Latest Trends in Air Filter That You Shouldn’t Dare to Miss

Each day witnesses the rising demand and popularity for air filters. The need for air filters is pretty simple: we all want the air we breathe in our homes to be fresh and pure. Considering the economic pricing of air filters in the market, this has become increasingly easier.

However, before you go and buy the first air filter you set eyes on, there are a couple of features you should consider. Viewing the latest air filter trends might certainly help you set up a criterion to help you choose the right air filter for your house. In this guide, we’ll give you a couple of latest trends and features we see in air filters to help you do so.

Latest Trends in Air Filter That You Shouldn't Dare to Miss 4


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Multi-Filtration Purposes

What air filters typically do is clean out the air of small particles and pollutants that are close to 5 microns like mold, ash, pollen, pet dander, and fiber. Multi-filtration systems are usually larger than normal ones, but this only means they’re more efficient and able to filter out smaller particles (even smaller than 4 microns) like smoke, bacteria, fungus, and active charcoal.

So, wherever you install a multi filtration system in your HVAC unit, make sure that it can filter out the smallest particles to achieve optimum results and enhance the quality of the air you breathe in your home and/ or workplace.

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HEPA Filtration System

Every air filtration system is now designed to filter out particles up to 5 microns, considering that it is hard not to make contact with contaminants from cars, factories, or any other type of industrial emissions. But with the latest coronavirus concerns, more people are opting for a more effective filtration system such as HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters). This goes along with the information you’ll find if you click here about HEPA filters, as they’re regarded as the most efficient air filters nowadays when it comes to air quality.

What’s great about these filtration systems is that they can filter out the smallest particles (as small as 0.3 microns). Due to their ability to make the air you breathe of the highest quality, people now are using them in their establishments, including medical ones, and there are even people who demand they use it in their cars, which makes sense as the concentration of air contaminants on the roads is significantly high.

Latest Trends in Air Filter That You Shouldn't Dare to Miss hepa_filter

Absorption Effect

Activated carbon filters, which mainly employ the absorption effect, are quite popular and even used more commonly in air purifiers due to their compact size. These filters are made of carbon in powder form that is treated to be porous. What makes these systems special is their ability to trap gaseous pollutants, allergens, and more, and they can also get rid of unpleasant smells through the absorption process that occurs due to the porosity of the carbon.

In fact, the more porous it is, the more it can absorb more contaminants and allergens. There are even systems that make activated carbon filters work along with HEPA filtration systems to achieve the optimum results. However, despite their commercial availability, activated carbon filters can become less effective over time as they become saturated. Thus, they won’t be able to remove pollutants from the air.

Latest Trends in Air Filter That You Shouldn't Dare to Miss Absorption Effect


Ionizers are one of the most common types of filters used in air purifiers and they don’t work like most filters. For example, normal filters have fans that absorb the contaminated air into the filter itself then start filtering it. Ionizers, on the other hand, use electricity to produce anions (negative ions) into the air, which in turn will charge the nearby air molecules and any contaminant particles and attract them to a positively charged collector plate in the air filter.

Because anions are extremely small, this makes them capable of charging even the smallest particles. This fact alone makes ionizers the most effective air filters mentioned here as they can reduce the number of allergens, pollutants, and even 0.1-micron particles. Many people consider ionizers the best type of filtration they ever have. With its effective results, owners of these systems don’t have to worry about an annual replacement for the filters.

Latest Trends in Air Filter That You Shouldn't Dare to Miss Ionizers 

Smart Filters

There is hardly any home or kitchen appliance now that doesn’t have smart connectivity and among these appliances are the smart filters. There are many HEPA systems and ionizers on the market that have smart capabilities and people opt for these systems that will spare them the hassle of having to activate their air purifiers/ filters and constantly worrying about the air quality. Like all smart appliances, smart filters will also be linked to your smartphone, so you’ll be able to remotely activate it and adjust the settings according to your preferences.

Latest Trends in Air Filter That You Shouldn't Dare to Miss Smart Filters

These may help:

Full Coverage

Air filters are everywhere. They can be installed in your vents, HVAC system, air purifier, and so on. This means that you won’t have to worry about the air not getting filtered in a particular room of the house. Unlike air purifiers, they will effectively work on producing clean, filtered air wherever you are, so you won’t have to stay in your living room, for example, all day.

This makes them more convenient than using a filtering/ purifying system that doesn’t have a range wider than one room. However, there are now powerful purifiers designed to filter the air in all your house without having to move it to different rooms. They also won’t create much noise, so you won’t have to worry about a constant buzzing in the background while you’re carrying out your daily tasks. Either way, both air filters and air purifiers will more or less create the same results. What matters here is which option will be more convenient for you.

These are the most common trends and features you will find on the internet regarding air filters. However, there are other factors, like noise, effectiveness, size, and the product brand that you won’t be able to determine until you try the product yourself. So, be mindful of all these factors so you purchase the best air filter for you and your family.

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