How to Properly Secure a House That’s Up for Sale

Selling a house is a daunting task that can run for a more extended period than your expectation. Homeowners tend to stay in the houses that are up for sale as they look for prospective buyers. When selling a home, you should prioritize your safety and that of the house.

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 It’s during the sales period that criminals take advantage of executing their dirty operations. Home sellers should identify measures that contribute to the safety of their properties and families. Factors such as cost and the house’s condition that you’re selling should come into focus after sealing the safety loopholes.

Here are the tips for securing a home scheduled for sale;

Insist on Appointments

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All the people you consider as your prospective buyers are also potential criminals, so you should be cautious when dealing with them. The desire to sell your home shouldn’t make you admit strangers at their volition. Everyone visiting the property must make prior arrangements before presenting themselves.

Sometimes people who read ‘FOR SALE’ notices on your lawn may gather the courage to knock on your door to see the property that you’re selling. Advise such visitors to schedule appointments either through your estate agent or their real estate agents. 

Discuss the Procedure of Showing with your Estate Agent

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Selling a home is a complex process that requires experts if you want to escape upsets. In California, hiring a real estate agent is always a good idea, especially if you are selling a rental property. Real estate agents are conversant with procedures that ensure your safety during the showing and the sale of the house. With the hassles associated with rental properties, having a specialist helps quicken the process.

These are some areas that you need to agree with your realtor for maximum security;

  • The person who watches prospective buyers during showings
  • The person in charge of securing your home
  • Agree on where to place the lockbox
  • Also, discuss with the realtor the ideal lockbox that your home deserves
  • Brainstorm how to track the showing procedures

Depersonalize your Home

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Before taking photos of your home for advertisement, ensure that you remove personalized signs and decorations. All photos and images that your children may have placed in their bedrooms should also be removed. Leaving such details can put your family at risk of crimes such as kidnap.

When you leave personalized properties in the house for sale, your buyers are distracted from viewing the features that brought them. It’s also worth noting that the photos you submit into the local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) end up in various websites hence revealing your privacy to the public.

Keep your Valuable in Lockable Safe

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Even those who’ve never had an interest in stealing your items can change their intention after spotting your valuables. It isn’t the strangers viewing your house capable of taking your items; your estate agents equally pose a similar threat.

Valuable items are car keys, jewelry, money, and phones. When selling a property in busy states like California, you should always remember to keep your valuable under lockable safes. If you lack lockable places, it’s advisable to keep the valuables away during showings.

Keep Bills, Calendars, Diaries, and Invitations Away

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Placing things like bills and mails where strangers can easily access puts you at risk of identity theft. It’s a crime that’s on the rise in the US, so exposing your details can make you become a victim of identity theft. Mails and bills usually have bank details, so leaving them exposed may help criminals drain their credit cards. You have to ensure that your critical information showing details of transactions doesn’t end in the wrong hands.

Pull Away Prescription Drugs and Medications 

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When posting your home out there for sale, it’s excellent to keep your prescribed drugs and medications away from public access. Even though it isn’t rampant, cases have emerged of people stealing prescribed drugs during house sales.

Prescribed drugs are potential poison, so you should be worried about the safety of anyone who steals your medicines, even if the said people are strangers. Moreover, it’s essential to keep your medication details and equipment as confidential as possible.

Protect your Computer’s Password

How to Properly Secure a House That's Up for Sale 7 Protect your Computer's Password

Personal computers usually store critical details that criminals may use against you. If you cannot keep your computer away from strangers, you should try not to allow them to see your password. It’s another avenue of identity theft that home sellers should watch with keenness.

If you’re wondering about the prospect of someone accessing your details, criminals are often swift, and they seize every opportunity they get. Also, switch off your Wi-Fi network connection to curtail all attempts of cybercrime.

Consider Using Security Home Cameras

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Luxury homes that have valuables almost in every corner need extra monitoring tools. Sometimes human security isn’t enough to capture events that are happening in quick successions. Security cameras are excellent when it comes to monitoring individuals who want to switch from prospective buyers to becoming criminals.

Camera devices are usually inexpensive, but they are instrumental in ensuring that you remain with your expensive items. For practical use, you should hire professionals to install the camera in zones that can capture all the proceedings during showings. Security cameras lower pressure when handling your clients because you have a chance of watching all the gestures.

Eliminate Hiding Places

How to Properly Secure a House That's Up for Sale 9 hiding dens

After resolving to put your house up for sale, you should identify areas where criminals can use as hiding dens. It’s the ideal time that you should consider trimming trees and flowers to the extent that no one can use them to hide.

If you have ladders within your compound, you need to lock them up in the store because people with dubious intentions can use them to access your premises. Besides, stools and raised places are worth elimination too.

The security of your home touches on various things during the periods that prospecting buyers view the property. Locking the doors with top security padlocks is a step that the article didn’t mention, but you must be aware that you should prioritize it. 

Putting your house up for sale should bring you happiness and not grief. Since you’re dealing with strangers, employing sophisticated security arrangements protect your family and properties.

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