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10 Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 And Buying Guide

There are numerous options when it comes to purchasing a new metal detector under $500. You can agree with me that the first step to figuring out what metal detector is the best for you is deciding on a budget. There is no doubt that you would want to start off with a low budget. In this article, we will discuss the best metal detectors under $500. All these metal detectors on this list will offer quality and great performance.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500

Reviews of the Best Metal Detectors For Under $500

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Wit Waterproof Coil

It is one of the greatest entry level metal detectors. Additionally, this metal detector is loved for a number of reasons. The best thing about this metal detector is that it comes with a low price point while still maintaining a lot of features. The most notable features in this metal detector include adjustable frequency, coin depth indicator and electronic pinpointing. You can agree with me that indeed these are some of the most important features for a beginner.

The features included in this metal detector will help you hone in on a specific spot. You will definitely notice a huge difference from the cheaper entry level metal detectors. Furthermore, it is the perfect choice for those people who have been looking for a great general purpose detector. If you have been lucky to come across this metal detector in the past, then you can agree with me that it allows users to search for a good amount of different types of metals. This makes it one of the top things to look for in a starter detector.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 1


  • It comes with helpful features for a beginner.
  • It features an adjustable frequency.


  • It is a little heavy.

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

It is the newest entry from Fisher Labs. Fisher labs is one of the first manufacturers of metal detectors. Their metallic detectors are preferred by many people for their versatility. Most of their products come with depth and cutting edge technology. Additionally, this metal detector shows that they have it down to a science.

Being a weatherproof metal detector means that this product is perfect for longer out excursions. Keep in mind that weatherproof is not the same as waterproof. Therefore, this metal detector is not submersible. However, that does not mean that this metal detector can’t withstand light rain. Moreover, this product comes with every feature you need for successful hunting.

Furthermore, it is a lightweight metal detector. That being said, it is an ideal choice for those starting out at a younger age. It will also be a great product if you plan to use it for extended periods. If that is not yet enough, it boasts of non-volatile memory saves settings. Finally, you will be given five years warranty after purchasing this amazing product.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 2


  • It is a weatherproof metal detector.
  • It boasts of four modes of operation and five years warranty.


  • It is quite hard to set this metal detector up.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

It is another popular company that has been making metal detectors for a long time. That is the reason they are able to manufacture high quality metal detectors at a fair price. The highly regarded metal detector features adjustable sensitivity settings and auto ground balance. As a user, you will be given high end features at an affordable price.

The most useful features included in this metal detector include seven search modes and pin point mode. This is for an extra in depth search. You should take your time to know how the pin point mode works. It is among the very few metal detectors at this price range with an iron audio tone. This feature is very useful especially if you want to pass on iron signals.

You will be able to see your readouts with great ease simply because this metal detector has a large display screen. The popular metal detector also features eleven inch waterproof coil. This means that you can use this metal detector in shallow water. The size of the search coil will be good in covering a lot of ground quickly more so those times when you don’t have much time for a hunt. It is also important to note that this coil is interchangeable if you want to try out a different size of the coil.

On the other hand, the 99 target identification will help you determine if the signal is worth digging. The operating frequency in this product is good for overall relic hunting. But keep in mind that it is not a great choice for gold prospecting. People like this metal detector since it can detect metals are a maximum depth of 10 inches. You can attest that it is a good depth for a detector at this price range. While you will have an easy time using this metal detector in dry sand, it will be hard to use it in wet saltwater.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 3


  • It boasts of a menu system with variable notching.
  • The manufacturer has included computerized ground balancing.


  • The buttons in this metal detector will fail after sometimes.

Metal Detector, 3 Modes Adjustable Detectors By Tacklife

It is arguably one of the best high accuracy metal detectors in the market. Besides a distinctive tone, this metal detector comes with a medium tone and high tone. Usually, the high tone is displayed on the icon which can distinguish different metals. You will be able to eliminate target categories while at the same time improving your detecting efficiency with the help of DISC modes.

Away from that, this metal detector is equipped with a large back lit LCD screen. The primary function of the large LCD display is to show different detecting depth, discrimination and operating mode. The overload warning, sensitivity level and the battery level are also displayed in the LCD screen.

Do you know that it is possible to distinguish between targets and unwanted metals? That is why this metal detector is regarded as the perfect entry level metal detector for beginners. On the other hand, the diameter search coil and the stem allow you to use explore under water. It is an ideal detector that can be used for detecting on the beach or in the stream.

Presence of several headphones in this package means that you can use it in noisy environments. Furthermore, you will definitely like using the metal detector that is comfortable and easy to use. When it comes to the arm rest design, it will give you a great treasure in your hunting journey. Last but not least. All the necessary accessories have been included in the package. Finally, you should feel free to contact the manufacturer if you have any questions. They will help you solve in time.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 4


  • All the necessary accessories have been included in the package.
  • It is convenient and comfortable to use.


  • People have been complaining that the handle is not durable.

Canway Metal Detector High Accuracy Meta, Finder

This metal detector boasts of an adjustable humanity design. Additionally, the top metal detector that comes with an adjustable step is the perfect choice for kids and adults. Besides saving more effort, the arm rest design will give you a comfortable state. This is the right time to have high accuracy detecting with this metal detector.

You will know the type of metal you have detected with the help of distinctive audio tones. The main role of the pin pointer function is to pin point the target accurately. You will also be able to ignore junk metal. There is no doubt this metal detector will improve your detecting efficiency by setting the disc range.

It joins other top metal detectors at this price range with intuitive LCD control box. Sensitivity level, battery condition and the volume control are some of the things that will be displayed in the large back lit LCD screen. Away from that, the LCD screen is not only intuitive but also convenient.

Furthermore, this product is suitable for different environments. You can easily detect your targets underwater. In the past, this metal detector has successfully been used for outdoor such as beach and stream.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 5


  • It features an intuitive LCD control box.
  • It is suitable for different environments.


  • The shovel is very small.

RM Ricomax Metal Detector For Kids

The search coil in this metal detector is manufactured to be 7.4 inches. This makes detecting the metal more accurate and sensitive. Both the stem and the coil are waterproof. This means that you can enjoy outdoor treasure hunts in all places such as beaches and forests.

The lovely design is designed by both professional industrial designer and kid’s visual designer. You should be guaranteed that it is perfect for children aesthetics. Furthermore, this metal detector is manufactured with durable ABS plastic. Therefore, it is not risky to your kids. Trust me that this metal detector will get along well with your kids. Moreover, the large coil allows you to quickly cover the ground. All that you need to do in that case is to simply wave this high quality and lightweight detector over the ground. From there, it will detect objects buried up to four inches below the surface.

The arrow and the signal will appear on the screen if there is any metal object. The closer the target is, the louder the sounds. The signal will also be stronger. The 35 inches height adjustable stem will adapt to both kids and adults. Your kids will easily start metal finding with one press simple operation. The lightweight and foldable search coil are specifically manufactured for travelling and outdoor activities.

This metal detector is not only easy to assemble, but also easy to use. The telescoping parts in this metal detector mean that you don’t need to assemble any complicated parts. You only need to unfold the detector and fold it back when you are done. This makes it a good choice for those who are using metal detectors for the first time.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 6


  • It is a lightweight and adjustable metal detector.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.


  • It is very short.

Dr.Otek Lightweight Metal Detector For Kids And Adults

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this metal detector will be a great addition to your detecting tools. Additionally, there are numerous upgraded modes in this metal detector that include all metal discrimination and memory. How is the memory model in this metal detector useful? The feature remembers one kind of metal and only detect the specific type. Furthermore, the memory mode feature will help you locate what you want in less time.

On the other hand, the large LCD display is easy to read. What are the functions of the backlights features in this metal detector? The backlight allows you to work in the dark. It is now possible to identify the type of metals you are detecting with the three display modes. The wide search coil is very powerful to the extent that it can locate a quarter coin up to 10 inches underground. You can easily find larger objects at even greater depths. Besides that, the wide search coil is waterproof and works well in shallow water. You simply can’t compare other cheap metal detectors with this high quality product.

Users have the freedom to adjust depth indication for objects. The five grade sensitivity control allows you to easily fine tune for objects and conditions. As you can see, this will give you a lot of control over accuracy not found in lesser designs. Being lightweight means that you will have an easy time carrying this metal detector. It is highly preferred to be used in travel, vacations and camping trips.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 7


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It boasts of five grade sensitivity control.


  • The manufacturer should try to include easy to follow instructions in the user manual.

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

The 7.5 waterproof dual coil has an adjustable sensitivity that will help you avoid false and inaccurate results. Additionally, this metal detector will beep and flash after detecting the object. You should not leave this metal detector behind simply because it has a detecting depth of about 6 inches deep for small coins. The detecting depth for larger coins is about one foot.

Similar to other metal detectors featured on this list, this product requires three batteries to operate. It is good to know that these batteries are sold separately. The use of the telescoping arm is to provide length adjustment. On the other hand, the padded arm strap will provide the users with a comfort grip. This makes it easy to use for kids of all sizes.

The lightweight and portable metal detector weigh about 0.6kg. Furthermore, it measures just about 24 inches when the coil is folded and the arm support removed.

Last but not least, the manufacturer is proud to provide the highest quality metal detector in the market. Finally, this product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 8


  • It is a lightweight and portable metal detector.
  • It is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • It will stop working after sometimes.

Ohuhu Metal Detector High Accuracy Detector With Pinpoint

It is an ultra-sensitive metal detector. You can attest that there are trinkets and treasures everywhere. You just need to have the right gear. The state of the art metal detector is specifically designed to locate more than seven types of metal that include gold and silver. Additionally, the easy to adjust metal detector is great for kids and adults. You can shorten the adjustable stem to your preferred choice.

Furthermore, the comfortable handle ensures that you don’t have pain when operating this metal detector. Are you tired of pointless searching? This is the right time to click the link above and purchase this product. It will not only save your time but also energy. The pin pointer function can detect objects up to six inches. Besides that, it will eliminate unwanted items from setting off the radar. This makes finding the metal of your choice much easier.

Have you found what you are looking but you don’t have nothing to dig with? This metal detector has got you covered. Usually, the package includes a free shovel for your convenience. You can easily stash it in the included storage bag. This is for easy carrying. You can take your waterproof search coil from the land into the water. If that is not yet enough, this waterproof search coil is fully submerged for shallow water searches.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 9


  • You will always have an accurate positioning when you purchase this metal detector.
  • The package includes a waterproof search coil.


  • It is quite hard to tell the kind of metal when using this metal detector.

Sakobs Metal Detector, Igher Accuracy Adjstable Waterproof Detector

The diameter of this metal detector is about 10 inches. You might be aware that the bigger the coil, the higher the sensitivity. Additionally, this metal detector is more efficient and time saving. The waterproof search coil enables users to detect underwater. However, the control box in this metal detector is not adjustable.

Furthermore, this metal detector comes with three operation modes. While you can use the all metal mode to notify you whenever it sees any metal, the disc mode can be used to discriminate against other types of metals for a specific one. Are you aware that you can simply eliminate the metal you don’t want through the discrimination mode?

The intuitive LCD display is more accurate and convenient. It shows the detection mode, battery condition and volume control. You will get accurate information even in the night. Moreover, this metal detector can detect metals of up to 8.7 inch depth. Presence of the 47.6 inch adjustable stem means that this metal detector is suitable for kids and adults.

This is the perfect time to start treasure hunting with this great metal detector. In the package, you will get a carrying bag, headphones and a small shovel. Finally, whether you are an expert or a beginner detector, this product will always be suitable for you.

Best Metal Detectors For Under $500 10


  • It is ideal for both beginner and professional detectors.
  • It is more comfortable and less stressful to use this metal detector.


  • It does not come with batteries.

Things to consider when purchasing the best metal detectors under $500 

Before purchasing your dream metal detector, it is important to understand some crucial factors. That is the reason why we have gone ahead to compile the most important factors you should look at when purchasing a metal detector.


The best metal detectors in the market are stable. Also, the adjustments should not be a constant requirements especially when attached to an automatic reject device.

User friendly

It is advisable to purchase a user friendly metal detector. It should be easy to follow the set up procedures. Kindly go for something that you will always have an easy time using. It should be easy to adjust. You don’t have to keep referring to the provided manual.

Automated monitoring

In most cases, metal detection systems come with automated conditions. These conditions improve uptime and production efficiency. In turn, this reduces the need for scheduled testing. The system of the specific metal detector should be able to notify you of potential system failure.

Final thoughts

We have reviewed the above metal detectors based on the product value, durability and performance. Therefore, you should be guaranteed that you are only purchasing the best. And now that you have gone through this review article, you can go on and choose any of the above products. We hope that this article will help you in the near future. We look forward hearing from you. Thanks!

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