Qualities to Look For in a Massage Chair

Massage chairs can provide a wonderfully relaxing experience at the click of a button in your own home. No need to book expensive massages and travel across town to the parlor. Simply sit down and feel the relaxation! If you are considering purchasing yourself a chair like this, you may be wondering exactly what you are looking for. There is a huge variety of chairs available these days, with all sorts of new and modern features.

With massage chairs coming in at a range of prices, you may wish to arm yourself with all the appropriate knowledge before splashing out. Luckily for you, we have explored the market to bring you a list of what we believe are the top qualities to look for in a massage chair – read on to learn everything you need to know.

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Multiple Massage Styles

One of the most important qualities to look for in a massage chair is its ability to deliver multiple different styles of massage. You want to look for this Osaki chair that can deliver a different massage type to suit your particular mood or ailment on any given day. Some chairs only provide a simple vibration or tap massage feature, whereas others can deliver multiple styles, durations, and feels of massage.

This is important to consider as sometimes you may only feel the need for a light, relaxing massage. Other days, you may need a very strong massage to target particularly bad aches or pains. Choose a massage chair that provides a multitude of different settings and power levels. Look for variety as, after all, variety is the spice of life!

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Material and Durability

A massage chair should be made of durable material that can withstand repeated use. Many cheaper chairs are made from cheap synthetic leather, as opposed to durable leather or material. These will look worn very quickly, which will eventually lead to discomfort when sitting on the cracked fabrics. Whereas a chair made with authentic leather or a modern, strong alternative will be able to withstand the repeated movement and weight applied to it by the user.

We recommend doing a bit of research into what material each massage chair is made from, how durable that material is said to be, and how rigorously it has been tested. If you are buying in-store, take a seat! Get comfortable and analyze the material. Does it feel comfortable, durable, nice on the skin? If you are buying online as opposed to in flesh, consider looking up user and independent reviews of the particular chairs you are interested in.

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Price is obviously key for many people. It works both ways: no one wants to overpay for a bad product or underpay and end up with a cheap, poorly made product. We surely want you to purchase a quality, well-made, feature-rich massage chair. But, there’s no need for a chair like this to break the bank. You should only buy what you are comfortable with spending and avoid huge finance deals or other loans. Look for sales, special offers, and reduced chairs. Ensure the features are good and it’s comfortable, that’s all you need. Many chairs come with overhyped upgrades and fancy add-ons, which, in our opinion, add lots to the price but not a lot to the experience.


Here’s a conundrum. You want to get the most comfortable, body encasing massage chair known to man, and we see why. But where is it going to live? Well, these days, there are a large variety of massage chairs that are sleek, ergonomic, and space-saving in design. Some even double up as regular seats or fold into neat hideaway arrangements. If space is of the essence in your home, consider one of these options. You can certainly get all the features you desire within a small package. There is no need for your massage chair to take up more space than suitable for your home. Shop around for slim, sleek designs, and make it fit beautifully within your living space.

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One feature that many modern massage chairs possess is the ability to set custom programs. This is of real benefit to you if you feel you will use it regularly or have very specific preferences about what massages you like. For example, many massage chairs come with a variety of pre-programmed massages, lengths of program, and areas of massage. However, with this modern customization feature, you will be able to pick and choose your favorite part of each program to create your own custom massage of whatever style and length you prefer. This means you can create custom programs designed to help you when you’re feeling particularly tight in certain areas of your body.

Zero-Gravity Feature

A new feature on many modern massage chairs is the new zero-gravity feel. These chairs will obviously come in at the higher end of your budget, but the feature may be worth it! It involves using modern technology of airbags and motion to make you feel as relaxed as if you were floating in the clouds. It’s a truly magical experience if we’re honest. But, it will mean a larger and more expensive chair.

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Full Body Treatment

Finally, many chairs have developed with the ability to massage not just your bum and your back but also your feet, legs, and neck. Using a combination of extensions or inflating airbags, chairs can now do targeted calf massages, shoulder massages, and even head massages. It’s truly amazing being able to sit down and select which part of your body is hurting, then receive a fully automatic targeted massage on that area. The wonders of modern technology, right?

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These are what we believe to be the very best, most luxurious, and most important features of a massage chair that you should be considering when in the market for one. These chairs can truly change your life and help rid you of daily aches and pains. We hope you find the massage chair of your dreams and feel its benefits right away.

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