How To Clear Your Waste With A Skip Bin

As the new year has just begun, your place might be due for some cleaning and decluttering. And if you’re one of the many who are considering overhauling their space, then you’re likely to be in need of a skip bin.

How To Clear Your Waste With A Skip Bin

Some people can fit all the garbage they’ve amassed in a convenient wheelie bin, but larger amounts and sizes of waste could use a sturdier bin. This is where you can look for a skip bin hire to help you out. Once you have the right skip bin, all you have to do is to fill it up.

Do I Need A Skip Bin?

First, you need to understand how skip bins work and what sort of trash goes into it. After you book your skip bin service, you just wait for the agreed time period and the bin should be delivered to you then. You can now fill the bin with what you want to get rid of. Then, the service will collect the bin at the end of the booking period.

Typically, skip bins are the most helpful when you have a construction project going on. Renovations and big projects can result in a lot of sharp and heavy rubbish. Skip bins can handle aluminum, metal, tiles, bricks, steel, cement, glass, and more.

Gardening work can also make use of skip bins. When you cut tall grass or decide to prune some overgrown trees, you’ll need a big bin to hold grass clippings and branches. Landscaping projects can also benefit from this when you need to clear tree stumps and paving stones.

Another common problem is getting rid of old furniture. Ratty couches and broken tables can be easily moved with skip bins. You might want to add unused toys, boxes, and other general waste along with them, too.

Lastly, unusable electrical goods are difficult to dispose of since they require a lot of care when doing so. Skip bins are a good solution for this; they can hold broken TVs, computers, and stereos.

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Skip Bin Don’ts

While skip bins are very hardy, there are still some materials that should not go in them. Keep in mind that there will be staff who will be emptying the bin so this means no dangerous substances like chemicals, paint, batteries, medical waste, and foodstuff.

You can also ask the skip bin company about the list of items that you are allowed to throw in their skip bins or inform them beforehand what you plan to dispose of. You can make the process easier by categorizing your waste early on and see whether it can be in the guidelines.

Choosing a Skip Bin Service

Other than providing the bit itself, skip bin companies provide other types of services that can be unique to their service. They can offer insurance and money-back guarantees but this may also increase the rate of bin rental. Another factor that increases the price is whether you’ll be having the bin delivered to a more commercial area.

What’s important is that the company knows what they’re doing. Check first if they have the qualifications, such as any authorization, safety training, and their recycling policy. It’s better to use a service that has environment-friendly practices because you don’t want your waste to end up contributing to pollution.

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Types and Sizes of Skips

To accommodate the various uses for skip bins, companies make them in many sizes. There are also skip bins with a specific function so ask your skip bin service which one they have is the best fit for you.

1. Mini Skip

The size of mini skip bins range from 2m to 4m. These are good for general decluttering of your home or backyard. The 2m size is the smallest which is the equivalent of around 8 wheelie bins. If you need more space, a 3m skip can hold about 12 wheelie bins’ worth the next size of 4m can hold up to 16 wheelie bins.

2. Rubbish Skip

Rubbish skip bins are around 4m to 6m in size. They are perfect for the removal of green waste, unwanted electronic appliances, and old furniture. You can also use it for large amounts of general waste. The 6m one, in particular, fits best for construction projects.

The Right Way to Fill Skip Bins

A good plan would be to start with flat items, then place heavier materials second, and end with the lighter ones on top. This allows them to fit into the bin without creating an unbalanced pile of trash. Not only does this make it safer for everyone involved, but this can also make the disposal process easier. You get your money’s worth since, without proper stacking, you’ll end up looking for a bigger, and pricier, skip bin.

More Tips

As you proceed with using your skip bin, make sure to fully utilize them by packing as much as you can without overfilling it. It’s important to keep track of the level of trash a skip bin has because skip bin companies have contracts stipulated with the allowable amount they can collect. If these are not followed, the company can get fined.

Avoid leaving air pockets by inserting other waste into hollow objects. You can create more room, in case you end up with more trash than you expected. Try disassembling furniture and other items as well so nothing’s sticking out and taking up unnecessary room.

You also need to take note of weight restrictions. This is why skip bin companies provide many types of skip bins. Do your homework and get a good estimate of how heavy your rubbish might get.

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Skip bins are here to make your life easier while letting you pursue big projects without the pesky waste. Nonetheless, you need to do your part by being efficient in filling them up and not to include hazardous waste, unless the skip bin company you hired can handle them. This makes the whole skip bin delivery and collection more stress-free for the company and you as well.

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