How to Survive if the Movie “The Purge” was Real

The well-known movieThe Purge revolves around the idea of granting citizens one night a year where all crimes are legalized. While this may seem too crazy and irrational, something very similar actually did happen in real life not too long ago. In February 2017, the police in the State of Espirito Santo, Brazil, took a sixty-day strike. This was to object to their wages and their work conditions.

How to Survive if the Movie _The Purge_ was Real

Citizens decided that the strike served as an indication that there wouldn’t be any consequences of any crimes they committed. As a result, thousands of theft and rape cases were reported, in addition to 52 murder cases. Nowadays, the world just keeps getting crazier and more complicated; it feels like there is potential danger anywhere we go. We always feel the relentless need to figure out ways to protect ourselves from any hypothetical or possible harm. This is why we decided to put together a guide to help you survive The Purge if it were real.


Hiding is definitely the most obvious, practical, and easiest option. Blending in is too risky of choice, which is why you should get out of there as soon as possible and evacuate densely populated areas. You are much safer in a secluded district. The best you can do is run while carefully planning out your route. You need to make sure not to get stuck in tight spaces or be out in the open for too long. Make the least noise as possible, and if you happen to pass behind any windows, make sure to duck.

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If you have time to prepare, or if you know your way around the city, underground bunkers make great hiding spots. If not, try to hide behind large wooden or metal objects while curling yourself into a ball. Make sure to turn off the lights and take care of anything that might make a sound. Lock the doors and barricade them with huge and heavy objects. You need to come up with an escape plan while hiding and prepare yourself for a fight if you come in contact with someone.


You need to be able to defend yourself if you want to survive. Unconventional thinking is key when surviving the purge; this means that you have to be ready to turn any nearby objects into weapons. You should also create as much chaos as you can. Make a lot of noise, throw things around, and whatever happens, do not stop moving. A moving target is a much more challenging target than one who is slow or standing still. Creating chaos can also be very distracting and will most probably buy you time and help you escape.

If you are hiding with other people, you need to work together to take the purger(s) down. If you are in a closed space and you hear someone getting closer, all of you should hide behind the door and attack the purger all at once. Someone should reach out for the arm in which they are holding a  weapon, one should reach for their leg, and the others should push them to the floor.

Once you get a hold of the weapon, throw it as far away as possible or hide it underneath another object if you think that they may be able to take it back from you. If you are confident enough, you should use the weapon to take them down while aiming at the most vital areas like the throat, head, midsection, and eyes.

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Prepare Ahead

It is important to be prepared ahead of purge night. Unless you are rich and can easily get away with purge night, you need to stock up on weapons and learn martial arts and fighting techniques. Being prepared for a purge does not only encompass all the fighting and getting away methods, but it also does require a lifetime’s worth of work. You should be a generally pleasant and nice person.

Do not hold grudges against people, pick fights, or hurt others either verbally or physically. Be helpful, and do not give people a reason to resent you. No one would plan to kill you or target you if you haven’t done anything bad to them. Try to form alliances with others. However, do not be too trusting.

Since the rich are safe in their fortified compounds, you might think that it is a good idea to figure out a way to hide with them. However, do not forget that the rich are very easily capable of turning against each other and stabbing each other’s backs, so chances are you are not safe with them either.

If you want to survive, fleeing the country would be the ideal option. If you cannot do that, then stay inside and do not leave whatsoever. Interacting with the outside world will most definitely get you in trouble. For extra safety, draw the blinds, turn off the lights, take care of anything that would produce noise, curl up, and hide, as previously explained.

How to Survive if the Movie The Purge was Real

In a way, some parts of the world have already become too dangerous for us to live in. Crime levels are significantly increasing, and it feels like the whole concept of humanity is in question. Every day, we see many brutal attacks and situations, and we just can’t help but think that being in such a circumstance is inevitable. How to stay safe is a recurrent question on our minds, and that’s why we need to plan out, or at least have some idea, of what we can do to protect ourselves beforehand.

Sometimes, drastic measures need to be taken in order to feel generally safe. Perhaps that’s not why you are here, though. Maybe you are just generally curious about what you can do if The Purge was ever real. Either way, reading through this article is recommended if you want to know what you can do if you were ever found in a brutally dangerous situation or if The Purge ever becomes real.

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