How To Make Woodworking Plans In Sketchup? Useful Tips For Beginners

How to make woodworking plans in Sketchup? The detailed article below will give basic instructions for beginners to easily access this software.

You are not a professional designer but want to plan to produce wood? Or, if you are looking for a free tool to support the design of primary wood products, you should not miss this article.

Below, we will guide you on how to make woodworking plans in SketchUp – simple, professional, but highly effective software.

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How To Make Woodworking Plans In Sketchup

Make Woodworking Plans

Make Woodworking Plans

One of the operations that you can perform on Sketchup software is to make a plan to produce wood products. Please refer to the following content to better understand how to plan this.

Woodworking plans process 

The process to make a real woodworking plan in SketchUp is not too complicated. You should note and follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, you need to find out the required information about the model, size, type of product details.
  • Next, you need to install the software on your device. You can choose the free version, but it is better to use the paid version.
  • Then you open the app, choose to unlock a new file.
  • Click on the drawing area and perform product design operations on the app.
  • You can use the quick action buttons to draw frames: circle, rectangle, square, block. Note, you need to adjust the size of each detail correctly.
  • Also, use push/pull tools, grouping, offset, leg composition, and 3D shapes of the product.
  • Finally, don’t forget to save your woodworking plans so they can be opened and viewed at any time.

If your product has too much detail in it that you can’t sit continuously to complete the design, save it every time you finish. You can then open the file and continue adding other components to your blueprint.

To master the operations of creating woodworking plans for products on it, you need to spend time learning, especially learning about offsets and how to create 3D blocks.

Using this software is extremely simple, but not even beginners can do it successfully. Usually, woodworkers have to learn documents and combine actual design operations on the application to manipulate quickly when doing this job.

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What to keep in mind when making woodworking plans?

To be able to build a perfect wood production plan on this software, you first need to note some content such as:

  • First, you need to carefully read the information description of the product that you are about to make to understand the requirements and prepare a complete list of materials.
  • Besides, please determine the exact size of each product detail before planning to produce wood because when you do, you will rely on the 3D model image and specifications.
  • At the same time, pay attention to the small details and the connection between more information to establish the correct design that contributes to the optimum in the product manufacturing process.

In addition, you can also refer to the step-by-step instructions to make woodworking plans in SketchUp through the following video:

What Is Sketchup?

What Is Sketchup

What Is Sketchup?

Before learning how to plan wood production, we need to know SketchUp software to understand its characteristics better and how to use it.

Sketchup is an intuitive software that provides functions that help you quickly set up a design plan and produce wooden products with 3D models.

Using this software, you can build designs for different product models such as desks, wooden chairs, cabinets, dining tables, toys, and beds.

Who Is Sketchup Suitable For?

Who Is Sketchup For

Who Is Sketchup For?

The outstanding advantage of Sketchup is that it is simple to use, easy to operate and the time to learn to use the software proficiently is relatively short.

At the same time, the resource is relatively abundant, making learning about how to use the software very simple. Therefore, it is suitable for those just starting in woodworking or those with little knowledge of professional design.

It is an ideal software suitable for manufacturing and manufacturing wood products. This software can help you to create accurate product design drawings and detailed cutting lists.


In addition, for more information, you can also find out more about some other content related to this topic. We have compiled some frequently asked questions that you may be interested in yourself.

Is SketchUp easier than AutoCAD?

SketchUp vs AutoCAD

SketchUp vs AutoCAD

Many people often wonder between SketchUp and a specialized application for design, AutoCAD, which is more accessible. It is difficult to say precisely because each application will have different characteristics, features, and implementation.

Sketchup is generally suitable for 3D designs and has basic rendering suitable for objects. Meanwhile, AutoCAD is usually for mechanical and civil procedures and includes 2D & 3D architecture.

This software is often easier to use, so it is pretty suitable for those who do not have a deep understanding of design.

Why should woodworkers use this software?

Woodworkers should use this software because it is beneficial to use.

Pre-production planning with this software saves you time, materials, and even production costs. Besides, you can thoroughly check your design directly on the computer before making the first cut to ensure high accuracy.

Is It Free for personal use?

Right because there is currently a Free version on the market (non-commercial application) to meet your purposes. In general, this version will meet the basic features for your use.

This free version is suitable for beginners to learn about the software and perform basic tasks. Yet, it is the free version; some functions may be limited.

How To Make Woodworking Plans In Sketchup? Useful Tips For Beginners How to make woodworking plans in sketchup


Sketchup is a handy software to support production plans and design samples of wood products. Using it is quite simple and suitable for those who do not have design experience.

With the information we have provided, you can better understand to make woodworking plans. We hope that you can make the perfect wood production plans. Thank you for reading!

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