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10 Best Pocket Utility Knives – Top Picks and Review

Knives come in different forms based on their functionality. Most times, these knives only have sole functions. That is to say, you cannot use a table or bread knife to cut a piece of meat, a butcher’s knife would be most appropriate for that purpose. Instead of having to buy different types of knives for our day-to-day activities, why not purchase a utility knife. Something that can work for any situation and also portable. You need to cut something urgently; the best pocket utility knife is there to save the day.

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What is Utility Knife?

Just for knowledge sake, a utility knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used to perform different functions. From butchering animals, cutting vegetables, scraping hides to slicing meats, these knives can work for you at any time. They are usually medium-sized, not too small but not as big as butcher’s knife.

We all know that purchasing something in the market these days can be hectic and tiring. Getting the product is one thing, getting the best is another thing. This article was written to guide you on the 10 best pocket utility knives this year.

Our top 10 picks of pocket utility knives

1. Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife

1. Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife copy

This pocket utility knife is small and portable with a 5.1-inch open length, 2.3-inch blade length, 2.8-inch closed length and 2.5-ounce weight. It features strong and solid materials made of stainless steel. This feature accounts for its durability. This pocket utility knife, as regards its structure, comes with deep finger grooves which makes it easy to hold and also safe to use.

Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Utility Knife as the name implies is very portable, easy to use, lightweight and can be used to perform several operations such as cutting wires, ropes and so on. That’s not all about its structure, it comes with round shaped edges with 2-1/4-inch contractor grade or standard size utility blades

Knives as useful as they could be, they can also be dangerous. This pocket utility knife features sharp blades capable of cutting you but fortunately, it comes to a safety locking feature that ensures you don’t injure yourself while using it. It features a liner lock with a finger protector. Whenever you want to put it in your pocket, just simply fold the blades in and you are good to go.

What we like about it

• It is light and easy to use.
• It features some protective measure
• It is made of strong material
• Multipurpose
• Portable

What we don’t like about it

• The belt hook falls off easily.
• The tip of the blade may cut you when opening the knife.

2. FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

2. FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife copy

This is an incredible pocket utility with an elegant appearance. It is a sophisticated utility that comes with a lot of features. Starting from its design, it features an anodized aluminum design that accounts for its durability and strength. Also, one of the things that intrigued us about this knife is its anti-slip grip. This ensures that the knife doesn’t drop from your hand. This is one of the safety measures it offers.

Talking the main part of the knife which is the blade. FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife offers carbon steel blades which doesn’t go blunt easily. It stays as sharp as possible for a fairly long time. Also, this pocket utility knife is well-organized in the sense that it features a button that allows you to easily and conveniently fold your knife into your pocket.

When in use, you don’t have to worry about whether the blade would slip back or not because of its lock-back design. This ensures that the blades are well fixed and securely fit its place while in use. you can easily change the blade to another one. It features about five sharp blades for easy replacement.

What we like about it

• Lightweight and portable
• Safe to use
• Convenient
• Well-organized
• Durable with a high-quality aluminum design

What we don’t like

• The plastic blade lock button breaks easily

3. Craftsman 9-94835 2 Piece Lock Back Utility Knife

3. Craftsman 9-94835 2 Piece Lock Back Utility Knife copy

This is a handy pocket utility knife with unique features. The first thing we noticed was its belt pouch which allows you to attach your knife to your belt. Nice and easy without no complications. It features a lock-back design that allows the blades to stay in place while in use.

It is dangerous to have your blades dangling while using it to perform one operation or the other. This particular utility knife comes with two different blades- the first one is big while the second blade is small. This allows you to have an alternative blade, when one isn’t working.

Craftsman 9-94835 2 Piece Lock-back Utility Knife also features an incredible grip design that allows you to hold firmly when in use. It is a pocket knife that’s easy and convenient to fold. Although it is a little heavy, about 11.5 oz. but still easy to carry from one place to another.

What we like about it

• It features two knife pieces of different sizes.
• Multipurpose
• Comes with a belt pouch
• It is made of steel
• Convenient to use
• It is a durable product
• It features a lock-back and grip design which makes it safer to use

What we don’t like about it

• The smaller knife requires a blade retention clip.
• It is hard to open and close.

4. Stanley 10-099 6 in classic 99 Retractable utility knife

4. Stanley 10-099 6 in classic 99 etractable utility knife copy

STANLEY is a great and reputable brand known to produce reliable and high-quality products. This isn’t any different. Stanley 10-099 6 in Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife features a simple appearance. The first thing we noticed is the interlocking blade which allows the blade remains locked its place while in use. It is a retractable utility knife which offers three knives which can be used for any purpose from cutting wires, ropes to opening boxes, roofing shingle and papers.

This great utility knife is lightweight weight only 4 oz. which accounts for its portability. It is a strong and long lasting product, made of steel metal. It is easy to use, replace blades, fold & unfold, safe and efficient. The most important part of a utility knife is the blades, right? Once it goes blunt it becomes useless. Stanley 10-099 6 in Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife works stay sharp and useful for a fairly long time.

Talking about its structure, it was designed with three-blade positions that can be easily retracted into its handle. You can just flip from its handle to use the blades for whatever operation you want.

What we like about it

• It features three blades in three different positions.
• Easy to use
• It is a multipurpose knife, lightweight and durable
• It is economical and cost-effective

What we don’t like about it

• It is very difficult to assemble
• The screw to unlock the blade is difficult to unscrew.

5. Alltrade 150003 auto-loading Squeeze Utility Knife

5. Alltrade 150003 auto-loading Squeeze Utility Knife copy

ALLTRADE is one of the top leading brands when it comes to designing and developing tools. They are well-known to surpass their customers’ expectations as regards quality, usability, and value of the product. This is an amazing pocket utility knife that makes our list due to its fascinating features.

The first thing we noticed about this product is that unlike some other knives, it features a button that easily releases the blades instead of the regular screws. It is a portable knife weighs about 13 oz. It is not too small or too big, it is just moderate-sized enough to serve you well. With this button, you can easily or conveniently replace the blades anytime any day.

Another feature we noticed about this incredible knife is that offers six different blades. That’s more than enough blades to use.

Lastly, it offers a cushion grip which ensures safety when holding the knife when in use. It simply allows you to be able to hold it properly and firmly while using it. It is made of strong stainless steel which accounts for its durability.

What we like about it

• It is cost-effective
• User-friendly
• Convenient
• Easy to use
• It features six different blades

What we don’t like about it

• It is difficult to open
• It is not so helpful for old people with small and weak hands.

6. Pocket Knife Multitool

6. Pocket Knife Multitool copy

This is a highly sophisticated tool offers many unique features for your daily usage. It is a great product that can be taking a long while going hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, camping and so on. You can never know when one would need it. It comes in handy when one needs to cut something. It is a multipurpose pocket knife that can be used as a screwdriver, plier, box opener, bottle opener and so on.

This pocket knife features a 9-in-1 screwdriver bit set for its constant use. Talking about its composition, it is made of stainless steel which contributes to its strength and durability. A general-purpose features several features which include can opener, bottle opener, wire cutter, pliers and screwdriver.

This is a well-designed product, organized, compact and convenient to use. It even features a pouch that ensures easy portability. All you have to do is strap it to your belt hole and then you are good to go. It is a lightweight product weighing about 8 oz.
Lastly, this pocket knife multi-tool features a security measure to ensure safety at all times when in use. This safeguard design ensures that the blade doesn’t close up on your fingers.

What we like about it

• It is user-friendly
• Heavy duty
• It is portable with a pouch
• Safe to use
• It is durable

What we don’t like about it

• A customer complained about its jiggling blades
• It has a slippery hand.

7. Premium Utility Knife

7. Premium Utility Knife copy

This is a multipurpose pocket utility knife with many amazing features. It offers blades on both ends of the utility knife. This accounts for its versatility and efficiency. It is a heavy-duty, highly sophisticated, well-organized and lightweight knife. It weighs about 10 oz. which contributes to its portability. It features a wooden handle which houses both knives at both ends.

This pocket knife features some characteristics which make it easy to carry about. It is compact and can be folded easily and conveniently. It also comes with a clip attachment which makes sure the knives are folded in place and properly while not in use. In simpler words, it makes it safer while in your pocket. It is useful for several functions such as camping, retail, stocking, box cutting, DIY projects & crafts.

The blade can wear out or get blunt, this knife features strong carbon steel blades which can be replaced easily. It is an incredible pocket utility knife which is a perfect fit for plumbers, campers, deliverymen, hunters, artists, construction workers and so on.

What we like about it

• Easy and convenient to use.
• It is a general purpose knife
• It is lightweight and portable
• It is safe to use with its safety design.
• It is durable

What we don’t like about it

• It is too thick to be used by females.

8. Bibury Upgraded Version Heavy Duty Box Cutter Pocket Carpet Knife

8. Bibury Upgraded Version Heavy Duty Box Cutter Pocket Carpet Knife copy

The first thing you must check before purchasing a product like this is the safety measures it offers. You don’t want to purchase a product that’s not safe to use. This pocket knife features a protector made of plastic found on the blade tip and also on the body. This keeps the blade well-locked and in place when not in use to avoid unwanted injuries. It also features an anti-slip design which ensures the blade is firmly held and thus safe.

BIBURY pocket carpet knife is a multipurpose product which is made of a combination of high-quality composition. This contributes to its durability and strength. It doesn’t rust or gets blunts easily which makes it a perfect fit for cutting carpet, paper, plastic leather, rope, carton box, wires, and so on. It is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel blades and body. It is a user-friendly product, easy and convenient. You can easily swap the blades quickly and smoothly.

What we like about it

• Heavy duty but lightweight
• It is portable featuring a belt clip
• It is safe and convenient to use
• It is cost-effective
• It is multipurpose

What we don’t like about it

• It has a weak locking design.

9. Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters

9. Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters copy

This pocket knife is a user-friendly tool that come in handy at all times. It was manufactured by Tape King, a brand not too popular but produces good quality products. This particular pocket knife features about 12 cutting blades which is replaceable. It is lightweight weighing 3.04 oz. which makes it easy to carry from one place. It is capable of serving several functions from box cutting to paper cutting.

Tape King Utility Knife features a safety mechanism make it safe to use for students, hobbyists, office solutions, warehouse shipping, freight couriers, longshoreman and so on. It offers a safety lock tab that prevents the blade from sliding down and hurting you.

Lastly, it is a cost-effective product, useful, efficient, easy to use. It features an 18m blade which cuts easily and comfortably.

What we like about it

• Lightweight
• Portable
• It is versatile
• Safe to use

What we don’t like about it

• Some customers complained that the blades fall out of place easily.

10. Klein Heavy Duty Utility Knife

10. Klein Heavy Duty Utility Knife copy

This is a beautifully designed pocket utility knife with a lot of features to offer its users. It has a simple appearance. The blades are not visible when folded inside the handle. It features a rubber grip to ensure a firm grip preventing the knife from falling from your hand. This makes cutting convenient and comfortable.

Talking about its blades, it features high-quality, strong. Durable and rust-free blades. Klein Heavy Duty Utility knife offers up to six blades which is more than enough to carry out your daily activities as a student, hobbyist, office solution, warehouse shipping, freight courier or longshoreman.

What we like about it

• It features strong and lasting blades
• It offers a rubber grip
• It is easy to use

What we don’t like about it

• After using it for a while, the blade doesn’t stay in one place. It keeps sliding down and becomes dangerous to use.

Top Recommendations

These are the 10 best pocket utility knives we found in the market. We have successfully reviewed the ten products with the reasons why we liked them and the reasons we didn’t like them. However, it advisable to choose the best that suits your needs perfectly. We highly recommend BIBURY UPGRADED VERSION HEAVY DUTY BOX CUTTER POCKET CARPET KNIFE (check price) if you are looking to purchase a heavy duty product which is cost-effective. If not, we recommend GERBER EAB LITE POCKET KNIFE (check price)

Things to consider before purchasing a pocket utility knife

Before buying a unity knife, it is advisable to consider certain factors. Let’s take a good look at these factors.

A. Security

This is general for every product. Before purchasing a utility, you need to know the safety mechanisms put in place by the manufacturers to ensure that the product is safe to use. if there is none, then, it is not an appropriate product to use.

A utility knife should possess a safety lock which ensures that the blades are perfectly locked in their place when not in use. We all know that knives could be dangerous that’s why it is advisable to check out the handle of the knife.

Is it convenient to use? Does it feature a strong grip that prevents the knife from falling out and injuring someone? All these things need to check thoroughly before buying.

B. Blades

Since the most essential part of a pocket utility knife is the blade. Without the blade, the product is useless. So check out the blade properly before purchasing.

Is it strong enough to perform the operations you need it to perform? Some blades would break easily if used for something difficult or tough. Choose blades that are strong, durable, made up of rust-free and blunt-free materials, sharp and high quality. Also, there is a possibility that your blade may go blunt.

Try to purchase products that offer alternatives as regards blade replacement. Choose a knife that you can easily and comfortably change the blades with zero complications.

C. Reason for getting a utility pocket knife

Your reasons for purchasing a pocket knife is also very important. There is a reason for doing anything. Maybe you work at a store where you always open boxes of new incoming products. That’s a reason for your purchase. Whatever reason you are purchasing a utility pocket knife, it must align with the product you buy.

D. Size and Weight

The size of a product can directly affect its usability and efficiency. When a tool is too heavy, the ease at which it can be used would drop drastically. Heavy knives are not easy to use. Make sure you check out for pocket utility knives that are lightweight.

This makes them easy to use, thus versatile, effective and efficient. Also, the size of a utility knife determines its portability. If it is too heavy, you would not want to carry it along with you everywhere. It actually depicts the name “pocket” if it is too heavy to place in your pocket.

E. Cost

This should have come first on this list. This is because without enough money to purchase there is no point for this guide. What is your budget? Consider the money at hand before going to purchase a product.

It is essential to know that the quality of a product should be considered before cost. If you purchase a cheap product and damages after a month of use, was it a good decision? Ensure you chose a quality pocket knife that’s within your budget.

10 Best Pocket Utility Knives – Top Picks and Review
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