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How to Wrap a Gift without a Box

Have you been searching for a way to wrap a gift without a box? Gift-giving and gift-wrapping are important elements of every celebration. People spend a lot of time and money on locating the right gift and the best-looking gift wrapping for someone’s birthday or Christmas. Boxed objects are significantly easier to wrap. You’ve chosen the world’s best present! The hours you spent meticulously perusing shelves, online stores, gift recommendations, and more have led you to this very moment, where you are finally able to offer this ideal product to someone you care about. But there is one element that might derail the entire “perfect” event: gift wrapping.

Say goodbye to family members making fun of your sloppy-wrapped gifts every Christmas. You will no longer be entangled in a web of tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper. That sensation of embarrassment you get when you buy a gift bag? That’s a thing of the past! These simple ways will give your Christmas presents, birthday presents, anniversary gifts, and other special occasion gifts a major facelift.

You’ll be pleased to hand over your gift to the happy receiver. After all, it has perfectly folded paper and a ribbon flourish on top. If you wince as they rip through the paper, that’s a sign of a job well done. After reading these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to being a present wrapping expert in no time! If you’re looking for some lovely present wrapping ideas, check out these DIY gift wrapping ideas.

What You Will Need

  • Wrapping paper: The kind or style of paper used is a personal taste, but keep in mind that the thicker the paper, the easier it is to wrap. And if you really want to nail those perfect creases and straight folds, go for a roll with a grid design on the back. You will never go wrong with that. 
  • What color ribbon do you want: red, yellow, green, satin, or silk? The possibilities are limitless. Choose according to your taste. 
  • A pair of scissors: To avoid a hand strain over the Christmas season, make sure your scissors are in good working order (i.e., not dirty, stiff or dull).
  • Double-sided tape: While standard tape will suffice, the double-sided tape will keep folds neat and clean.

Use a Mason Jar

Mason jars are ideal for storing little items. They are incredibly easy to decorate and quite durable. They can be filled with a number of foodstuffs, such as baked goods, sweets, and other culinary products.

Making a reindeer out of a mason jar full of Christmas sweets is a fantastic way to adorn it. You just need a few supplies for this, including brown paper and pipe cleaners. In some cases, you can go ahead and use red or even green ribbons. Some people prefer using colorful strings.  

Step 1: Cover the Center of the Jar

Begin by wrapping a broad strip of brown paper around the centre of the jar. Glue or tape the strip in place. Make the reindeer’s face with googly eyes and a red pompom for the nose.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift

Step 2: Cut the Small Pieces of the Pipe Cleaner

To make the reindeer antlers, cut two little pieces of pipe cleaner and glue them to the longer piece of brown pipe cleaner. Make a pair and adhere them to the jar lid with hot glue. To make the lid seem neater, cover the glued section with brown paper.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 1

Step 3: Add the Rest of Your Embellishments

You may now go wild with the rest of your decorations. Try not to go overboard so that you don’t cover up the adorable pattern you made. If you’re going to use the jar to store food, be sure the lid is tightly sealed. You may use the same procedure to store your gifts in various jars or plastic gift canisters.

Sew a Fabric Gift Bag

Gift bags are ideal for wrapping an unusually shaped gift. They are really simple to create. Furthermore, you will not need to purchase fresh fabric for this project. Any old piece of clothes or pillow cover will suffice.

Step 1: Grab a Scrap Fabric

Cut the scrap cloth into two rectangles that you have at home. The portions should be large enough to include the present item as well as some additional area for cushioning if necessary. Iron the two pieces with the correct sides facing each other to eliminate the creases.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 2

Step 2: Pin the Pieces Together

Sew the sides and bottom together after pinning the pieces. When finished, flip the bag right side out. It is now finished and ready to be used as a gift container.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 3

Step 3: Place the padding around the Present

Before putting your gift into the bag, wrap it with some cushioning material. Ribbons should be used to secure the bag’s top, and embellishments should be added. You now have a reusable gift wrapper that your recipient may reuse for future gifts.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 4

Use a Basket

If you enjoy creating kits for your loved ones, a basket as a container would be ideal. Instead of concealing the things in a box wrapped in wrapping paper, place them in a basket to showcase them.

Baskets may be found at yard sales and secondhand stores in a range of sizes and styles. Choose one that is exactly appropriate for the quantity of stuff you intend to store in. You don’t want to buy a basket that is too large since it will appear too empty if you only put a few items in it.

Step 1: Clean the Basket

Before filling the basket with your gift goods, clean it. A couple of swipes with a disinfectant wipe should be enough. Do not wash the basket since it will grow mold if not properly dried.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 5

Step 2: Put Old Newspapers at the Bottom of the Basket

Fill the basket with a few sheets of old newspaper or other discarded paper. This will elevate the objects you wish to place in it and allow you to showcase them more effectively. Prepare some paper shreds to fill in the spaces between the things in the basket to make it appear fuller.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 6

Step 3: Cut Colored Tissue

To make the paper shred, cut colored tissue. You may also use old magazine or newspaper pages, brown bags, or gift-wrapping paper that you no longer need. Using a paper shredder will make the procedure easier, although scissors may also be used for this phase.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 7

Step 4: Use a Transparent Wrap

After you’ve placed all of the present items in the basket, you may choose to wrap the entire thing in a translucent wrap. Plastic cling wrap will also do the trick. The cellophane cover will preserve and hold the objects within the basket in place. After you’ve wrapped the basket with clear wrap, fasten the gather with tape. Cover it with a ribbon strip, and then add all of the embellishments you wish to use.

How to Wrap a Gift without a Box gift 8

Which is the Best Wrapping Paper to Wrap a Gift?

Have you heard of the Japanese custom known as “furoshiki”? Wrapping items in cloth is a common habit. It’s so simple, yet irregularly shaped objects are simpler to wrap with fabric since the cloth naturally embraces the thing.

By adhering to this custom, the recipient of your gift will not only receive your gift but will also get a wrapper that may be reused. Choosing organic fabrics is also beneficial to the environment. As a result, this kind of wrapping is toward the top of the list of environmentally friendly wrappers.

Any material that is repurposed avoids ending up in a landfill. Reusing various items as gift wrapping is thus a gift to the environment. Old dust bags from purchased items can be painted and used as packaging material. The same is true with old magazines and cartons.

It’s also a good idea to save ribbons and twine from previous gifts. You may adorn your gifts without adding to the garbage. If the things are wrinkled, simply iron them out. To eliminate kinks and wrinkles from the ribbon or fabric, spray it with water and use the softest setting on your iron.

You may not have realized that the packaging of potato chips and other food goods may be cleaned and turned inside out. If you accomplish this, you will have a ready-made, silver-colored present wrapper that just has to be taped on one end to close. It’s not exactly ecologically friendly, but at least the wrapper won’t end up in the water any time soon.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, we hope that you enjoyed it. You can ask any question you might be having on how to wrap a gift without a box. Kindly share and like this post if it was helpful. We look forward to hearing from you. Till next time. Thanks! 

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