How To Mount Irwin Woodworking Vise? Practical Tips

How to mount Irwin woodworking vise? This detailed article will give you some useful tips to make this operation much simpler. Check them out!

Irwin Woodworking Vise is a familiar tool for carpenters. Vise helps to fix wood pieces without drilling or punching. Thanks to that, you can easily visualize your product or keep the piece of wood in one place for easy processing.

In this article, we will show you how to properly install and use the Irwin Woodworking Vise. Let’s read on to discover!

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How To Mount Irwin Woodworking Vise

Using vise is relatively easy. You just need to read and follow the steps below to do it yourself the first time. We will provide you with two mounting methods that you can apply depending on the situation you encounter.


Locate the position

Locate the position

First, you need to determine where to mount the vise on the product: the end vise is on the back, and the other is on the front of the device. Some products will have both styles, but they are not popular because of their higher cost.

Usually, right-handed people will attach the vise on the topmost part of the product. It would help if you also made sure that adding another tool will not affect the chair’s legs or the operation of the object. You can also flexibly change the position to be most convenient during installation.

Simple installation

Simple mounting is the easiest method. This way, you will have to use a block below the surface to screw and drill screws into the underside of the wood.

Step 1: Remove the visa

When you buy a vise, you can assemble it into a set. And you need to remove it to make it easier to install later.

You operate the roll pin backward from the bottom and remove the bracket that connects to the front jaw. Then use a towel, paper, or thin cloth to remove the oily coating on the product.

Step 2: Determine the buffer block thickness

In this step, you need to measure carefully to be able to install the most accurate. Turn your jaw upside down on the tabletop and calculate how much the jaw protrudes from the underside. If you use a 7″ vise, add 0.25″ to the last measurement. If you use a 10″ vise, add 0.5″ to get the best measure.

Step 3: Calculate the size

Calculate the size

Calculate the size

To calculate the correct size and installation, measure the back jaw’s bearing surface and add the cheek’s width so that it extends approximately ⅛” above the mounting surface.

Once you’ve measured and made sure both cheeks are the same size, you can start attaching the parts. You can attach the back panel with a flat head wood screw, and on the front side, you can use a screw with a round head washer.

Drill dog holes

Drill dog holes

Drill dog holes

Dog holes are a standard size of 3/4 inch, and you need the hole to be perpendicular to the tabletop. Glue 1 small block of wood to a bracket with hooks attached to the large block and make sure it is in the correct position of the dog hole.

For the holes to be spaced appropriately, you should measure and mark them before drilling directly. Mark a line in the center of the back of the board, then use the square to arrange the appropriate drilling positions. Drill holes should be spaced about 6″ from the outer edge of the board.

After marking the locations of the holes, align the centerline and clamp the fixture to the wood. At this point, you should be able to drill the holes with the 3/4 inch tip.

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How To Mount Irwin Woodworking Vise? Practical Tips How to mount Irwin woodworking vise


Installing and using the Irwin Woodworking Vise on a flat surface is easier and more flexible, but it will take more time.

Step 1: Locate

Determining the clamping groove on the tabletop is quite simple. You take the width of the jaw, then add 1″ to get the length of the grip. To calculate the depth of the groove, you also need to take the thickness plus ¾”.

Step 2: Make the cut line

Use the saw to cut across the edge of the wood. Then use a clamp to clamp the blade to the knocker to shorten the length of the groove.

Step 3: Create positioning padding

Create a block of thick, hardwood spacers to secure the jaws ½” along the jaws’ contour and the spacers’ holes. You need to mark the mounting holes and fix them properly not to obstruct or cover the screw holes.

Step 4: Locate and attach the vise

After doing step 3, mark and drill a few pilot holes. At the same time, you can attach the visor with washers.

For perfect drill holes and alignment, you can use a straight brush tool.

Step 5: Finishing

Attach the rest of the components with washers and round-head wood screws.

You can then turn the countertop over to apply additional coats of paint to make the final product look better.

To make the whole process easier, you can check out the video below for details!


Irwin Woodworking Vise is an indispensable tool for building furniture such as tables, chairs, etc.

This tool has a bulky appearance, but it only takes a little time to get used to it competently. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can imagine and try to use this tool. Thank you for reading!

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