How to Choose the Right Recliner For you

You’ve decided to purchase a recliner as a treat for yourself. Congratulations on making one of your best decisions. Did you know that a recliner can not only help you relax, it also has several health benefits? Using a recliner can help improve your circulation and provide more room for your lungs and diaphragm to work. A recliner can also reduce pressure on your spine.

It was discovered that sitting at a 135-degree angle, rather than the typical 90-degree angle that most chairs encourage us to sit at, is the best biomechanical position for our spines. Sitting in an unnatural position for our spines, as we tend to do every day, can lead to chronic pain and deformity. It’s no wonder that back pain is one of the leading causes of work-related disability in America.

Taking this all into consideration, perhaps it’s no surprise that the recliner is once again increasing in popularity. After all, who wouldn’t want to improve their health whilst sitting down and relaxing? However, you just can’t select any recliner and hope it will benefit your health. There are several things you first need to consider.

How to Choose the Right Recliner For you

Finding the Right Space for Your Recliner

A recliner is not like the average chair because it has movement, which is usually powered by electricity. When an individual sits in a recliner chair, they can recline back. Upon doing this, the chair’s backrest lowers and, if the chair has a footrest, the footrest will extend, raising itself to allow the user to rest their feet on it. As the chair elongates when reclined, it is important to ensure it has the necessary room to be allowed to perform this function.

You will need to consider that most recliners will require easy access to a PowerPoint. Furthermore, you should also consider how much space the room it will be in will have after the recliner is placed there to ensure there is enough room for other people and furniture. As the experts at know, recliners that come as average one-size-fits-all chairs do not suit everyone. The person who is outside of average, whether it be because of their height or weight is unique and should be treated as such. Therefore taking the appropriate measurements will avoid any hassle later.

The four main measurements are:

  1. Seat Depth
  2. Seat Height
  3. Seat Width
  4. Footrest Position

You get these measurements right, then you are guaranteed comfort and good posture every time you sit and recline in your chair.

How to Choose the Right Recliner For you 2

Just a Recliner?

Aside from reclining, you may need to consider the needs for whom the chair is intended. For example, is the chair predominantly for someone with mobility issues and thus finds it difficult to get in and out of a chair? If so, then maybe you should consider a rise and recline chair. These provide the same reclining actions as a recliner chair but, besides, they also assist the individual by raising the seat base and tilting it forward. This allows the user to get into a standing position much more easily. Rise and recline chairs are ideal for individuals not only with restricted mobility but also degenerative conditions.

If you’re interested in a rise and recline chair, then you may want to consider whether you want a chair with one or two motors, also known as a multimotor. One motor operates both the reclining and rising aspect of the chair together, using only two buttons. Multimotor chairs allow for independent operation of the reclining and rising aspects of the chair. This means you have better adjustment choices.

However, ease of use may be an important part of your reasons for purchasing a rise and recline chair. In consideration of this, it’s important to remember that multimotor rise and recline chairs will often come with more buttons, which may not be ideal if the chair user has mental health problems, like dementia.

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What Features are Important to You?

Many options will leave you spoiled for choice, although you may already have an idea of the extra features you want to add to your recliner. To avoid unnecessary expenditure on adding extras that you may have no significant need for, we would suggest thinking about what you would typically do whilst relaxing in your recliner. For instance,

  • If you’re on your phone or laptop most evenings it may be an idea to get a built-in USB charger and laptop tray
  • If you like to keep warm, consider getting one that heats up.
  • If you tend to have a drink by your side, maybe request a cup holder to avoid having to place your drink on the floor.
  • Do you require storage, for any game controllers or headsets, for instance? If so, then you may want a recliner with this option included.
  • If you want to take relaxation to the next level, then you may even want to consider a built-in massager in your recliner.

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Or is the material more important than these optional extras? Perhaps you require a durable and washable material to withstand any mess that children or pets, like a cat or dog, would inevitably cause. Or would you prefer a leather recliner or a patterned one to match your existing furniture? The choice is yours as there is enough variety to choose from. As a recliner is an investment, it makes sense to seriously think about your needs. Additionally, not scrimping on quality will make this a worthwhile investment.

Remember: you quite rightly want to be able to relax at the end of the day. Your recliner will be the chair for you to do that in, whether it’s to relax, game or nap in. If you live with other people, the chances are they will use your recliner too. Undoubtedly it is a piece of furniture that will have considerable daily use, so it makes sense to purchase a recliner that will provide comfort for many years to come. It also makes sense to opt for added extras that will also enhance this experience.

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