How to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

The outlook of your house is as important as what it looks like on the inside.

Caring about how your house looks to the beholders is no trivial matter.

You cannot deny the welcoming and spirits-lifting powers of a neighborhood populated with clean, gorgeous Stepford-like houses or buildings.

You owe it to your neighbors and community as much as you owe it to yourself to put some extra efforts towards beautifying the outside of your house.

No matter the size of your house, whether it is a mansion or a tiny house, there are some rules to follow to ensure a lovely home exterior.

How to Maintain Your Home's Exterior


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Clean your rooftop and pipes

It is strongly advised to be self-sufficient and do handiwork and gardening chores around your home. That being said, some tasks are better left to the pros. Challenging issues like cleaning acid rain stains off of rooftops and clearing clogged pipes need special cleaning material to deal with.

That is the case, if you especially live in damp regions like Vancouver, Canada, where, according to local home cleaning specialists at North Shore Home Services, wet areas with a rainy climate need special treatment when it comes to gutter cleaning, since the backlog of water into your grime-filled pipes can dampen the walls of your house creating an encouraging environment for moss to grow and multiply.

So, whether for safety concerns or for the sake of efficiency, it is much more sensible that you seek the help of professional cleaners to clean your rooftop and maintain your piping system. These service providers will have special tools and thorough techniques that will surely prove effective in maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

Pressure wash your home

If you are up to the task and do not have a crippling fear of heights, take on the task of washing down your home exterior with a pressure hose and a sponge. Do your research and invest in a good quality hose that is the right length for the job at hand.

Consult experts first before making any attempts and watch online videos to understand when and how to do it, since unstudied pressure washing could cause much damage to your house.

You need to make sure that you do not have any cracks or holes on the outside to avoid the risk of water overflow into your home. Identify the right pressure hose that works with your building’s exterior material.

Some hoses give very high pressured water to clean brick walls, while other less forceful ones are more appropriate for wood and less dense surfaces.

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Wipe clean your windows

As per experts in the cleaning services field, hand-cleaning windows will always give the best results and is the only way to guarantee that sought-after spotless shine.

However, with some out of reach windows, hand-cleaning will not be feasible. You will need the help of special equipment or you can hire a professional to do the job once a month or after a rough season with temperamental weather.

In all cases, it is advised to use special detergents that are dust and grime resistant to maintain your window cleanliness for as long as possible. If you live in areas where snow is common during winter, you will need some extra frost-scraping tools to keep handy and use when it’s cleaning time.

Give your building a fresh paint

Nothing screams clean like a fresh coat of paint. Of course you will not need to carry out this step as often as the above ones, but every now and then, you should hire a professional or take it upon yourself to give your house a repaint.

You can go for a different color to give your house a makeover; however, it should be in tune with surrounding houses so as to stay in sync with the overall ambiance of your neighborhood. Painting your whole house will not be cheap, so make sure you patch-test new colors or textured-paints before going all the way.

Graze and upkeep your garden

The state of your garden will greatly affect the overall look of your house’s exterior. There is nothing more discouraging than wispy, yellow, savannah-like bushes on your front lawn. Research what it takes to have a green luscious garden all year long.

From learning how to remove weeds, when to water and how to fertilize your grass, gardening can be an overwhelming, nonetheless, inevitable, chore, yet, you can make a hobby out of it and consider it your quality time to revel in the soothing effects of being surrounded by nature.

Once you observe the physical and the emotional outcome of your gardening work, sticking to this task will get much easier over time.

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Fend off pesky insects and rodents

No matter how hard you work cleaning outside your home, your efforts would be in vain if intruding creatures found their way into it. Just as living amongst nature has an irreplaceable allure, it comes along with the risk of being surrounded with all sorts of bugs and unwelcome animals.

People living in a mountainous setting up are susceptible to regular visits from snakes and reptiles that can sometimes be life-threatening. Others living near forests and huge trees, despite having a gorgeous backdrop, are likely to suffer from a family of raccoons digging into their garbage cans ever so often.

And of course, the most common types of invasions are those of bugs and insects. Unkempt gardens and unclean front yards are more subject to ants and cockroach infestations which can be really hard to get rid of. Avoid getting yourself into this kind of trouble and do daily inspections yourself around your building and then use odor-repellents or eco-friendly traps to keep them away. You should also sign up with an extermination company to put your mind at ease when it comes to harmful insects crawling around your home.

Maintaining a clean home is not easy. If you put a schedule of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, it will be easier to cross off accomplished ones. This will also show you which cleaning task is coming up to make sure you are prepared and have the needed tools and detergents or contacts lined up in place.

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