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10 Best Tactical Gun Belts And Buying Guide

There is a wide range of tactical gun belts available in the market. Each of the tactical gun belts come with its own design focus. Therefore, deciding on the right tactical gun belt to choose can be a bit of overwhelming at first. That is why we have seen it is best compiling the best tactical gun belts in the market. After a lot of research, here are some of the best tactical gun belts found on the market today.


Reviews of the Best Tactical Gun Belts

Kore Tactical Gun Belt With X2 Buckle

If you prefer nice looking tactical gun belts, then this will be a great choice. It is not much different when compared to other top tactical gun belts from top manufacturers. This tactical gun belt comes with a tactical power core and hex wrench. The maker has gained a good reputation for making the best fitting and durable tactical gun belts in the market.

This is a precise and secure fit tactical gun belt. You will be able to draw it smoothly every time you want. People have showered praises on this tactical gun belt as the perfect micro fit. This gun belt utilizes a hidden track with 40 sizing points. This means that you can adjust numerous times. It is more adjustable when compared to a traditional gun belt.

The nylon webbing in this tactical gun belt has been rated to about 500lbs. The perfect combination of a reinforced power core center and super fiber inner lining makes it a unique gun belt that is not only durable but also strong enough to support heavy guns.

On the other hand, the buckle in this gun belt features an electroplated gunmetal finish. The manufacturer has used a teeth clamp to secure the buckle. Last but not least, the package comes with 30 money back guarantee. You will also get a one year limited warranty so that you can return your gun belt if it has any kind of defects.


  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • This tactical gun belt boasts of nylon webbing.


  • This tactical gun belt is uncomfortable under clothes.

Condor Lce Tactical Gun Belt 

It is the latest addition to the manufacturer load bearing belt family. Additionally, this tactical gun belt is manufactured with heavy duty webbing and reinforced with an additional layer of scuba webbing. It is good to know that the Condor gun belt is more than capable of handling a heavy load. The unique thing about this tactical gun belt is that it is designed with durable two inch buckles.

On the other hand, the reinforced tactical gun belt boasts of a proprietary LCS material with non-traditional MOLLE cuts. The MOLLE cuts are very crucial in organizing all of your modular attachments. Furthermore, it joins other tactical gun belts with inner anti slip pad. The anti-slip pad provides added comfort. This feature will be very useful especially when wearing for long periods of time. This tactical gun belt is very popular with outdoorsmen and first responder’s shooters.


  • This tactical gun belt features an inner anti slip pad for added comfort.
  • This tactical gun belt is more capable of handling heavy load.


  • The medium is way too large even in its smallest settings.

Nexbelt 2019 Titan Black Men’s Tactical Belt Gun Belts

It is one of the simplest tactical gun belts you will ever find in the market. Besides being a minimalist gun belt, it is quite streamlined. This tactical gun belt boasts of a durable build. Additionally, the cobra buckle included by the United States of America based manufacturer is not only fast but also secure. The best thing about the buckle in this tactical gun belt is that it will function even in mud and snow.

Although the buckle does not fit in most belt loops, you can alternatively remove the tactical gun belt buckle and re attach it once it is through the loops. Do you want to keep all your gear rigged up while at the same time you don’t plan to carry it every day? This tactical gun belt will never disappoint you in that case. Furthermore, this tactical gun belt has specifically been manufactured for extremely heavy loads. The padding in this belt keeps you comfortable all day.


  • It has specifically been manufactured for extremely heavy loads.
  • You can remove the belt buckle and re attach it in most belt loops.
  • Excellent quality tactical gun belt and comfortable.


  • This tactical gun belt does not stay ratcheted.

5.11 Men’s Tactical Operator Ultra Durable Gun Belt

Have you always wanted to have a reliable tactical gun belt from a top manufacturer but your budget has not allowed it? This tactical gun belt has been manufactured to cater to your needs. You can agree with me that it is the right training and gear that separate those who are ready and those who are not. Are you ready to help those in need and protect and serve? This tactical gun belt will come in handy. The manufacturer has designed this tactical gun belt for individuals who are ready for any mission.

You can convert this tactical gun belt to a tie down or carry strap. Furthermore, the highly regarded tactical gun belts have faded and rip resistant ultra-strong nylon mesh with heavy stitch reinforcements. The stainless steel buckle in this tactical gun belt is tested for tensile strength of up to 5,100lbs. The buckle is also finished in black matte. It is known to provide both superior support and durability.

First responders all over the world use this tactical gun belt to bring innovative solutions to a dynamic environment. The high quality fabrics have been used in this tactical gun belt for increased functionality and durability. If that is not yet enough, the design elements are for real world applications. This gun belt is very popular with the brave and bold.


  • This tactical gun belt is ideal for tactical and patrol use.
  • It is compatible with most traditional belt loops.


  • The manufacturer should improve on customer service.

Krydex Quick Release Rigger Molle Belt Tactical Heavy Duty Belt

It is a soft and comfortable tactical gun belt. You should be guaranteed that this tactical gun belt will go inside your belt loops for comfortable all day wear. It will provide a stable attachment platform for the MOLLE outer belt. Typically, the heavy duty double stiffened MOLLE outer belt is attached to the outside of the inner belt. Furthermore, the hook backing on this tactical gun belt allows maximum security while at the same time allowing rapid doffing.

There is no doubt you would want a tactical gun belt with lightweight MOLLE attachment. In that case, this tactical gun belt should be your first choice. One of the most useful features that the manufacturer has included is the quality alloy buckle. This is for easy taking on and off.


  • It is a soft and comfortable tactical gun belt.
  • It will go inside the belt loops all day wear.


  • It is an expensive tactical gun belt.

Jukmo Tactical Belt Military Work Belt

The quick release in this tactical gun belt is an upgraded version. Additionally, the strong buckle has been manufactured with high quality aluminum alloy. The good thing about this tactical gun belt is that it has very good bearing capacity. This will definitely meet all your needs. Another interesting thing you will love is that it is more convenient to adjust the length. Therefore, the length can perfectly fit more than you can imagine. In case you really want to understand more intuitively how to be more convenient, you can go ahead and watch the short tactical video on the manufacturer website.

The reason why the maker used 100% nylon material when making this tactical gun belt was to make the strap stretch. The strap in this product is constructed with special and unique stretch material. This makes it more solid when compared to a regular belt. Besides making your waist more comfortable, it will always stay tight even when you take numerous activities. You will see the benefit of this tactical gun belt if you do physical activities for a long period of hours.

The solid tactical gun belt is the best choice for the military and firefighters. Furthermore, if you need to take any activity, you will be in harmony with this tactical gun belt. Last but not least, this tactical gun belt comes enclosed in an elegant gift box. You can give whoever you love. What if you have any problem with this tactical gun belt? Although such instances are very rare, you should not hesitate contacting the manufacturer. They promise to provide their customers with 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • The manufacturer promises to provide its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • It is made with 100% nylon material.


  • It is quite difficult installing this tactical gun belt.

Camgo Adjustable Tactical Belt

It is one of the highly performing adjustable utility belts in the market. Additionally, this tactical gun belt has been constructed with 600D nylon material. Keep in mind that it is a military belt that is not only heavy duty but also tear resistant. Also, it has been designed with a good bearing capacity. This allows you to attach pouches and holsters on it. Away from that, the new type of quick release buckle will bring more safety and comfort. This makes the heavy duty tactical gun belt convenient to use.

The MOLLE quality of this tactical gun belt is by no doubt the best item to attach pouches and holsters. Be assured that it will be perfect for your duty work and outdoor sports. Recently, this tactical gun belt has been used by police, security guards and law enforcement.


  • It is made with durable quick release buckle.
  • It is manufactured with 600D nylon material.


  • The buckle is badly scratched.

Klik Belts Tactical Belt-2 Ply

The most striking thing about this tactical gun belt is how it is so satisfying. Additionally, it is a unique experience that feels incredibly secure. We can describe it as driving an axe through a piece of firewood. This tactical gun belt is very solid. Also, it does not sacrifice comfort for durability. Do you know that the patented buckle is the world best buckle ever to be manufactured? On the other hand, this gun belt features a nylon webbing that will easily fit into all loops. This makes it the first choice when it comes to carrying concealed.

The main objective of the manufacturer when making this gun belt was to have something empowering that combine both strength and function. This tactical gun belt will not collapse under pressure. It is rigid enough in the vertical direction. This enables it to firmly support holsters. Kindly note that this gun belt is pliable in the horizontal direction. This makes it comfortable to wear.


  • The awesome buckle is fast and easy to connect.
  • It is a great quality tactical gun belt that does not fray.
  • It does not loosen throughout the day.


  • The buckle in this tactical gun belt does not fit through most belt loops.

Fusion Tactical Military Police Belt

This Fusion Patrol tactical gun belt has specifically been designed to suit law enforcement and tactical purposes. Additionally, it is very useful for those people providing the inside lining for security. Away from that, this tactical gun belt features binding at the edges that give a refined finish. This will match with the issued uniforms. This makes this belt compatible with most holsters out in the market.

Furthermore, the webbing is made with a quick release aluminum buckle. This is for easy on and off operation. If that is not enough, the binding of this tactical gun belt provides added support. It achieves this without sacrificing on the flexibility of the belt. You will never find any better tactical gun belt for carrying concealed weapon than this product. It will carry your weapon without sagging the belt. Finally, all the belts and buckles have been manufactured in the United States of America.


  • It is made with very strong nylon material.
  • It is a tough and practical tactical gun belt.


  • It is not as advertised.

Grip6 Workbelt Tactical Belt 

Everyone would want to have a tactical gun belt that has been manufactured with military grade nylon material. It is your turn to benefit from the flat solid buckle closure in this tactical gun belt. Also, this product has proved to be the best for Every Day Carry and utility use. You can use this tactical gun belt confidently all day. Furthermore, it boasts of interchangeable buckles and straps. You will take less time to mix and match when you consider purchasing this great tactical gun belt.

You can bring attestations that it is the only belt you have seen with no holes and flap. Moreover, it is fully manufactured in the United States of America. Finally, the maker has woven the strap with high strength nylon webbing.


  • It is made with high quality material.
  • The tail of this tactical gun belt will tuck behind the buckle. This will provide a clean and sleek look.


  • It does not stay tight throughout the year.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Tactical Gun Belts

There are multiple tactical gun belts in the market. Finding a reliable and high quality product can be overwhelming. Choosing the right tactical gun belt for your needs is governed by some crucial factors.


You might be aware that a tactical gun belt is manufactured to carry gear. However, it is important to plan ahead of time what you will be attaching to it. You should purchase a tactical gun belt that fits the use and the specific equipment necessary. This enables you to get the job well done.

Material type

Are you aware that the selection of material is one of the most critical choices? You would want a tactical gun belt manufactured with the right material. The material should make your belt suitable for the tasks at hand. In most cases, tactical gun belts incorporate leather and nylon webbing.  Over the years, leather has emerged as the most stylish and durable material used in making tactical gun belts. You can pair a tactical gun belt with dress uniforms and also other common attires. However, leather is said to be stiffer. Therefore, it requires more care and maintenance.

On the other hand, nylon and synthetic webbing can withstand heavy use. These materials are also more flexible when compared to leather. Unfortunately, they will look extremely tactical. This is not very good especially if you are one of the people who like keeping a low profile.


Besides the material choice, comfort is another major concern that you should always check when purchasing a tactical gun belt. Kindly remember that you will be carrying heavy tactical and military equipment for very long hours. This means that any kind of discomfort will always be magnified. You will end up counting minutes and seconds until you are forced to take it off. This kind of distraction is very bad.

Belt width and thickness

Why is the width and thickness of a tactical gun belt very crucial? It goes along in determining the effectiveness of your gun belt. A thin tactical gun belt will not stand out the weight of an extremely heavy load. After being used for some time, it will start curling and sagging. A thick one is not good too simply because it will limit the connections options for holsters and gear. You will have a tough time trying to get a thick belt through the loops of your pant.

Additionally, a narrow tactical gun belt will dig into your hips. This will end up causing discomfort. If you find the right balance in thickness, this will greatly help in comfort and capacity.


It is not just is purchasing tactical gun belts where price plays a huge role in gear selection. The most inspiring thing is that even the highest quality tactical gun belts do not come at a massive investment. However, you should expect to pay more money for leather tactical gun belts simply because of the material cost. On the other hand, nylon tactical belts can be inexpensive. It makes sense spending a lot of money on something that will serve you for many years instead of buying low quality tactical gun belts that will become defective after being used for just a few days.


Warranty or a guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of the tactical gun belt. Warranty is very crucial since it assures you that the product is of good quality and high performance. This will provide you with a peace of mind that your tactical gun belt will last for long. The most reputable tactical gun belts manufacturers provide warranties assurance to consumers against defective products. This means that you can return the defective gun belt to the manufacturer over the warranty period. With that in mind, remember to keep this in mind anytime you are purchasing a tactical gun belt.

Final thoughts

You will never regret your decision when you purchase the above tactical gun belts. All of them are durable and strong to meet all your daily needs. So, you should purchase them with confidence that you are getting only the best products. Additionally, you should look at the price, warranty and brand if you want to get the best products. You should also not forget to check on important features such as comfort and material type. We hope that this article will help you in choosing the right tactical gun belt for your needs. We look forward hearing from you. Thanks!

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