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Can A Gun Safe Be Too Dry? –

Normally, it will be best if you keep a safe at an optimal humidity setting. However, what is the suitable humidity level? Can a gun safe be too dry? A lot of people still have no clue when searching for these questions.

Look no further as we are providing some facts and useful tips below. Check it out now!

Can A Gun Safe Be Too Dry?

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Can a gun safe be too dry?

Yes, of course. It is prone to happen if you live in an arid climate or utilize a powerful dehumidifier along with your infrequent maintenance. Scroll down for further necessary information on the drought in a safe.

Then, is there any potential damage in your safe if it is too dry? The answer is yes. Although the problem is not as serious and dramatic as a humid safe, it is still necessary to know these possibilities for better prevention.

Specifically, dryness in a gun safe for the long term will be a serious matter for you, making the stocks dry out and crack quickly. Moreover, it can cause cracks in some other valuables you store inside.

How To Check If Your Gun Safes Are Too Dry?

You can check the current humidity of your safe with the help of a hydrometer. This sort of tool allows you to measure the current humidity level in the air quickly.

If it shows the level of about 50 percent, you keep your firearms extremely safe and comfortable. However, be careful when you have a deficient level of below 40 percent. Your gun safe is too dry at that time and tends to crack unexpectedly.

Remember that the humidity level will vary a lot during a year according to the seasons. That’s why you had better carry out this test in your gun safe a few times per year to prevent your safe from becoming drier over time.

Aside from that, using a hydrometer frequently is helpful for maintaining the condition of your safes.

How To Avoid Dryness In Gun Safes?

Below are some ways we are listing out to prevent dryness in gun safes, including:

Raise The Humidity Level

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A dehumidifier is helpful in both decreasing and increasing moisture

If a gun safe gets drier, increasing the humidity level must be the best and swift solution to fix this situation. Humidifying a safe seems to be pretty effortless to do, thanks to the technology nowadays.

Once having put a dehumidifier in the gun safe, you can consider taking it out to keep the humidity higher.

However, this action needs much of your attention since keeping a gun safe the moisture higher than usual will bring some noticeable problems. The clearest trouble here is that the guns are rusted.

That’s why you must regularly check the humidity level and keep it certain without being below or beyond the acceptable range all the time.

Check The Materials Of Gun Safes

Checking the materials that your gun safe is made of also plays an important role in avoiding dryness. We all know that temperature alters over different periods, and the materials might suffer from this. Let us take a few examples.

Those gun safes manufactured from wood will have a higher humidity level, which is the best to put in some hot places. On the contrary, metal gun safes tend to get dry quickly due to their low humidity.

That’s why you must choose the most suitable type while buying a gun safe to prevent these problems from arising as a result.

Check Where To Place Gun Safes

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Choose the ideal space to put your gun safe.

Remember to examine the area where you put your gun safe as well. This factor is as fundamental as other above things to avoid dryness. You have to choose the ideal locations to position the safe.

You should not choose the place where temperatures change significantly. Instead, let’s think of a location without being affected much by temperatures and humidity levels.

As we mentioned above, there is a connection between material and location. To be more specific, you can choose the wood safe when you live in a hot climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Proper Humidity Level For A Gun Safe?

The proper humidity level for a gun safe should be around 50%. You will not surely end up with dryness of the wood in your firearms or moisture over your belongings. Any alteration below or beyond this level will be a serious matter.

Should A Gun Safe Be Airtight?

No! If you look at your gun safe, you will notice that there are many holes for the gas from ammo to go. However, manufacturers build it for this certain purpose instead of aiming at getting real airflow. Hence, it is not a good idea to modify the gun to be airtight.

How Do You Remove Moisture From A Safe?

If you realize that there is moisture in your gun safe, let’s take a dehumidifier, or a silica gel packet, for more specific, to handle it. These packets will help you remove the water well without only dissipating it.

Will A Gun Safe Protect Against EMP?

No, an electronic-lock gun safe can’t. The reason is that EMP will disable any electrical equipment; that’s why your safe turns off after an attack.

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Most gun safes are resistant to EMP

Then, are gun safes EMP proof? Yes, but not all tools are EMP proof. But you can upgrade your gun safe by choosing between an EMP-safe locking system and a mechanical lock having EMP resistance. It is essential to stand any EMP blasts.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our article on the question “Can a gun safe be too dry?” has conquered all your problems that you may run into. As a gun owner, you are responsible for considering the humidity of your safe to avoid any problems before it is too late. Good luck!

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