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10 Best Child Shoulder Carriers – Top Pick and Review

What is a child’s shoulder carrier? It is simply a baby carrying backpack that has been designed with a soft padded seat. A child carrier will allow you to carry your kid on your shoulder while traveling on the road. Do you know that most people prefer travelling as they explore new things? You can agree with me that indeed hiking with kids is tough.

If you purchase an uncomfortable kid carrier, you will even make your experience more difficult. While some travel to learn new things, other people travel to work since they can’t avoid it. So, a child carrier becomes essential stuff when they need to bring their baby along. Baby child carrier will help you ease comfort. That is the reason why child carriers have been considered as one of the best solutions for many years.

There are multiple baby carriers that have been designed to help you hit the rail with your lovely kid. What is the trick? Normally, the trick is looking for the carrier that will be right for your family. What should you consider? You should consider comfort and durability. In addition, you should not forget safety simply because safety comes first.

Do you need a carrier? It is good to keep in mind that getting a carrier is not a necessity. You can use a stroller or even a bouncer seat instead of a carrier. But a carrier is the only gadget that will let you do your own thing. You might be aware that many parents say baby carriers are their favorite products. You can use a baby carrier when your child gets upset when they can’t see you. In addition, it will be an ideal choice if you want to navigate a crowded space such as an airport and stadium.

There are different types of child carriers. The most common baby carriers are wraps, slings, and structured carriers. We have researched the best child shoulder carriers in the market. After analyzing expert ratings and numerous customer reviews on the market, we have compiled the following child carriers. Be guaranteed that all these child shoulder carriers will deliver the strongest all-around functionality and safety.

10 Best Child Shoulder Carriers

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Review of the Best Child Shoulder Carriers

Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier

This child shoulder carrier has been designed for precious cargo. The manufacturer has incorporated a new safety harness system. This means that it will be safer to load the child into the seat. Thanks to the intuitive design that the manufacturer has included. In addition, the United States of America child shoulder carrier maker has added color-coded buckles.

It has been made with the right precision that is fit for parents. Away from that, the back length adjustment system will make trading off between parents simple and quite fast. Moreover, the maker has provided an energy efficient hip belt that will provide ergonomic load distribution for both mother and father. You can easily adjust it using the pull forward construction and load adjustment straps.

It has been designed to provide your kid with the most comfortable possible trail experience. What does the healthy seating position include? It includes an adjustability height and wraparound chin pad that is machine washable. Besides the perfect load transfer, it comes with a vario back system that has been designed to deliver parallel ventilation.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 1 Deuter Kid Comfort - Child Carrier Backpack


  • It has been made with an adjustability height.
  • Perfect load transfer.


  • The perforated straps should have been stronger.

Thule Sapling Child Carrier

The highly regarded child carrier has been manufactured with multiple features. There is no doubt that you will appreciate all these essential features in this child carrier. It can be a hard task to find a child shoulder carrier that has been manufactured with sunshade. If that is not yet enough, this child shoulder carrier comes with an easily adjustable back panel. In addition, the carrier maker has included zippered hip pockets that will enable you to access this child carrier with great ease. You will have an easy time accessing the snacks and other essential items. To facilitate more storage, the manufacturer has included several larger compartments and a pocket of water.

The back panel in the reliable child shoulder carrier has been made with breathable material. The main reason why the manufacturer made it with breathable material was to provide some cooling air flow action while you are moving. This means that you will never experience sweaty backs.

Furthermore, this child shoulder carrier has also been made with something most baby carriers don’t have. You will be able to unfasten the sides. This will create a door for your kids to step in or out for themselves. It is great simply because you don’t have to lift your kids in and out. Be guaranteed that your kid’s legs won’t suck in the legs holes. It is a common problem with most child carriers that have not been made with side door option. Lastly, this child carrier also features removable stirrups. With that in mind, your kid can rest his or her legs or even adjust their positioning while still moving.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 2 Thule Sapling Child Carrier


  • It has been made with breathable material.
  • It features removable stirrups.


  • It will get tiring after you use it for months.

Osprey Poco Child Carrier

The best thing about this child carrier is that it has been manufactured with sunshade easily stores that deploy more than 50 UV sun protection. In addition, it boasts of a deluxe child cockpit with halo child harness. It is among the very few child carriers that have been designed with removable foot stirrups.

Away from that, this child carrier has multiple zippered pockets that come with an adjustable fit on the fly hip belt. Moreover, it also features a large front panel compartment. To fit a wide range of adults, the manufacturer has included an adjustable torso. What are the essential features of this child carrier? Lower zippered compartment and external hydration sleeve are some of the most useful features.

The minimum child weight you can carry using this child carrier is 16lbs, while the maximum is 48.5lbs. From these figures, you can be able to see that it might be the perfect model for you. This product is very popular since the manufacturer has taken the innovative anti-gravity suspension system. This technology has been adopted by the maker from its backpack line to the baby hiking carriers. What does the presence of this technology mean? The weight of the carrier will perfectly be distributed. This will make it much more comfortable for your body.

Normally, this child carrier model will pull the weight off your back and shoulders. This will allow the stronger hips to do the heavy lifting. Over the years, hiking parents have appreciated this amazing feature. As you purchase this child carrier, keep in mind that it has been manufactured with every feature you can imagine a child carrier should have. Whether you have been looking for a child carrier with phone pockets, different sized wearers, or even mesh back panel ventilation, you are definitely in the right place.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 3 Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier


  • Easy to adjust.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It is quite short to adjust the lifters to get to the straps off your shoulders.

Clevrplus Cross Country Baby Child Carrier

Have you been looking for a lightweight and also comfortable child carrier that will serve you for a lifetime? You should not look beyond this product. It has been manufactured with a lightweight frame that weighs only 5.5. pounds. It is good to keep in mind that this child carrier is comfortable for kids for hours.

The straps in this child carrier have been padded. Away from that, this child carrier joins top child shoulder carriers in the market that have been manufactured with energy absorbing padding. The energy absorbing padding will keep you cool and secure. It is the ideal choice if you have been searching for a child carrier that comes with large storage areas. The storage areas are large enough to hold changing pad and diapers.

Whether it rains or shines, this baby carrier will always protect your child from weather elements. To protect the kid from weather elements, the manufacturer has included sun canopy and rain cover. Similar to other top child carriers where security has been a top option, the manufacturer has paid special attention to safety by including strong belts. They will be in a comfortable and secure position that enables them even to sleep.

Furthermore, your kid will have a rare chance of sleeping on the pad. Do you know that you can customize the carrier to fit your child’s height? The adjustable seat will facilitate this. This child carrier has specifically been designed for children under 48 months. This means that you can continue using the carrier as she grows.

Last but not least, the manufacturer is a reputable child carrier maker who has been in the industry for a long time. They have established themselves as one of the most reliable child carriers makers in the market. Therefore, you should have trust in their products.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 4 ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier Toddler Blue


  • It has been made with safety belts that will keep your child secure.
  • It has been made to last.


  • It lacks quality in stitching.

Kelty Journey Signature Child Carrier

It is arguably one of the best child carriers you will ever come across in the market. That is the reason why this list can’t be complete without featuring this product. The child carrier that has been manufactured with an adjustable suspension system can be adjusted to fit both mother and dad. This means that you will both comfortably share the load.

Away from that, the manufacturer has included an integrated sunshade. It is an essential feature that you can use in case you forget the sunscreen. When it comes to the security features, the manufacturer could not forget to include the 5 point safety harness and padded aluminum roll cage. With these features, you should have no worry when trekking on rough terrain.

Moreover, the much preferred child carrier comes with a wide seat base and adjustable foot stirrups that will leave your kids in a natural rest state. There are also multiple handles that will enable you to lift this carrier with great ease. Unlike other child carriers that have been manufactured with small zippered pockets, this model boasts of large zippered pockets. The zippered pocket has been designed with stretch pockets that store extra layers and anything else you may want to store.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 5 Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier


  • It has been designed with a large zippered pocket.
  • The manufacturer has included 5 point safety harness.


  • Some parents have been complaining that it is hard to adjust the straps.

The Freeloader Child Carrier

This child carrier will carry your kids safely and comfortably. Your lovely kid will be held safely by the straps and stirrups. Away from that, this carrier features removable storable sun visor. The sun visor shields your little one from weather elements.

As you carry your child, this child carrier will protect your back. With this child carrier, you will be able to carry your toddler for hours at a time. Moreover, this carrier has been designed to be height adjustable. The manufacturer has included padded straps and the belt. This will spread your precious cargos’ weight.

You should consider this child carrier if you want a carrier that has been made with numerous pockets and insulated pockets. The manufacturer has considered how much the gear goes with you. That is why they have designed a child carrier with numerous pockets. On the outer surface, the maker has added mesh pockets plus large pockets.

On the waist belt, you will find some pockets where you can keep phones and keys. In the insulated pocket, you can keep the baby bottle. The manufacturer is also aware that when your kid has to go, they have to go no matter what. For that reason, they have included a diaper changing pad. After you place your child on this carrier, you will be guaranteed to have a safe, clean surface in all outdoor environments.

Furthermore, this child carrier has been manufactured with durable and premium materials. These premium materials allow the child carrier to stand the test of time. The main material that has been used to manufacture this child carrier is a waterproof polyester material. Finally, the kick out stand has been made with lightweight aluminum.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 6 The Freeloader Child Carrier


  • The kick stand has been made with durable material.
  • It features padded straps and belts.


  • The manufacturer has not included any water bottle holders.

Osprey Packs Poco Ag Child Carrier

The reliable child carrier that has been manufactured with a lightweight aluminum frame is no doubt a carrier that will provide your kid with extreme comfort. Are you sure that this child carrier comes with torso adjustment? You can easily set it up to a wide range of adult uses while still on the rail.

Away from that, the adjustable double halo harness has been surrounded by a fully framed and padded cockpit. This enhances safety in this child carrier. Moreover, the fly hip belt will provide a longer extension on each side of the comfortable ventilated custom fit.

The manufacturer is well known to make top child carriers. If you come across a product that bears the manufacturer’s name, you should know that before it was released into the market, it underwent the necessary scrutiny. Since 1974, they have been designing innovative products with intuitive features. Usually, they forge relationships with well-known sewing operators who construct the packs. The manufacturer has not left the dual grab handles behind. The high-quality handles will allow users to secure and stabilize the pickup and, after that, set down the child carrier.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 7 Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier


  • Dual grab handles.
  • Fully framed padded cockpit to enhance the safety of the child carrier.


  • Users have been complaining that they don’t include the POCO Ag.

Deuter Unisex Kid Comfort Child Carrier

This child carrier has been certified by JPMA. It has independently been tested to exceed state and federal safety guidelines. To easily adjust to the child size and height, the manufacturer has included a 5 point safety harness. Unlike other child carriers in the market, this model has been designed with a pediatric specialist. This promotes a safe and healthy sitting position. The stability will be increased by the wide kickstand.

The innovative child carrier delivers body-hugging fit paired with unmatched breathability. If you have come across this child carrier, you might have seen that the large pore structure will perform a pump effect. In the pump effect, every relevant movement will prompt the exchange of air moving warmth.

Last but not least, this child carrier is comfortable for both kids and parents. It will be very easy to get kids in and out of the carrier with the step inside access. The soft chin pad will provide optimum support for the little ones to either rest or take a nap.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 8 Deuter Unisex Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier


  • It is quite easy to remove the kid from the carrier.
  • It features 5 point safety harness.


  • When compared to other child carriers, it is an expensive product.

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier

The top of the line frame has been designed to provide the ultimate safety and comfort for your kid. The new leg secure straps and 5 point harness will keep your little ones nestled in place. The most notable features that the manufacturer has included in this child carrier include hydration compartment and diaper changing pad.

As you purchase this child carrier, you should be aware that he or she will not outgrow. The adjustable straps will allow you to use it for years. The supportive cockpit ensures that your kid will always sit upright in a comfortable position. For stability, the carrier maker has added shoulder harness with strap. The strong internal frame will transfer the child to your hips for all-day comfort.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 9 Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier


  • It has been designed for ultimate safety and comfort.
  • Diaper changing pad.


  • They could have included a way to collapse the pack either by width or length.

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

It has been made with 100% organic cotton. You will be in a position to wear this child carrier any way you want. This child carrier model will enable you to carry the baby in a seat that is comfortable and healthy for both of you. You can also carry your baby on your hip to debate fine art together at the museum with this baby carrier.

The manufacturer is very concerned about the comfort and overall health of the baby. They have ergonomically designed this baby carrier to provide support from any position. This is the right time to purchase this baby carrier with great confidence that you will be protected against hip dysplasia.

You should consider closing your straps to make the baby wearing comfortable and easy. It is considered the perfect choice since it distributes weight across the hips and shoulders. Your back will thank you.

Best Child Shoulder Carriers 10 Beco Gemini Baby Carrier - Metro Black Organic


  • It will provide both you and your kid with extreme comfort.
  • It distributes weight across the hips and shoulders.


  • The third button is tiny and difficult to reach.

Final thoughts

Without fear of contradiction, the above are the best child shoulder carriers of all the time. What should you consider when purchasing child shoulder carriers? You should put the price and comfort of the child carrier into consideration. Child carriers are necessary more so if you prefer staying close to your kid. In addition, you should consider how your little one will be carried in the baby carrier. We hope that you will find this article helpful as you choose the best child carriers in the market. We are ready for any question regarding the best child shoulder carriers or even other products.

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