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How to Make a Hidden Door

It is good to know that secret rooms need doors. You will not be able to conceal the entrance into your secret room if there is no hidden door. You can agree with me that indeed the door is the most important part. If you have been looking for an easy process to build a hidden door, then you are in the right place. This article will make your dream come true.

how to build a hidden door

How to Build a Hidden Door

Cut List

In this section, we will take a look at some of the tools and materials you will require in this project.

  • 6 baseboards.
  • 4 rails and center stile.
  • 8 side stiles.

Are you going to build this project in an existing doorway? In that case, you should consider dealing with any door stops. The main essence of doing this is to allow the door to swing in both directions. It is advisable to score along with each stop if you want to remove stops on a site built jamb. You can do this using a knife and pry bar.

You might be aware that it is quite hard to remove the factory made jambs. You should make sure that all gaps and cracks have been filled. Before beginning the project, it is advisable to sand the jamb smoothly.

how to make a hidden door 0

Install the pin hardware

After removing the door stops, you should trace the pin socket on the head jamb. Kindly remember to make these adjustments to the hardware instructions. The main reason why you are advised to insert it an extra ½ inch is to keep the door rails from binding. Don’t forget to keep it only half the thickness of your door. Many people prefer using bit. A reliable bit will help you drill the overlapping holes.

how to make a hidden door 1

Attach the spring

In this part, you are required to trace an outline for the spring hardware. In most cases, this is done on the bottom corner of the door. To cut out a notch, you can go ahead and use a jigsaw. From there, you should screw the hardware in place. The best way to drop the plumb bob is from the socket. After it has reached the socket, you can mark the door.

The door should be positioned whereby the pin slips into the socket. You can also center the spring hardware on the market. The level is used to check for plumb. Using one inch wood screws, you can screw the spring hardware to the floor.

how to make a hidden door 2

Install the Corner Baseboards

This is where you are supposed to measure the adjacent baseboard to the edge of the door. Remember to cute the piece of baseboard to your specifications. You should end up making a 45 degree miter cut. This should always be along the end covering the wide gap. After making the cut, you should apply the glue to the back of the piece.

how to make a hidden door 3

Mark the Baseboard for the Hardware

In this step, you should measure between two installed pieces of the baseboard. If you have a miter saw, you can go on and use it. The piece should be cut across the bottom of the door. There should always be straight cut at each end. The role of the spring hardware is to stand proud of the door. It is important to note that you will be required to make a recess in the back of the board. As you hold the baseboard in place, you should tap it with a hammer. You will end up creating an attractive impression on the back.

how to make a hidden door 4

Fasten the Baseboard

It is advisable to accurately trace the outline for the recess. And now that you have properly cut your baseboard, you should clamp it on your work surface. The best way to go about it is by setting the depth to ¼ inch while at the same time outlining for the cress. From there, you can rout out the waste material inside it. As you fit the baseboard against the door, kindly make sure that it perfectly fit flat against the door. Typically, the top edge of the door should be aligned correctly with its neighbors.

how to make a hidden door 5

Cut the Slide Stiles

You must notch the base cap molding on the adjacent walls if you really want the side stiles to be against the baseboard. The best tools to use in this situation are sharp chisel and an oscillating multi tool. The multi tool should preferably be fitted with a flush cutting blade. Additionally, the scrap should be held against the door wall. After this, you should measure from the top edge of your baseboard. This should be done up to the ceilings. Finally, the stiles should be cut to the required and accurate length.

how to make a hidden door 6

Scribe the Stiles

The head jamb should be marked where one side cross it. This should be done in a unique way such that it conceals the gap. In turn, this will allow the door to swing freely. This is the step whereby the stiles dies into the abutting wall. That is the reason you are required to scribe it in order to fit. On the other hand, the board should be wider than necessary. It would also be better if you plumb it against the wall.

Furthermore, you should place the legs of a compass to the scribe. Using a sharp jigsaw, you can go ahead and cut the line. This will create a contour and width in only one go.

how to make a hidden door 7

Mark the Rails

A level is said to be the best tool to trace the pattern. This design is usually done for a center stile. It is accompanied by cross rails. You should have a 45 degree into the edge. Finally, remember to mark the stiles the same way.

how to make a hidden door 8

Rout the Edge

Place the stile you have already marked to the work surface. It should be placed facing down. The edge flush should be on the table edge. Additionally, you should place the router with 45 degrees bit. Also, remember to adjust the bit stops instead of cutting through the face of the stile. Each set of marks should feature a chamfered notch. The second stile should be done in the same way.

how to make a hidden door 9

Clean the Cuts

The notches should be cleaned with a one inch wood chisel. All the materials that the router can’t reach should be removed with a long chisel. What can you use to finish the notches? It is advisable to use a wood file.

how to make a hidden door 10

Attach the Side Stiles

Along the edge, you should run a bead of wood glue. From there, you should press the stile into place. If this is done the right way, you will end up concealing the gap at the jamb perfectly. After you have tack it down, you should install the opposite stile. Immediately after holding the center stile board alongside a side stile, you should measure the space between.

how to make a hidden door 11

Add the Rails

The furring strips are cut to fit between the baseboards. They should be aligned along the line for the lower rail. The strips are mostly used to prop up the rails on the door as you work. After the right rail has been glued on the back, you should tack it to the door.

how to make a hidden door 12

Add the Center Stile

The cut stile should always fit between the baseboard and the top of the door. After applying the wood glue to the back side, you should press it onto the door. It will look amazing when you put it against the baseboard.

how to make a hidden door 13

Finish the Door

This is the right time to use the furring strips as spacers. The spacers in this case are used to install the remaining two door rails. The next step should be nailing them in place.

how to make a hidden door 14

Extend the Center Stile

The rail should be accurately cut such that it fits between the side stiles along with the ceiling. Additionally, the uppermost section of the center stile should be measured and cut properly. It should be done such that it allows just enough clearance for the door to open.

how to make a hidden door 15

Scribe the Rail

This is the last step whereby you are required to cut and install the upper right hand rail. It is advisable to start by cutting the rail a little long. The corner should overlap the diagonal board.

how to make a hidden door 16

Final Thoughts

And now that we have clearly defined the due process of making a hidden door, you should rest assured that your secret room will be secure. You will never regret if you follow this clear process without skipping any part. As you can see, it is an easy process that is fun to follow. We hope that you will find this article helpful in the future. If you have any question concerning How to Make Hidden Door, don’t hesitate to ask our team. Thanks!

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