Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

Are you a parent? If yes, then you understand keeping your baby safe is a priority. If you are a new parent, then there are tips which you should learn from experts.

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

It is not an easy undertaking. We can attest, and no one is perfect, but at least through these tips, you can figure out something. Below are four of the expert tips that can keep your baby safe.

Never Leave Your Baby Alone Near Water

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 2 Never Leave Your Baby Alone Near Water

To enable your baby to stay safe and away from dangers, do not leave them near water sources or open water containers. A small amount of water can make babies drown, especially if it gets into their lungs. When bathing your kid in a basin, ensure you don’t leave them there. On toilets, ensure there is a safety lock or have someone to attend to them. Ensure every water container at your house is covered since they are dangerous, especially for walking and crawling babies. If in a swimming pool, make sure there is someone who gets with them into the pool, and they swim in the shallow waters to avoid accidents.

Acquire Baby Alarms

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 3 Acquire Baby Alarms - Copy

With the modern mum being a career woman, at some point, they hire nannies to take care of their kids while they are away. Since nanny’s do not only take care of the baby, they also undertake household chores, and it raises the chance of babies being at risk. If you get a nanny who can’t balance taking care of the baby and duties, the child might be left unattended, especially after they wake up.

This may prompt you to purchase audio monitors to alert the nanny once the kid wakes up when they aren’t near the baby’s room. They can have a two-way communication where the nanny or parent can talk to the kid. Although they create some mere security on a child’s safety, they can’t prevent Choking, suffocation, or falls on kids. Therefore, it is recommended to always check out on the baby often.

Get a Child Car Seat and Install It Properly

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 4 Get a Child Car Seat and Install It Properly

Nowadays, many families own cars that get used for different occasions, including going shopping and family outings. Your child is part of the family and often gets carried on that vehicle. If they sit on the regular car seats, you are doing it wrong. Get a good child car safety seat and have it installed correctly in your vehicle.

These seats secure your child in case of accidents. They get regarded as lifesavers for children in case of disasters and emergencies. Use the car seat efficiently and ensure your kid uses it anytime they are in the vehicle. An extra tip: Never forget your child in the car.

Ensure Only Food Gets Into Your Child’s Mouth

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 5 Ensure Only Food Gets Into Your Child's Mouth

Children eat everything they can access. Whether it’s something edible, non-edible, and poisonous, they always put them into their mouths. Keep everything out of reach for children, especially those crawling and walking. When it comes to food, ensure they get served the recommended food sizes. A large quantity of food such as full hotdogs, nuts, or popcorn, may choke your child. Serve the children with mashed or ground foods for easy swallowing and digestion. In the case of choking, seek first aid immediately.

Advise Your Child to Keep of Strangers

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 6 Advise Your Child to Keep of Strangers

When it comes to safety for children, you need to have them informed in all areas since you never know when they will be at risk. Children are very vulnerable to kidnapping since they tend to trust grown-ups. Advise you, child, to keep off strangers and never to accept any gifts from them. For the case where someone might try to pull them in a car or convince them to accompany them by force, they should scream for help. To avoid this, always accompany your children accompanied whenever they are out playing, going to school, or attending parties.

Keep Your Child Safe From the Kitchen Area

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 7 Keep Your Child Safe From the Kitchen Area

Children in their growing period are very experimental, and they do a lot of activities. These activities might expose them to dangers such as burns. Always keep an eye on your child, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

Always leave your kitchen closed, for Oven, Heaters, Stoves, and water dispensers should be placed where the child cannot reach. For heaters ovens, stoves once done unplug from the power source, also buy water dispenser locks to keep your child safe from hot water burns. Additional tips let your child know that they should not touch hot beverages poured in cups.

Use of a Certified Electrician for Power Connections

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 8 Use of a Certified Electrician for Power Connections

As humans, we tend to compromise our safety with the cost. These have resulted in hiring unqualified electricians for electrical repairs in our houses. These pose a very high risk as it can result in electrocutions in homes. For your child’s safety, always ensure that you get certified and qualified electricians for power connections and ensure that they do not leave naked wires. Always use trunking and tubing for house wiring, especially on the televisions, computers where children are frequently using. Also, use power covers for sockets..

Choose the Correct Furniture

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 9 - Copy

When it comes to children’s furniture, they are fascinated by style due to uniqueness. As a parent, mostly you would choose between cost and comfort and rarely do, we remember safety. In consideration of these factors, safety should be paramount. It is highly recommended that you get furniture that has the child’s safety at stake the below will be of help;

  • Avoid furniture that has sharp edges.
  • They should be non-slip to avoid falls,
  • The painting should be non-toxic
  • For beds, choose those with guard rails.
  • If you have to use drawers, always check the furniture with drawers below their beds or use freestanding to avoid injuries from falling drawers.

Choose Correct Toys and Beddings

Expert Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe 10 Choose Correct Toys and Beddings - Copy

For small children, parents need to be careful when choosing toys and bedding as they can cause injuries and, to some point, death if not carefully selected. This is not what any parent would like to expose their child to. As a parent for toys and bedding always observe the below,

  • Always check the toy safety guidelines as per the age of your child.
  • Broken, rusty, and split wooden toys should be thrown away.
  • Choose toys that can be disinfected or washed.
  • For beddings, choose bumpers and nets that cannot cause suffocation.
  • Choose correct fabrics to avoid allergies.

There are many more safety tips outside there which you can put into consideration. In this article, we have discussed only the main nine. Always be present for your kid to ensure they are safe. When you ensure their safety, they can develop well, depending on your support.

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