How To Make Money In Woodworking? Turn Your Arts Into Profit

If you are looking for a guide on how to make money in woodworking, this article is for you. Click on it to explore the instructions!

1. Tips-for-making-profit-from-wooden-projects

Tips for making a profit from wooden projects

Woodworking is an incredible art for those who love meticulousness and feats. Many people consider it as an after-hours hobby for entertainment. But if you have talent and creativity, carpentry can become an excellent source of income.

Can you make money doing woodworking? There are many ways to enrich your finances through carpentry. Some of the most viable projects include:

  • Build customizable wooden furniture.
  • Design carpentry projects.
  • Set up a woodworking blog.
  • Start a woodworking channel.
  • Teach others to do carpentry.
  • Remake second-hand wooden furniture.

For details on how to start your career, continue reading with us!

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Getting Started In Woodworking

Wood is a friendly material and is very popular in daily life. The industry of processing and processing wood into beautiful objects or works is woodworking.

The market has a huge demand for wooden products, so your opportunities to get rich are endless. However, before we start to profit from projects, you need to be well prepared.

2. Preparing-essential-carpentry-tools

Preparing essential carpentry tools

Legal Factor

When you want to open a business, the first step is to prepare all the necessary licenses and permits. Please follow the local regulations where you live to avoid unnecessary trouble later.

Each place has a different set of laws. To be sure, you can consult the law enforcement agency.

Prepare Yourself

Because of constantly working with heavy blocks of wood, endurance and fitness are essential factors for carpenters. You will have to work with a lot of different tools throughout the day.

Another danger in carpentry is dealing with dangerous tools and wood chips. Please prepare full protective gear to keep yourself safe.

Financial Backup

Often you will not be able to make money immediately with your projects. To be able to cover necessary and living expenses, a financial backup is a must.

Even if you don’t want to start a business, we recommend saving and setting aside some money. We can’t predict the future, and sometimes things happen suddenly. The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the best examples.

Having backup money will help you be more confident and proactive in all situations. Don’t let any excuse delay your motivation.

How To Make Money In Woodworking? Turn Your Arts Into Profit How to make money in woodworking


When you want to sell art, it needs to be beautiful and unique. Artisans spend a lot of time practicing and improving their skills every day to recognize their products.

If you only do woodworking as a hobby after hours, you are free to do anything. On the contrary, the standard will be much higher if you expect to make money from them.

Ask family and friends for an objective review of your work. If they give positive reviews, that’s a good thing.

The Right Devices & Tools

Woodworking requires several assistive tools to make your job easier. The prices of the products are also very diverse depending on your needs and budget.

If you still don’t know where to start, check out our list. You’ll need these essential tools to get to work:

  • Circular saw: This tool is a must-have for any carpenter. It is capable of making straight cuts on plywood and lumber.
  • Jigsaw: You will need a jigsaw to cut the curves and the interior of the wood.
  • Power drill: This device helps drill holes and screws to connect parts together.
  • Orbital sander: You will use a sander to sand the surface and finish your work.

These devices are very compact and easy to use. You can easily store it in your backyard or garage without worrying about taking up a lot of space.

Other suitable tools such as a planer, table saw, splitter, and router are necessary for more complex projects. You may consider purchasing them in the future.

Create A Business Plan

Determine what you want to do with your business. Financial issues and cash flow are also notable. If you’re going to expand the scale of your business, you need to take care of the human resources issue as well.

A simple math problem is to compare materials and product completion times to set the corresponding value. A valuable piece of advice is finding a quality wood distributor at a reasonable price.

You can find raw lumber. Although it will take a long time to prepare, the price is highly affordable.

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How To Make Money In Woodworking?

There are many projects that you can choose to start making money from carpentry. Depending on your preferences and experience, make the decision that is right for you.

3. Making-wooden-furniture

Making wooden furniture

Building Customizable Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture has always had a very high appeal in the market. Consumers love the rusticity and rawness of each wood grain and the professional craftsmanship of the craftsmen.

However, with such great demand, it won’t be easy to find a suitable furniture product. Brands mass-produce models and often use substandard materials. Furniture made of natural wood has a very long life and can be passed on for generations.

Many people are willing to pay a few hundred to several thousand dollars to have the right piece of furniture. It has a huge profit margin.

Designing Carpentry Projects

You can also do some simple craft projects. These products have affordable prices so that you can sell them in bulk.

Some of the possible projects include:

  • Raised garden beds: When spring comes, the demand for raised beds increases dramatically because everyone wants to renovate their garden. It is an exciting project.
  • Floating shelf: Everyone needs a few shelves in their home. This project is effortless to make and can be adjusted to your liking.
  • Wooden signs: The applications of these wooden signs are limitless. It will bring you great profit.
  • Wooden tables and chairs: They can all be made of wood from coffee tables, picnic tables, or desks. These projects are also elementary to do.

You can refer to some unique carpentry ideas in this video.

Setting Up A Woodworking Blog

Think about passive sources of money. They will bring more profit than you think. While it will take some time and effort to generate ideas and engage readers, the results are well worth it.

A quality blog can be your free promotion channel. A few suggestions on making money include selling digital products, displaying ads, or posting courses.

Starting A Woodworking Channel

Establishing a Youtube channel is similar to blogging but in the form of videos. You can make money through the advertising revenue generated by people watching your videos.

4. Teaching-carpentry-skills

Teaching carpentry skills

Teaching Others To Do Carpentry

If you have a lot of experience, teach it to others. You can train individually or in bulk classes. Depending on skills and services, you can get different amounts.

Remaking Second-Hand Wooden Furniture

The ultimate way to make money from woodworking is to repair and flip old furniture.

Many people will sell wooden items for cheap because they want to move them. Usually, they will have some damage and scratches, but not too much.

You can buy items like this and transform them. Repairs and refurbishments with a professional carpenter are straightforward. You can even combine your creativity to create unique works that attract customers.

Ways To Sell Your Carpentry Projects

You need to find a way to market and sell your product. Today’s market is highly open, and there are many ways to reach potential customers.

Let’s discuss some of the sales and marketing methods available in this section.

Promoting Your Brand

Promotion and marketing are the most effective way to increase your popularity and help potential customers get to know you.

Online platforms and social networks create accessible playgrounds to promote products. The trick is to join relevant groups or niches with the same topic.

To increase the appeal of the product, you need to refine the image. Quality photos or lookbooks will highlight the beauty of your crafts and show your professionalism.

Consider investing in a good camera, a lightbox, and different photo backgrounds for multiple products. Don’t forget to edit the image before posting.

5. Flea-markets

Flea markets

Selling Locally

Start selling your craft projects locally. You can advertise your products on Facebook, Craigslist, or other social networking sites to let more people know about you.

Weekend fairs or flea markets are also attractive selling places. It attracts a lot of people. You can do pretty little things to get attention.

Don’t forget to ask your friends to spread the word to those around you.

Selling Online

Selling online is also a great way to start a carpentry business. Usually, you should choose a reputable e-commerce platform to reduce problems related to delivery, warehousing, or fees.

Etsy is the largest online craft marketplace, and you can get leads here.

To boost sales, you can also run ads and offer periodic promotions.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you an overview of how to make good money woodworking. Once you have a talent and passion for carpentry, please don’t waste it. Take action and turn it into a source of income for yourself.

Don’t forget to share the article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading!

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