Features to Make Your Property Stand Out

The best thing about owning a home is that you get to design it however you like. Whether it’s the interior or exterior parts of your house, you can spruce it up and make it look stunning. When you design your home properly, it will increase its value significantly, and that makes it easier to sell or more comfortable to live in.

Features to Make Your Property Stand Out

Learning more about some of the creative and wonderful designs that you can use can make your home stand out. Read on to familiarize yourself with the features that you can add to your property to make it look unique.

Beautiful Walkway with Lighting

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Your house needs a welcoming walkway with a beautiful path for your visitors to get to your front door. Frame your concrete path with a nice straight line or semi-curved path, helping people see the beautiful green grass you have around the front yard. A beautiful walkway is an excellent way to increase your curb appeal, making it an excellent addition that will please every visitor or passerby in the neighborhood.

Along the path, add lighting features next to the concrete walkway, guiding people to your front door when it’s dark at night. Keep the pathway lighting evenly spaced on both sides, ensuring that every step is well-lit for your visitors. You can choose between a rustic or modern look for your lighting, and have downlights or lamps for each step.

Transforming Your Deck

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Another part of your home that may need work is your deck. If you don’t have one, then it’s recommended that you build one! It will increase your home’s value and make it look unique. Using durable and high-quality materials is recommended, as that will make it last longer and be more protected from weather changes. Virginia has its fair share of weather changes, and your deck might warp during those cold winter days.

The remodelers and home improvement specialists at suggests that Trex decking is an optimal choice for resisting heat, cold, and warping. This is an excellent choice to keep your deck perfectly safe and secure all year. Design your deck to have enough space for a dinner table and some beautiful seating options on the side. Add in a professionally built shade structure for shade and comfort. Having a nice time with your family by doing activities on your deck is the dream of every homeowner.

The Stairway of Your Dreams 

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Redesigning your stairway is a great way to make your home stand out. You have several ideas to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. Consider having a Jacobean dark wood design for the stairs, implementing dark wood railings, and modern designs for metal balusters. Add different shapes and artistic elements to the balusters for a better look.

The pairing of wood and metal is an excellent choice for aesthetics and style. You can go for a classic look with strong golden pecan wood for the stairs, having wooden railways and straight Tuscan metal balusters. Depending on the size of your home and the position of the stairs, you can go for a curved staircase or at least a curved landing spot. It makes it look better and much more inviting.

Double-Up Your Kitchen

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Deciding to double-up your kitchen is an excellent move, especially if you want to increase your home’s resale value. Implementing this idea will give you a two-story kitchen, maximizing the space tremendously. A modern kitchen design will look great, adding the black and silver design to both floors. You can create a nice curved oak bar, forming a wonderful masterpiece with smooth and luxurious elements.

Matching your seating options with the black and silver color will be great for the entire project. The smooth and beautiful idea of doubling-up your kitchen will need a stunning countertop. You can choose between marble, natural quartzite, granite, or quartz. A new look for your countertop will liven up the kitchen, complementing all the other changes.

A Bathroom Fit for Royalty

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You can transform your bathroom to make it look luxurious and feel so comfortable. Consider having heated floors, allowing you to feel the warmth of comfort instead of cold and uncomfortable tiles. You can add seating options to give you the luxury of pampering yourself with ease. Use a ceramic stool, moisture-resistant armchair, tufted ottoman, or even a bamboo bench.

The choice depends on the color and design of your bathroom. You can have small wooden stools for plants in the corner. Also, consider changing your pipes, faucets, and showerheads, to create a lavish look of brass and copper. These little additions will definitely make your home stand out.

Open Living Room

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Having an open living area is a great way to get more natural lighting. Consider replacing a part of the living room’s wall with a large laminated or silicate glass wall, giving you a beautiful view and more sunlight. It’s a great idea if the view overlooks something special. Make sure you choose the right side to get the best view around your house.

If replacing your furniture isn’t an option, then buying furniture covers for extra protection from the sun will be wise. These covers can have different colors and patterns as well, helping your living room have a different layout and feel to it.

Above-Ground Pool

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Investing in an above-ground pool in your backyard is a perfect way for you to spend your days in the summer. Above-ground pools are cheaper than traditional ones, making them the easiest and most comfortable choice. These types of pools are easy to assemble and store, making it an excellent feature to enjoy with your newly renovated home.

You have numerous designs to choose from. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to designs because it’s about your preferences. It’s your home, and you can decorate, renovate, and design it however you like. Consider your choice of interior designers and contractors carefully. Interview each one and hire the people that you feel are capable of bringing your vision to life. Research multiple ideas and choose the one you like best, transforming your home into the beautiful abode of your dreams.

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