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5 Best Green Energy To Choose From

best green energy

Green energy is a renewable energy that is produced from natural sources such as the sun and does not produce harmful side effects to the Earth’s atmosphere and also the surface. Wind, water, and the sun have been used to operate machinery, heat water, and generate for a long time now. However, technology has recently expanded on the types, designs, and uses of alternative sources of energy. Greener alternatives have proven to minimize harmful side effects.

Unlike green energy, fossil fuels are a finite resource that takes millions of years to develop and may however diminish with time. To have access to fossil fuels, one is required to do mining or drilling deep into the Earth’s surface which will typically lead to dislodging of the soil and ugly scars on the planet.

Research has shown that fossil fuels, oil, coal, and other resources used to generate power, produce harmful pollutants that pollute water, air, and even the ground. This will negatively affect the species that inhabit the planet. In contrast, green energy utilizes energy sources that are readily available all over the world even in rural and remote areas.

Green energy can replace the use of fossil fuels in generating electricity, home appliances, heating water, and even fuel for motor vehicles. The cost for solar panels, wind turbines, and other sources of green energy has lowered due to the advancement of renewable energy technologies.

This has led to the nations depending on these technologies to produce electricity rather than oil, gas, and coal. Green energy is freely available, natural, and renewable. It is also an ideal sustainability initiative to reduce over-dependency on fossil fuels.

This energy is environmentally friendly since it has lesser impacts on the environment as compared to fossil fuels, and it reduces carbon footprint. In this article, we will major in different types of green energy.

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5 Best Green Energy

1. Solar power

Solar power is usually using photovoltaic cells which tap the electrons contained in the sun’s light rays and convert them into electricity. Solar power is the most used type of green energy and also the most popular sustainability initiative. Solar power became a viable alternative for other purposes since 1973 other than heating water. It is used to provide natural lighting and cooking as well as to heat buildings and water.

Solar power can also be used to energize anything from a hand-held gadget to a whole village. The amount of solar power that reaches the Earth’s surface in about one hour is usually more than the planet’s total energy requirements for a whole year. Solar energy usage varies according to the time of the day and geographical location as well as the season of the year.

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It relies on the abundance of the sun. Solar energy produced from the sun can be used in industrial conditions by individuals and factories as well as in rural and urban areas. The energy has successfully been used by many in recent years despite having some problems. The panels used are large and take a lot of space. The process of creating the materials for solar panels is also quite expensive. Despite these challenges, many people already adapted its usage.

2. Wind power

Nowadays the sight of wind farms is not uncommon. Wind farms capture the strength in the wind flow and channels it to generators that produce electricity. Wind farms are privately owned, and the electricity generated there is sold to the public utility companies. There are several forms of systems used in converting wind energy; Commercial grade wind-powered generating systems, Single-wind turbines, and Utility-scale wind farms.

The wind is caused by the rotation of the Earth, the geography of the planet as well as the temperature differences. Wind energy does not pollute the air like other forms of energy, and it is often referred to as clean energy. It does not release any harmful pollutants that can cause environmental degradation or cause negative effects on human health. Wind energy technology creates job opportunities and training because the turbines on the farms need to be maintained and serviced for them to keep running.

Although wind turbines produce very little pollution, some cities oppose them claiming that they dominate skylines and generate some noise. This is the reason why wind farms are built in rural and remote areas far from bustling cities. Wind power generators should be placed in high altitude and high wind velocity locations. Wind farms are the most efficient source of green energy as they require less refining and processing than the production of solar power.

3. Hydropower

This type of green energy is generated by water. Hydropower is accounting for about 70% of our renewable energy production making it the largest producer of green energy. Hydropower uses strong water currents to push through a penstock that is installed underwater to produce electricity. There should be high precipitation levels to produce significant amounts of energy. Hydropower can be generated using both large-scale projects such as the hoover dam. It is environmentally friendly.

4. Geothermal

Geothermal is a natural heat that is trapped below the Earth’s crust which originates from the radioactive decay of minerals and the original formation of the Earth. It occurs in the form of steam or hot water that powers generators to create pressure which in turn rotates the turbines. A high-heat underground spot must be identified to use geothermal. It vulnerable to earthquakes in some regions, and is also costly to build the infrastructure.

However, geothermal has a significant potential for energy supply. It leaves very few footprints on the land since it is built underground. Geothermal does not run out on a human timescale. Geothermal has been used for bathing in hot springs for many years. The energy that is stored in the United States alone is more than enough to produce ten times as much power as coal can produce. It will always replenish.

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5. Biomass

Biomass is the conversion of organic material from animal manure, waste wood and fragments, leftover sugar, and anything else that can be combusted into electricity. The biomass is burned, and the chemical energy released in the form of heat can be used to generate electricity with a steam turbine. Some forms of biomass produce higher carbon emissions than fossil fuels and may not meet the current requirements. This does not stop the energy from being used since there are some forms of biomass energy that are low in carbon products such as sawdust and chips from sawmills.

Biomass is a sustainability initiative and a good source of energy produced from disposable waste products. The organic materials used can also be transformed into fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol. About 2.7% of the world’s fuel for transport has been supplied since 2010.

Final Thoughts

Green energy is important to the environment as it replaces the negatives effects of fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly sources. Green energy is renewable and clean. Green energy sources are produced locally and are not affected by price spikes, geopolitical crises, or supply disruptions. It has created many job opportunities benefiting the community.

Additionally, Green energy can replace fossil fuels in the future. These energy sources are not only friendly to the environment but are also economically viable as developments continue. By developing a variety of green energy alternatives, we are guaranteed to create a totally sustainable future for the energy provision without causing any harm to the planet. The use of fossil fuels needs to become a thing of the past as they do not meet the requirements of conserving a clean environment. Hopefully, you will find this article on the best green energy educative. You can ask any question about the above article and we will get back to you. Till next time.

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