How To Optimise Your Home For Winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and although it may seem summer has just arrived, as quickly as it comes, it goes. With winter here in only a few months, it is time we start thinking about ways to winter-proof our homes.

Oftentimes, the measures established the previous winter will fall redundant this year, and you will have to put into practice new and more effective methods, or just tidy up and polish the older ones! Cold weather is a killer, and if not treated and dealt with effectively can be detrimental to your family’s health.

Many people die every year from exposure to cold, and while you would think that is unlikely in western countries, you would be wrong. Granted, it is usually very old people who die, and young, but exposing your family to the cold can cause all manner of potential health problems that can last them forever and make their quality of life terrible.

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So, here is how to prepare your home for the winter:

Service Your Boiler

Unfortunately, it has been proven that up to 20% of homeowners, tenants, and landlords, believe that their boiler does not need to be serviced until the heating or boiler system fails completely.

The professionals of believe that you should have your boiler in order all of the time to keep your family warm and toasty, and safe. A boiler that has fallen into disrepair can often be a harbinger of Death.

Boilers that are not tended to can produce carbon monoxide, a harmful and deadly gas that can kill your entire family in their sleep. You should have your boiler serviced annually so as to circumvent any potential negative health effects for your family, as truthfully, it is not worth it for the sake of a little bit of money. And, even if you have no harmful side-effects, a boiler in disrepair when broken down can cost you a lot of money.

How To Optimise Your Home For Winter Service Your Boiler

Clean Your Guttering and Drainpipes

By unblocking and cleaning your downpipes and drainpipes when the winter season arrives you will enable rainwater to flow properly and not pool up and cause damp problems to the structure of your home. Damp problems unattended can lead to mold growth which can significantly damage the health of your family, especially your children.

Mold growth is the number one undetected killer in households across the world, and it is important that you do not leave mold to stagnate at the risk of it leading to the deadly black mold. Be sure to always clean your drain pipes at the start of the winter season!

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Sweep Your Chimney

While many houses these days are without chimneys and those that do have had them bricked up. Many houses across the world still use chimneys so it is important that if you do have a chimney you clean it properly and make sure you tend to them regularly.

Many chimneys can often become home to birds and other creepy crawlies if left unattended. If you do have a chimney and are regularly burning coal it is important you service your chimney. Leaving it unserviced can also cause structural damage to your home that can prove to be detrimental over time and cause no end of problems and also risk the potential of fires.

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Surprisingly, many homes in new housing developments have not been properly insulated. It should be the first thing you do when you are considering cold proofing your house. Insulation not properly installed or no insulation at all is often the leading cause of problems when it comes to families experiencing the cold in the winter months.

By not insulating your home you also increase the risk of having unwanted visitors like mice or birds nesting in your loft or attic. This can often lead to bacterial growth from their feces and can seriously cause problems for both you, your home, and your family.

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Fill Your Oil Tank Up

If your home still operates off of an oil tank, as many do nowadays, it is important that you keep it filled up to avoid any potential lack of oil in an emergency. If you are snowed in or facing flooding, you will be unable to have your oil delivered to your home, so it is important that you keep it filled up and have an abundance of oil lying around should any emergencies take place. While many homes do not have oil tanks now, a lot of older homes do, and this can be a big problem in the winter months.

Fill Your Oil Tank Up

Homeowners across the country ponder each year when temperatures start dropping and it’s time to turn on the heat. When you are carrying any renovations or duties out on your home to prevent the winter from getting in, exercise safety and follow government regulations cautiously to prevent any accidents or damage to your home.

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