How to Properly Take Care of Your Lawn

Stepping into a patch of fresh grass with your bare feet can make you feel alive and at peace at the same time. Nature has the power to affect people. If you live in an urban area, it’s especially important to create a green oasis that will be just your own, a place where you can unwind and entertain your family and friends.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Lawn

Different from some other parts of your garden, taking care of the lawn is not particularly difficult. Regular mowing and proper watering are important to maintain it in a way that will make your neighbors envious. However, there are other tips and tricks you need to be aware of if you want to have a beautiful and soft piece of green land where your kids can run around.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know and do to properly take care of your lawn.

Test Your Soil

How to Properly Take Care of Your Lawn 8 Proper Watering Practices

If you ask lawn professionals how to create a perfect green patch in your backyard, they will tell you the first step is to test your soil. That’s where the whole procedure starts. Every piece of land is different and by doing this test, you will be able to find out about the pH value of your soil. The results are important if you want to grow healthy grass. The pH value will provide you with the necessary information about the nutrient transports and uptake so you can get as much as possible from your soil.

Learn About the Local Grass Types

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To end up with the best possible results, you have to choose your seeds carefully. There are multiple grass varieties and the one you pick for your yard will determine the type of lawn you have. You have to take into consideration local temperatures and climate when making this decision. Some sorts are known for their durability while others have a certain texture that will feel good beneath bare feet.

If you go for cold-season types, growth peaks will happen during spring and fall. On the other hand, warm-season types are the best in regions with higher temperatures and they will reach their peak in the summer. It’s important to understand that by choosing a grass that’s region-appropriate, you will have less work when it comes to maintenance.

Timing is Important

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One of the key steps in planning a new lawn or making the old one better is to do the seeding at the appropriate time. Just like with many things in life, good timing is everything. If your planting aligns with the seeds’ natural periods of active growth, you will have faster-growing and more resilient grass in your yard. By adequately going through this procedure, seedlings will emerge from the ground within 7 to 21 days and will be able to root well. However, it will take another couple of weeks before you will have to turn on your lawn mower. If you did the planting in the fall, first mowing can happen for the first time in the spring.

Proper Nutrition

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For your lawn to be lush and thriving, proper nourishment is an absolute must. To achieve that vibrant green, you will have to provide the grass with appropriate amounts of nitrogen. Soil tests will help you decide how much of this element will be required on an annual level. Depending on its need for nitrogen and other nutrients, you will be able to pick a perfect fertilizer. It’s important to keep one thing you need to keep in mind – too much or too little of these supplements can be rather harmful.

Eliminate the Lawn Weeds

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It’s impossible to have a lawn without some unwanted plants rising from the ground. The problem with weeds is that they take nutrients and water away from your grass. How will your green patch be able to survive this attack depends on several things. First of all, you need to identify the unwanted plant and its stage of growth. Based on this knowledge, you will then be able to choose the appropriate response. Some products treat pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds.

Adjust Mowing Heights

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Don’t make lawn mowing a weekly task. The appropriate time to start a mower should be decided based on the grass’s height and type as well as on the season. A general rule is that you should never remove more than one-third of the grass blade. If you cut it too much, it will become more vulnerable to weather conditions, pests, and weeds. It’s especially important to establish proper mowing height in the summer. During this period, a higher grass blade would be a better option since it will protect the root and keep it in the shade. As the temperature starts to lower so should your mower blades.

To keep your lawn healthy and good-looking, you also have to choose the right mower type. The most common are manual reel, electric, gas-powered, and mulching mower. You can use weed whackers for those areas that are inaccessible to these machines. They will trim grass and weed and can be also found in stores under the name of string trimmers or line trimmers.

Proper Watering Practices

How to Properly Take Care of Your Lawn 8 Proper Watering Practices

For your grass to grow fast and strong, the best method is to water it deeply and less frequently. If you do it often, it will encourage shallow rooting and make the lawn weaker, more vulnerable when faced with something like drought. Also, the watering schedule will vary depending on the season. If you decide to grow a grass type that is well suited to your regional climate, you will have to spend less time and less water on maintaining it in good condition. Water conservation is important for different reasons, but you will certainly appreciate a smaller monthly bill.

These are basics for everyone who wants to plant a new or revive an old lawn. Taking care of this area is not difficult, but it requires certain knowledge and dedication. Inform yourself about the best grass type for the region you live in, water, and mow it properly and you should soon have a beautiful green patch in your yard.

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