Important Property Details You Need To Consider For Bike Enthusiasts

Cycling is an excellent low impact workout. It improves your cardiovascular fitness and at the same time also helps develop strength. Further, it suits people of all ages, and weekend family cycling getaways can be a fun workout and a great way of bonding for families. To adopt cycling as your fitness routine, you don’t even have to find free time, as it is a great way to commute.

With people avoiding public transportation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, cycling has become the transport medium of choice for many. The best benefit of all, it burns fat and not oil. So, while you treat your body to a wonderful workout, you also help keep the planet green. Although cycling does not require any specific equipment, other than a cycle and a helmet, one may sometimes find that the available infrastructure is not sufficient to switch to cycling for one’s daily commute.

Property Details To Consider For Bike Enthusiasts

There are certain aspects that need to be considered in order to make your property cyclist-friendly. Here are a few property details that you need to consider if you are a bike enthusiast or if you wish to cater to one.

Considerations for Private Property

If you are a cycling enthusiast looking for a new home, here are a few details you may want to consider before submitting your deposit.

Cycling Friendly Roads

Your neighborhood becomes important if you wish to enjoy your cycle rides. It would probably be better to invest in a house that does not open up into busy streets. The roads must also be safe to ride on. It would be ideal if there are dedicated cycle tracks. One good way of determining if the neighborhood is a safe place for cyclists would be to head to the local police station and make some inquiries regarding cycle thefts, accidents, and the crime rates. This should give you a good idea about the neighborhood.

Cycling Community

You should check if there is a local cycling group or clubs. A thriving cycling community would make your cycle rides fun and you would get to interact with like-minded people. You would also be able to explore new routes. Further, joining cycling communities is a great way of keeping yourself motivated and ensuring that you hit the road day after day.

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Vicinity to Cycling Trails

If you like trail riding, it would be advisable to do some research regarding some local cycling trails. These can be easily found on the internet or on social media pages of the local cycling clubs.  Although you could always fit a rack on your car and drive to the trail of your choice, having a few trails in the vicinity wouldn’t hurt.

Cycle Service Points

If you cycle regularly and often cover long routes, it would be nice to have a cycle service center in the neighborhood. Regular servicing is important for your safety as well as your enjoyment.

Considerations for Office Spaces

Cycling to work a great way to stay fit while reducing one’s carbon footprint. By making a few changes and introducing a few amenities in your office space, you could motivate your employees to switch to cycling. Having more employees cycling to work would in turn require a lower amount of real estate for parking vehicles.

Bike Racks

Providing a safe bike storage space is one of the most important provisions that must be made. Providing commercial bike racks where bikes can be locked and left safely is something every bicyclist would appreciate. Not having these available would definitely make your employees look towards alternative modes of transportation. Since these racks would generally be provided in the common parking area, a dedicated track for cyclists should also be provided or marked out.

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Shower Facilities

While cycling to the office is a fun way to commute, doing so in a suit significantly decreases its appeal. Your employees would prefer to cycle in their workout attire, take a quick shower, and change before they enter their offices. Providing shower facilities would allow your employees to freshen up before digging into their work. Such shower facilities should ideally be provided near the cycle storage area.

Storage Racks

Dedicated storage racks where cyclists can store their equipment would be a welcome addition. This would also benefit those employees who like to go for runs during their breaks or hit the gym. These racks should ideally be provided along with the shower facilities.

Considerations for Public and Commercial Areas

Public parks, community centers, and malls must cater to the comfort of bicyclists. Providing sufficient provisions would motivate people to take upcycling. Cycling doesn’t just help in improving public health but also caters to the economy as well. Here are a few essential provisions that must be made.

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Drinking-Water Facilities

Drinking water fountains are essential, especially in parks. Cyclists lose a lot of water on long rides and hydration is important. In fact, providing water fountains is not just important for cyclists, but also for those who come out for an evening stroll or just to spend some time in the park.

Dedicated Cycling Tracks

The provision of dedicated cycling tracks on roads as well as parks would motivate more people to take upcycling. Dedicated cycling tracks in parks makes it easier for both cyclists and joggers to navigate and make their exercise routine more enjoyable.

Bicycle Stairway

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Bicycle stairways are important for cyclists to be able to navigate easily. These are basically stairways that are provided with an access ramp or rail which can be used to roll bicycles up or downstairs. These stairways make it simpler for cyclists to access metro stations, pedestrians over bridges or subways. They also help in reducing the risk of injury.


Depending on the kind of property, different details and aspects have to be taken into consideration in order to make it convenient and attractive for bike enthusiasts. Providing these can help bring in more people into the cycling community, which has numerous benefits. Furthermore, a considerable number of these provisions are useful, not just for cyclists, but for others as well

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