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How to Hang Garland on a Mantle

Do you find it hard hanging garland on a mantle? It’s not rocket science to figure out how to hang garland on a mantle shelves. If you don’t do it right, however, you may be surprised when it falls off when you least expect it, and, even worse, it may wind up in the fireplace. This is why understanding which steps to take is crucial, especially if you want your home to look neat and classy while still giving off a comfortable Christmas vibe.

Nobody wants their house to be a complete disaster. This is why we’ve compiled a checklist of the most crucial steps to attaching your garland while keeping it secure and safe. At the end of this article, you will have known how to hang garland on a brick/cement/stone/wooden mantle. You will never regret reading this article.

How to Hang Garland on a Mantle

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How to Hang Garland on a Mantle

Tolls and Supplies

You will need the following simple tools and supplies to do this project.

  • Garland.
  • Greenery accents such as sprays and leaves.
  • Floral wire.
  • Wire cutter.
  • Mini hooks.

Step 1: Decided What Decorations you are going to Use

The first thing you should do is gather all of your decorations before you start since this will allow you to estimate how thick the garland will be and how much it will weigh. This is critical since the hooks must be capable of holding them. There are numerous options available to you.

Make sure you have everything you need and try to organize it in the order that you will use it. You can also seek genuine evergreen branches if you want to build a garland with a natural look, but we’ll get into that later in this post. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want your garland to look elegant.

Don’t use too many colors. If you want your garland to be green, use two other major colors and play with shades, but the ideal way to proceed is to use no more than three colors, including the garland’s color. Also, natural decorations, such as wood ornaments and pine cones, can be used to create the appearance of a natural garland.

Even if you think you need more, keep in mind that the space helps the decorations shine out. Make an effort to use light. If you want to make a garland cozier, use artificial light or candles. If you do decide to use candles, ensure there is nothing nearby that might readily catch fire.

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Step 2: Remove Everything from the Mantle

You must inspect the mantle after you have acquired all of the decorations. First and foremost, remove everything from it and carefully clean it. Some individuals like to keep their Christmas decorations for up to 30 days. So make sure you clear up all the dust to keep your home clean.

To keep everything clean, use a dry towel to wipe away the dust. However, you must avoid using cleaning solutions because you will subsequently need to use rubbing alcohol, which will not work well on some cleaning products.

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Step 3: Determine the Length of Garland you are going to Use

Measure the length of the mantle before you do anything else. This is vital because you’ll need a garland that’s long enough to cover the entire length of the mantle or perhaps encircle it, depending on the design you’re going for.

If you neglect this stage, you might be surprised to discover that you’ve missed even a foot of length, which will wreck the entire design. It will also allow you to add length to the garland or, if your garland does not allow you to do so, you can add decorations to make it appear longer if you do it before connecting it to the mantle.

If your garland isn’t long enough, you can extend it by adding genuine evergreen branches to both ends. However, you should use flower wire that matches the garland’s color to hook them very tightly.

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Step 4: Attach the Hooks to the Mantle While Trying to Avoid Damage

When it comes to hooks, it’s important to consider how thick your garland will be and how heavy your decorations will be. Many individuals opt for plastic hooks with an adhesive on the back to which they connect the garlands in order to be able to remove them when the Christmas decorations are no longer needed.

Even though this appears to be a highly practical method, you must be very careful about the glue you use because if the adhesive does not come off readily, you risk ruining your mantle. Others fix permanent metal hooks to their mantle in order to support a heavier load. They also choose to decorate them with Christmas socks.

If you prefer a more straightforward alternative, such as adhesive plastic hooks, you should first clean the mantle with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil and allow the adhesive to adhere to the mantle completely. Most of these hooks can take up to 5 pounds, but your garland will be heavier if you use many hooks.

What if you don’t want the hooks to show? Use clear plastic hooks or hooks that are the same color as the garland. In case the garland is very heavy, the hooks should be attached to the top of the mantle rather than the side. This will lighten the load on the hooks.

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Step 5: Use multiple Garlands 

This ensures that they look like a single thick garland. The majority of people dislike a garland that is too thin because it lacks coziness. As a result, you’ll need to utilize additional garlands, which when combined will provide the illusion of a thick one. Additionally, as previously said in this post, you have the option of including actual evergreen branches, which will create a stunning impression. To make a garland look rich, wire together at least five garlands that appear like one but don’t go overboard or the garland will become too heavy.

How to Hang Garland on a Mantle 3 How to Hang Garland on a Mantle

Step 6: Secure the Garland to the Hooks

If you wish to add Christmas socks, do it before adding the garland for a neater appearance. You should also make the socks’ hangers longer or shorter depending on the thickness of the garland. You’ll need floral wire to hang it, which you’ll wrap around the garland and then attach to the hooks. Everything will be more secure in this manner, and you will be able to relax knowing that your garland will not fall off in front of your guests.

The best approach is to have a thick garland with the majority of the weight on the horizontal part of the mantle, with a thin section covering the mantle’s edge and coming down a bit. You’ll avoid hooks that slip off this way.

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Step 7: Add the Finishing Decorative Touches

The arrangement of the decorations is crucial. First and foremost, you must attach the lights because if you do it the other way, all of the lights’ cables will be visible, which is something you do not want. In order for the lights to give off an elegant and warm atmosphere, the cables should be hidden behind the garland branches.

After that, you can begin with the pine cones and other natural decorations you’ve gathered and then add stars or other Christmas decorations to your heart’s content. Remember not to over-decorate the garland with heavy decorations. Keeping things simple is very important in this project. If you want to use fake snow, do so in the end, once everything is in place. You should avoid using it if you think it will make it look too overwhelming.

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How Long Should Garland be on the Mantle?

For vertical proportion, the end tails of the garland should hang no more than 1/3 the height of the floor to the mantel. Keep your garland’s color palette basic, but change the texture to keep things intriguing yet coherent. Place one Small Wire Hook on each end of the garland and one in the center of the mantle on top to hang it with swag. It is less difficult to hook the garland and you will definitely like the process.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a fantastic time to feel at ease and calm as if you are at home. If you have a mantle, you should definitely place a garland on it to amplify that feeling. The most important thing to remember is to keep your garland tight because if you don’t, it will come off, which is the last thing you want to happen.

If you follow all of the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to avoid this situation and relive the excitement you felt as a youngster while you awaited Santa Claus. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. You can leave a message or suggestion in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share if you found this article helpful. Till next time. Thanks!

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