How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure

Conservatories are a beautiful addition to any house. Many see them as extra room onto your home, and in a way, they definitely enhance the overall impression. If properly designed and decorated, they can really improve the value of your living space.

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure

Their biggest problem is the material used to build one. Most of them are made out of aluminum and glass, which means less privacy and, at the same time, a potential target to many burglars. That’s why it is important to secure it as much as possible.

Everything that is placed inside this room is visible to thieves precisely because it is made out of glass. Unfortunately, according to some research, this space enables crooks to reach your home easily. Taking various precautions might just help you avoid any danger, which is why we will give you some useful ideas that can be of great relevance.

What Can We Do?


How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 2 bi-folding doors

One of the best ways to “welcome” burglars is by leaving your front door open. This is the most common scenario when it comes to stealing. People often forget to close them, which is a huge mistake. Even if it’s for a split second (for instance, you opened them just to bring in the groceries or to let some air in), they will see that opportunity as an open invitation to invade your living space! Usually, people make sure to secure those doors. However, when it comes to conservatory, you can never be too sure.

Furthermore, it is recommended to be extra careful as far as the safety of this place is concerned. For the time being, the best door solution is bi-folding doors. Why them? Well, their multi-point mechanisms allow you to maximize your security.

Another great solution is door chains. They represent additional security for your conservatory because they connect from your door to the door frame, which means that no one will be able to enter that space.

High-quality glass

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 3 High-quality glass

Investing in something of superb quality is never a waste of your money, especially if it means better security. Conservatory glass can often be very thin, which makes things easier for anybody who decides to break in. Even if you didn’t have any experience with burglaries, this surely represents a fantastic security measure, as well as prevention. Having a toughened glass doesn’t mean that entering your conservatory will become a mission impossible, but it will definitely make things harder for any thief.

Having a dog

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 4 Having a dog - Copy

Now, those pet owners who do not feel like dogs should be used as protection should probably skip this part. Still, we mustn’t neglect the fact that some really great breeds can be both cuddly furry babies but also aggressive towards any intruder.

Those that are trained well will be able to sense the arrival of someone who is unwanted, in this case, a thief and will at least scare them off with its bark. Some dogs will probably do just that, bark without attacking a crook. Still, it’s one can assume that most of them will probably avoid entering your conservatory as soon as they spot a large, potentially dangerous pet.

Window beading

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 5 Window beading

One of the things that people tend to forget when it comes to the conservatory is precisely window beading. It is often perceived as an underdog, but it could actually be a perfect security solution to your home conservatory. The experts from explain there are two types of window beadings – internal and external. Before people used more the external one, but in the past few years, the internal beadings have become more popular, and it is a much better option for your windows systems.

The external ones can easily be removed by anyone who decides to enter your home conservatory, which is not the case with the second type. Therefore, many modern conservatories utilize it more often. Those who worry about the appearance of their home after installing it, don’t! The blinds will not compromise the look of your conservatory.

Is There Any Other Solution?

Of course, there is! One of the best things you can do to protect any space is to install an alarm. Today’s market offer various types and these are the most popular ones:

  • Intruder alarms
  • Wireless or wired alarms
  • Bell alarms
  • Monitored alarms

Intruder alarms

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 6 Intruder alarms

No thief wants to mess with this device. Most burglars as soon as they spot one, run away, or think twice when it comes to breaking into your living space. If you decide to purchase one, you can come across the ones with loud sirens, strong sensors, and even the ones that will immediately contact emergency services once activated.

Wireless or wired alarms

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 7 Wireless or wired alarms - Copy

For this one, you’ll be needing the help of an experienced electrician who is going to install it properly and ensure that the wiring is not visible. Since they are battery powered, you won’t be needing a lot of money to maintain them.

Bell alarms

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 8 Bell alarms - Copy

These create extremely loud noise as soon as they spot an intruder. That noise usually lasts around twenty minutes. However, the light will continue to flash from the alarm outside your house.

Monitored alarms

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 9 Monitored alarms

This one is maybe the most complex out of all of them. It is connected to your external security corporation, which supervises any signals that arrive from your alarm. If anything suspicious occurs, a person from this company will contact you, ask you for your password just to make sure that everything is fine.

In case you do not answer your phone, do not give your password or tell them the wrong one, they will instantly call the police.

Make it look like someone is at home

How To Keep Your Home Conservatory Safe and Secure 9.1 Make it look like someone is at home

Thieves usually enter any space when they think that nobody is there. Even when you’re not, make sure to make it look like you are by leaving the lights on. That’s the least you can do.

You Are Never Too Safe!

No matter how peaceful or welcoming your neighborhood might seem, these days, you can never be too sure. It is important to ensure optimum safety in your home conservatory or any other space. If you are not sure which of these suggestions is the best for you, consult with someone. Protecting yourself and home will give you peace of mind.

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