Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family

Home is the place where we feel safe, protected from the outside world that can from time to time seem too hectic. It’s where we find peace and quiet and where we create some of the most cherished memories with our family.

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family

The kitchen is considered a central room of the house by many. After all, that’s where most of us spend a significant part of our day preparing meals for our loved ones. That’s a good enough reason to make this part of the household as secure as possible.

These are some of the fixtures you might want to consider incorporating into your kitchen.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 2 Slip-Resistant Flooring

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. In a room where you cook food and handle different liquids like oil and water, slipping up is not so improbable. And the chances of this happening are significantly higher if you have tiles on your floor.

Slip-resistant materials like matte-finished wood or laminate, textured vinyl or a soft-glazed ceramic tile would be a perfect choice for flooring. However, if you already have tiles and no time or money for the renovation of this kind, then some kind of a non-skid throw rug will also make things much better. However, don’t just put it anywhere. Areas, where you get in contact with water would be the perfect placement for this new kitchen fixture.

Water Filtration System

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 3 Water Filtration System copy

As we all know water is essential for the survival of all living creatures on this planet. However, as stated by the experts from Waterfilleradvisor, we need to drink clean and chemically balanced water, otherwise, it can seriously affect our health. The quality of tap water depends on where you live and what source you use. That’s why more and more people are deciding to use some sort of filter. After all, better safe than sorry.

Filtration systems are a valuable addition to any home and there are many different options to choose from in terms of price, size, and filter type. Investing in the system that will regulate your entire house might be too expensive for some people but there are also countertop filters that are cost-effective and extremely practical.

Get a Fire Extinguisher

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 2 copy

You will not see fire extinguishers in many home kitchens but it certainly should be there. With so many electrical appliances and a gas stove in one room, the kitchen is the biggest fire hazard in your house. In fact, the majority of all fires start in this area with causes varying from grease to appliances issues and faulty wiring. So, you should always have one, especially near the stove. Also, you need to learn how and when to use it and make sure it’s always up-to-date.

Food Safety

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 4 Food Safety copy

Keep your kitchen as clean as possible. You don’t want it to become a germ-infested and compromise your food. This can lead to food poisoning which is not pleasant at all, to say the least. You will never be able to kill all the germs, we have been living with them for quite some time, but you can keep their number to a minimum. Some of the ways to achieve this are to regularly wash your hands, before and after handling food, sanitize kitchen sponge in the dishwasher or microwave and replace it often, clean your countertop and other surfaces after cooking, and change towels every day.

Good Lighting

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 5 Good Lighting

It’s very simple – if you see what you’re doing, you are going to be safer. Aside from natural, you should also have a good general and task light sources. General is the one that will light up the whole room and according to most interior design professionals, it should be bright but not glaring.

Task light, on the other hand, is focused on the areas where you work. That’s why it’s usually installed under the cupboards and stove. Having these types of kitchen fixtures will certainly increase the level of safety in that room.

Easy to Reach Microwave

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 6 Easy to Reach Microwave copy

Very often you will see a microwave positioned too high for a person of normal height to reach it or too low, making you bend every time you use it. The first option will not give you a proper view and you will have to reach for food and risk spilling hot meals like soups all over the floor or yourself. The second one is better than this but can negatively affect your back. So, try and find some golden middle if possible.

Pull-Out Shelves in Cupboards 

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 7 Pull-Out Shelves in Cupboards  copy

This might sound weird to some but constantly bending and kneeling can affect your knees, legs as well as your backs. It can be the cause of muscle strain. Due to these reasons, you might want to consider installing pull-out shelves in your cupboards.

Not only will this kitchen addition be better for your health but it will also make it easier for you to reach the back of those shelves. You will be able to arrange your spices and other jars and dishes in a more efficient manner. Honestly, once you get them, you will wonder how you lived your whole life without them.

Don’t Forget the First Aid Kit 

Kitchen Additions That Will Make It Safer For Your Family 8 First Aid Kit  copy

Due to the high risk of getting injured in the room due to all the cooking and chopping, you want to have a First Aid kit stored close by. Accidents happen and you should be prepared. Make sure you have bandages in case you sustain cuts.

Also, ointments are a good idea and should be included in your First Aid supplies. If you burn yourself on the stove or with boiling water, they will be a good remedy for your skin. Don’t just buy the kit and chuck it on the shelves. Always know what’s inside and add what’s needed. Remember, it’s better to be prepared, just in case something happens.

As one of the most important and the most dynamic rooms in any household, the kitchen deserves special attention. Many things can go wrong but if you follow these tips, you will make it a safer place for you and your family and friends.

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