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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review: is it for you?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review
Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

We all want our convenience and security put first especially when it comes to the spaces we usually dwell in. We want to make sure that we know who comes in and out of our homes and offices just so we can have the peace of mind at all times.

Thanks to devices like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, we can get top-tier security and convenience in one purchase. Have you been contemplating on whether to get one or not? Here is a useful review that you can read to know whether this is a good fit for you or not.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

To know whether a product is good, you have to know what comes with it, what is good about it, what is not-so-good, and what is in it for you.

Features of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Video Display and Audio

This is an excellent feature for a doorbell because it lets you have a visual of the person in front of your door. This features a 1080p HD video that gives you a 160-degrees view that can easily be zoomed in and out as you prefer. This comes with an infrared night vision that lets you have a visual with colors in your recording. It also allows you to talk to the person at your door because of its two-way audio setting.

Storage, Amazon Echo Flex, and Box

Since this is a brand owned by Amazon, you can guarantee that you are to have an easy time with Amazon Alexa. It also makes available a local storage and cloud that stores your backup footage so you can playback and watch through your doorbell. However, this can be acquired by paying a yearly or monthly fee. By paying this fee, you can get a hold of more features and a larger storage space.

Person or Facial Feature Detection

A lot of entities can pass by your camera and it would be a hassle to be notified for each one. Thanks to this doorbell’s facial recognition feature, you will only be notified when a person is detected. This also lets you set the areas where the camera should pay attention to and ignore. If you live in a neighborhood and you want the camera to focus on your home’s premises, then that can happen. You can have it ignore or pay less attention to the street area.

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The Good in the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Weatherproof feature

If there is one thing that people love about this device in comparison of the Ring doorbells here in the market, it would be that it is incredibly durable because it can hold up even with a temperature range of negative 5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clear and widescreen view

It has a weatherproof design so you can count that the video quality and zooming process will be reliable even in different weather conditions. It has a 1080p HD resolution that is available in a 160-degrees view. You can zoom in and out without trouble and see clearly because of its amazing resolution.

Undisturbed communication

It facilitates communication between two parties and lets you see clearly even during night time. With its two-way audio communication, you can be sure that it will be easier for you to talk with the person in front of your doorstep.

Reliable Notifications

You will also be pleased with the fact that it only notifies you when there is a face recognized. Also, it can be set to pay attention to specific areas so you can be sure that only reliable information is delivered to you.


The best part about it is that you get Amazon Alexa to answer your questions if you have any. Just as how you utilize a Google assistant, you can ask Alexa varied questions. This is, of course, the case if you have a lot of questions concerning the doorbell.

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The Drawbacks of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Paid Storage

While this device comes with tons of amazing benefits, there are still drawbacks to this device. If you are someone who is working on a budget and in need of a big storage space, this may be costly for you. This is because their storage does not come free.

Unfiltered Notifications

As this also has notifications that come with it, there are still chances where you may be notified about the detection of other objects detected within the range of the ring video doorbell pro.

Not Google Integrated

This may not entirely be a drawback, but if you are a fan of Google, you may have to switch to Amazon Alexa for some time to use this. It is not available in the Google ecosystem; hence, your integration of the platform may be limited.

Price Higher Than Other Brands

As for its price, it is definite that you will be seeing other brands that are more affordable than this. But rest assured, its price will be justified by the value you are to get from it.

Average Play Store Rating

At this moment, you may see other applications have higher ratings than this device, so if you are someone who wants applications that shoots above four stars in application stores, then you may have to deal with another one.



These days, a lot of devices are available to improve the quality of life we live in. There are different ways to increase and tighten your security while giving you the easiest and most convenient experience. This model has made it to the top-rated video doorbells in the market and has made waves because of its performance. Reading through this review will give you an idea of whether this is truly a good and suitable option for you.

Make sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the doorbell and determine if the good outweighs the bad when integrated into your lifestyle. From there, you will be able to come to a decision on whether to make a purchase or not.

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