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10 Best Metal Detectors Under $200 And Buying Guide

You might be facing a lot of difficulties trying to find out the best metal detector under $200. Fortunately, you should not worry simply because you are in the right place. In this section, we will discuss the best high rated metal detectors under $200.

It is good to keep in mind that all these metal detectors on this list form the best brands. So, which is the best option for you? It all depends on what you are planning for and your experience. You don’t need to purchase a metal detector with numerous features if you are a beginner.

best metal detectors under $200

Reviews of the Best Metal Detectors Under $200

Garret ACE 200 Metal Detector

Have you been searching for an easy to operate metal detector without making a huge investment? This is the perfect choice for your needs. This metal detector has been manufactured with all the necessary features you would want a metal detector to have. Over the years, this metal detector has emerged as one of the best products in jewelry and monument hunting. The best thing about this product is that you can begin detecting in the front yard or anywhere you want.

There is no doubt you will have a clear indication since the metal detector maker has incorporated a digital target identification on a scale of up to 99. Also, this metal detector is under three pounds. The lightweight design creates a significant impact if you are going to hunt all day. It is unique from the rest of metal detectors in that it is designed with multiple search modes. You will be able to hunt all kinds of metal with the help of the zero discrimination mode.

Would you want to have a clear idea when hunting in an area with a lot of ground mineralization? The four sensitivity adjustment features will help you achieve this. When it comes to the pulse width modulation audio, it will give a clear notification sound. This will help you distinguish your targets. Moreover, the highly regarded metal detector comes with three audio tones. Last but not least, the nine inch coil is the right size for relic hunting. Finally, this metal detector is waterproof.

best metal detectors under $200 1 Garret ACE 200 Metal Detector


  • It comes with a lightweight design.
  • This metal detector boasts of four sensitivity adjustments.


  • It has a weak frequency.

National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector

People who have been lucky to use this metal detector has praised it as one of the coolest professional metal detectors. It is not only easy to use but also fully adjustable. Do you know that it only weighs 2.3 pounds? That is the reason why it is easy to operate. Another notable thing to note in this metal detector is that it is developed with advanced technology.

The powerful search options make this metal detector a perfect choice for professionals. You can also easily collapse and expand this metal detector. This makes it an excellent choice for any type of hunting.

This is the right time to find the buried artifacts such as gold and other precious materials from quite a good depth with this metal detector. Furthermore, the compact metal detector comes with a large waterproof search coil. This means that you can use this metal detector under the water. It is also worth noting that this metal detector is manufactured to be used for rough and difficult situations. Other crucial features that the manufacturer could not forget to include are three types of detection modes and four types of sensitivity levels. With these features, exploring will become smoother for you.

Last but not least, this metal detector can be used to explore through 12 inches deep. With that in mind, you should never worry where your treasure is lying. You should be guaranteed that your treasure is not going to be out of your catch. If you know more about metal detectors, then you can agree with me that indeed this depth is more than enough. Finally, you are free to return this product to the maker in case it develops any kind of defect.

best metal detectors under $200 2 National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector


  • It is easy to handle and carry anywhere you want.
  • It comes with an LCD screen to help users understand the signals frequently.


  • The search coils in this metal detector are not rechargeable.

Teknetic Delta 4000 Metal Detector

It will become a handy metal detector when you purchase it. Besides being an easy to operate product, it is an excellent metal detector for beginners who are on a budget. The most impressive thing about this metal detector is that it has a good depth range for coin size objects.

Displaying an object brightly and briefly is another great thing about this detector. You will have an easy time detecting a small piece of iron or silver paper. On the other hand, the handle in this metal detector is fully adjustable.

When we talk about efficiency, this metal detector has around 82% efficiency. Away from that, the huge LCD screen and the pinpoint technology makes the invention a great choice to choose for any conditions. Furthermore, the presence of the notch feature in this metal detector means that you will be able to choose the target categories. Why is this feature beneficial? It will help you avoid trashes while at the same time doing selective hunting.

Moreover, the depth bar graph feature in this metal detector allows you to get proper knowledge about the underground. If that is not yet enough, this metal detector is manufactured with a precious depth bar. This feature shows a target ID. It corresponds to the type of metal which is to be found.

Last but not least, this product ensures you get at least 25 hours back up in a single charge. Finally, you should not leave this product behind if you have been looking for a reliable metal detector with a lightweight design.

best metal detectors under $200 3 Teknetic Delta 4000 Metal Detector


  • Lightweight design.
  • The notch feature in this metal detector allows the users to choose target categories.


  • It only scans a foot under the ground.

Fisher Research Labs F11 All Purpose Metal Detector

It is arguably one of the most impressive metal detectors under $200. Additionally, this metal detector comes with a beautiful solid looking design and a nice touch look. Also, the popular metal detector features a rubber gasket that protects the headphones and five pin connector. Keep in mind that this is not the flimsy kind looks. Be assured that it is pretty solid.

You might be wondering the reason why people prefer going for this product. It comes with an ultra-lightweight body. Being lightweight means that you will have an easy time carrying it. You can also use it as long as you want.

What does this metal detector feature? It boasts of three search modes. The three different modes in this product enable it to eliminate all the trash targets. This means that it will automatically notch in each mode. Furthermore, it has been made with six levels of adjustable sensitivity and volume. The pinpoint option will give you your depth.

best metal detectors under $200 4 Fisher Research Labs F11 All Purpose Metal Detector


  • This metal detector boasts of three search modes.
  • It has an ultra-lightweight body.


  • It does not have a backlight display.

White Coinmaster Metal Detector

It is the master in searching for coins. This metal detector is known to deal with solid performance for coins and jewelry hunting. Additionally, this product comes with a depth reading feature. This feature will illustrate how deep to dig to find the object. If you are a beginner, you might have a difficult time along with the customization.

The target ID is one of the most exciting features of this device. The main function of the target ID is to illustrate the identity of the target. You will be able to know where the target is before digging it out. The sound signals produced by this feature enable you to determine the depth.

Away from that, the visual display indicator shows the number according to the received signals. It is important to note that this VDI flash the numbers to identify the object. Furthermore, it joins other top metal detectors in the market with long search coils. The most impressive thing in this coil is that it is waterproof. This makes it a handy product for the adventurous bug for the hunters.

Moreover, the multiple ranges of discrimination features make the device more useful for all types of hunters. This means that you have the full freedom to choose any of the five types of signal range when hunting. You will also have a chance to fix your signal transmitting limit. This helps you focus on your selective hunting for a particular object.

best metal detectors under $200 5 White Coinmaster Metal Detector


  • It is more compact and handy.
  • Better battery backup.


  • It is less sensitive in a thicker medium.

Bounty Hunter SS2 II Metal Detector

It is a solid metal detector at a meagre cost. Additionally, it comes with the most valuable features that will improve your detecting power. Also, the headphones in this metal detector have a mono stereo switch. It also features volume control on each cuff.

Furthermore, you will be provided with a treasure identification headphone jack. Other crucial features included in this metal detector include discrimination control and a low battery indicator. The pinpoint option will show the exact location of the buried objects.

Moreover, the 8 inches waterproof open face search coil is completely submersible in water. This coil can be immersed up to five feet. Last but not least, the visual reference will let you know if you have found a silver or any other metal. Unlike other metal detectors available in the market, this metal detector requires two t volts alkaline batteries.

best metal detectors under $200 6 Bounty Hunter SS2 II Metal Detector


  • This metal detector comes with extensive features for advanced users.
  • It boasts of an easy to read LCD with a touchpad.


  • The instructions included in the package are not accurate.

Urceri Metal Detector GC For Adults

This metal detector will precisely locate your target and show its depth. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable sensitivity level with a maximum seven inches depth. It is possible to detect iron, aluminum and gold in all metal mode. All that you need to do to filter the metal you want is to press the button.

Away from that, this metal detector is Constructed with 9 inches diameter waterproof search coil. This coil is for extreme ground conditions and shallow water detection. You will definitely enjoy exploring in the water. Unlike in other low quality and cheap metal detectors, the sensitive performance in this metal detector is more understanding.

The DISC and NOTCH control feature allows you to distinguish between the target and unwanted metals. The control panel with an LCD screen makes your detection easier. You will have a rare chance to know more information such as depth, operating mode, and sensitivity level.

How useful is the arrow displayed below the target icon? It clearly shows a detected object. Furthermore, this metal detector adopts a 3.5 audio jack. You can connect the jack to the headphone. There are three different types of audio alters for different metals. Last but not least, the manufacturer is known to give its customers the best experience. That is the reason why they provide them with a free replacement policy without any extra metal detectors under $200 7 Urceri Metal Detector Gc For Adults


  • It has a headphone port and an adjustable volume.
  • They offer a replacement policy to their customers without any extra costs.


  • It does not always work as expected.

RM Ricomax Professional Metal Detector

This metal detector has been manufactured with three distinct modes that allow you to optimize it in detecting metals. Additionally, the all metal mode in this metal detector notifies you wherever it sees any metal. On the other hand, you can utilize the metal detector to discriminate other types of metal for a specific one. Away from that, the main role of the pinpoint feature is to aid in the detection of metals by beeping.

The waterproof coil in this detector is shielded with plastic. Furthermore, the shaft in the coil is manufactured with aluminum material. Being waterproof means that you can clean this metal detector with great ease. Moreover, the nine brightness levels in this metal detector mean that it can be used in all kinds of situations.

You will love the eco-friendly design in this metal detector. Besides that, the package includes a 3.5 mm headset jack that can be used with conventional headsets. Be assured that it is such a unit with maximum comfort and freedom. Last but not least, the manufacturer is very confident with this product. All their products are manufactured under strict quality standards. They are also 100% checked before being shipped. Finally, they offer lifetime call center support to their esteemed customers.

best metal detectors under $200 8 RM Ricomax Professional Metal Detector


  • All their products are manufactured under strict quality standards.
  • It has been made with a user friendly design.


  • The package does not come with batteries.

Metal Detector, Three Modes Adjustable Metal Detectors By Tackife

This metal detector not only has a low tone and medium tone but also a high tone displayed on the interesting icon. These tones will distinguish between different types of metals. You can eliminate target categories and improve your detecting efficiency with the DISC modes. To display different detecting depth and discrimination, this metal detector is equipped with a large back light LCD screen.

It will not be possible to distinguish between targets and unwanted metals. Are you a beginner? The entry level metal detector will be a perfect gift. Furthermore, the diameter search coil and the stem enables you to explore under water. It is ideal for detecting on the beach or in the stream.

Usually, the top metal detector adopts a headphone jack that can be connected with the included headphone. This means that you can use this metal detector in a noisy environment. If that is not yet enough, the ergonomically designed metal detector is comfortable and convenient to use. The adjustable stem allows users to use this metal detector at different heights. Last but not least, the arm rest design will save more effort.

best metal detectors under $200 9 Metal Detector, Three Modes Adjustable Metal Detectors By Tackife


  • It has been made with an ergonomic design.
  • It is convenient to use this metal detector.


  • It does not work as expected.

Dr. Otek Lightweight Metal Detector

It is an exciting new addition for both professionals and beginners. Additionally, this metal detector offers upgraded modes that include all metal mode and discrimination mode. On the other hand, the memory mode will remember one kind of metal and only detect that specific type. You will be able to locate what you want in far less time when you Consider purchasing this metal detector.

Furthermore, the large LCD screen is easy to read. It will let you work in the dark for a great deal more flexibility. The three display modes will easily identify the types of metals while at the same time displaying an image and sounds with multiple settings for customization.

Do you know that the wide search coil in this metal detector is very powerful such that it can locate a quarter coin up to 10 inches underground? You will also have an easy time finding larger objects at even greater depths. Moreover, the coil is waterproof, and it will work well in shallow water. You can’t compare other metal detectors with this state of the art detector.

Users can adjust the depth and sensitivity features. You can easily fine tune for objects and conditions with the five grade sensitivity control. This will give you a lot of control over the accuracy not found in lesser designs. You will spend less time finding more exciting precious metals.

Being lightweight and easy to carry makes it an excellent choice for travel and vacations. Last but not least, the user manual is easy to follow and understand. Finally, the package includes a two year limited warranty.

best metal detectors under $200 10 Dr. Otek Lightweight Metal Detector


  • This metal detector is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It comes with depth and sensitivity adjustable features.


  • Some people have been complaining that it stopped beeping after a while.

Things to Consider when purchasing the best metal detectors under $200

There are numerous things to Consider when purchasing the best metal detectors in the market. In this section, we will take a close look at the most crucial features you should never forget.  Let us take a look at these features.


It is simply the ability of a detector to distinguish between one target and another. You will be able to tell whether the signal you are getting is of a trash item. Nowadays, most metal detectors come with auto adjust features. This allows you to tune out garbage manually. You can choose certain targets like gold and relics not to use discrimination.

Ground balance

Do you know that any soil you are detecting contains a minute level of metal? It is good to know that this can interfere with the detector’s ability to find coins and other valuables. There have emerged different variations of ground balance on metal detectors. While automatic units adjust the ground effects automatically, manual ones require users to adjust for ground balance each time they are detecting.

Target identification

It is a great tool on a metal detector. This feature will help you distinguish between coins such as nickel and silver. The output in this feature can be an audible tone. Usually, the tone is highly pitched for valuables and low grunts for junk Also, you should choose a metal detector with a target ID that appears on the LCD display screen.


After perusing the detailed review article on the best metal detectors under $200, you will easily choose your dream product. We hope that you will find the above content helpful in the future. Do you have any questions concerning the above products? You can ask our great team. Thanks!

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