They great thing about ring alarm is that they are easy to install you never need to hire any professional for installation. Ring alarm components include a base station, three contact sensors, two motion detectors, keypad and a range extender.

First alert smoke detector alarm

Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon First alert smoke detector alarm 1 e1545122164367The first alert smoke detector alarm with battery backup responds quickly if a fast flaming fire emergency occurs. It protects your family from the deadly threats in the home. With the battery backup it constantly monitors your home even if there is a power failure.

It is has a dual sensing system which reliably detects smoke from a fast flaming fire and alerts you with a siren of an 85-decibel alarm. If you have other BRK compatible device at home, it can connect with them to ensure complete safety in the house.

With a single silence test button and the friendly alarm you can easily perform weekly test to ensure your alarm device is functioning properly. Its installation is quick and simple and comes with a prevention lock to keep the alarm being deactivated.

Arlo Pro

Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon Arlo Pro 1

Arlo pro is a 100% wireless HD security camera.  Arlo pro is weather resistance and can be placed indoor and outdoor wherever you want. Each camera is battery operated. They can easily be attached to any wall or ceiling using the magnetic tendency they have. They can fix at any angle you want.

It has a bay station which can be plug in anywhere in the house. The bay station has two USB ports and you can actually use those ports to connect an external hard drive and you can store your recording to the hard drive instead of relying 100% on the cloud.

The bay station has a 100 decibel sound which very very loud and that sound can be triggered manually through the app. Each camera comes up with the rechargeable batteries; you can also charge these batteries while they are connected.

These cameras have a built in microphone and speaker which means you can talk to the person on the other hand of the camera and you can hear them by a two way audio system.

They have built in motion detection, night vision and 130 degree angle lens.


Top 5 Security Gadgets to buy at Amazon Butterfleye

When you are away it is easier to live in the moment when you feel that your home is safe.

But if you have the power to always know for sure Butterfleye is the latest generation smart security camera that allows 24/7 streaming and recording of your home.

Inside butterflye it has a technology to know what’s going on around it.

Its powerful system identifies facial recognition of peoples coming in or going out and send alerts to the phones connected to it .

It also tells the difference between humans and pets. Butterfleye has a full HD Camera, proximity sensor, motion detector, mic and speaker.

There may be 100 of products to make you feel safe at home but these are the top notch safety products which you should count on.

These smart safety products are affordable to buy on amazon and one should never compromise on their security.

You may also search for some techniques to save money at Amazon or may use Amazon coupon codes to get discounts. But remember, security first. Be Safe.

Source: Safetyhub

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