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Heating systems – Is Storage or Panel Best?

Let’s begin with the question of which one is which?

A storage heating system works with brick or ceramics. Typically used as storage for heat, usually collected at night, whenever electricity is generally more affordable. A panel heater is essentially comprised of oil though relies on electricity to create high temperatures instantaneously. The fact that they are full of oil allows them to retain their heat even whenever they are switched off.

To explain further;

Storage Heatingstorage heating

The true effectiveness for storage heaters comes into play whenever you are on an Economy 7 heating scheme, using electricity at a cheaper rate over seven hrs through the night. The heaters make use of this time to recharge, effectively storing the heat which can then be slowly and gradually emitted through the day.

Storage heating could be a great means of home heating if you happen to be there, but a total waste of energy if you aren’t.

A very specific benefit of storage heaters is their slow-release heat but a few of the downsides are:

  • They are also slow to heat
  • Control/management of heat isn’t as good
  • They generally come at a higher price
  • They can be heavier and take a lot more effort to put in
  • May be more cumbersome

A number of storage home heating solutions have an internal fan. This gives a lot more control with the temperature but, unfortunately, it also means that the level of heat loss can be greater.

Types of Storage Heaters:

  • Eight brick fixed heaters
  • Twelve Brick fixed storage home heating
  • Automated static storage heating unit

Panel Heating

panel heating

Panel heating units are particularly valuable due to the fact that the heat is provided at any time, day or night because these systems will help keep heating even if turned off. They won’t retain heat just as well as storage heating units but they are definitely more effective than normal electric heaters. In short, you’ll pay extra for your use but you’ll only pay when heat is turned on.

The Benefits
  • They heat fast
  • Electricity is used only when the heating unit on.
  • Temperature regulation is far superior
  • They’re light-weight and easily installed
The Downsides
  • They lose heat much faster
  • You could incur extra costs

Combination Storage/Convection Heating


To get the best of both worlds you should consider storage home heating with built-in convection. This unit operates by storing heating at night-time at the less expensive rates and then boosting the heat during the day when you need it.

Combination Heating Benefits
  • Loss of heat is slow and gradual
  • It may be cheaper
  • Much more control over temperature
Combination Heating Downsides
  • Typically the boost from the convection is less efficient compared to panel heating
  • Generally of a higher price
  • They tend to generally be quite hefty, and call for a certain amount of extra work to install
  • They weigh more

Home heating in a nutshell

The heating systems discussed have some overall benefits when compared to a gas or oil boiler heating systems.

  • There isn’t any chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is actually a concern for many families.
  • You’ll never again run into the issue of not having enough gas or oil, a worry for some – particularly the elderly.

So, which to buy? How do you decide?

Essentially, it all boils down to your lifestyle. People who spend the majority of their day in the home and need that extra bit of heat might get more benefits from storage heating. For those, though, who don’t need just their home heated quite as much but want heat the minute they come through the door, or even those working off a tighter budget, then panel heating might be the right choice for you.

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