8 Best Wall Safes for the Home: How To Chose The Perfect Safe

Wall Safes are very much beneficial for every homeowner because your valuables, as well as your personal safety, are extremely important. The best wall safes for the home may be the easiest way to safeguard your hard earned money. At the moment it is the superb way to protect your money, gold and other valuable goods that are in your regular use.

Setting up wall safe is the easiest way to maintain your belongings protected right from theft or additional damage. A hidden safe inside the wall is great because many robbers spend 10 to 15 minutes inside victim’s home and it is very much difficult to find out the hidden safe. Continue reading the following reviews carefully, and we think you must be able to select the best product for your house.

Reviews of the Best Wall Safes for the Home



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1. Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83 CF for Jewelry or Small Handgun Security


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2. Stack-On PDS-1505 Drawer or Wall Safe with Electric Lock


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3. Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, .83 CF Hidden In Wall Large Safe:


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4. Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock:


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5. Barska Biometric Wall Safe:


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6. Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe, Cream:


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7. Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E):


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8. Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-1814Z)


1.  Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83 CF for Jewelry or Small Handgun Security:

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Paragon 7725 is a large luxurious wall safe which is an excellent selection for concealment. Due to its extra-flat option, it ensures that you can hide it behind a mirror or picture, or put it within your closest. You’ll find plenty of space in this wall safe, and it is classic for concealing but you can set it among most studs easily.The solid steel structure is resistant to hand plus tool attacks. It is perfect for the true home, office, or perhaps vacation house. It was designed with the intention of secure your valuables within a concealed location – in the back of an image or inside a cabinet. It includes two options to open key or code.

2. Stack-On PDS-1505 Drawer or Wall Safe with Electric Lock:

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The Stack-On PDS 1505 is made from hard iron, pry resistant plate stainless steel doors and steel alloy live action locking bolts. It’s concealed hinges offer greater protection. It could be attached to the inside of any drawer, beneath the bed or bolted to the wall. The solid box is large enough two handguns, an iPod device, and other small valuables.

The Stack-On PDS 1505 includes an easy-to-use digital lock and an integral key override. It is manufactured from 2mm external body metal and a 6mm pry-resistant door. The two action steel locking bolts and hidden hinges offer pry-resistant protection. It is pre-drilled with mounting holes and contains hardware for mounting to many surfaces.

3. Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, .83 CF Hidden In Wall Large Safe:

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The Paragon 7750 Wall Safe is perfect for home, office, or even vacation home. It was made with the intent to protect the valuables in a concealed area – behind a picture or perhaps inside a wardrobe. The very best component of the best wall safes for the home may be the value; it is considerably less than featured safes and is packed with more features similarly!

This lock mechanism and the electronic circuit are utilized in some safes which are provided by China manufacturer. The electronic locking mechanism is effective and is an update from your Paragon 7700 model. There exists a beep as you press a key, but we don’t believe it was too much noisy. It also comes with durable batteries.

4. Stack-On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock:

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The Stack-On Wall Safe comes with an electronic lock. It includes an integral rack with key ring tab on the doors. You can utilize the document holder in this Stack-On electronic safe to store your essential documents, passport along with receipts. With straps integrated this content will be safe absolutely.

Made of solid steel, this home wall safe ensures a durable performance. This type of hard steel safe features pry-resistant doorways, steel live- actions securing bolts, and concealed handles for added security along with anti-theft security. The Stack-On Wall Safe along with Electronic Lock is usually easy to program and comes with a trouble key override to be utilized in case of an urgent situation.

5. Barska Biometric Wall Safe:

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The Barska Biometric Wall Safe supplies a safe plus secure spot to store valuables. Suitable for an office or home, it could be programmed to open up and then a specific user’s exclusive fingerprint for fast access at a moment’s notice. These best wall safes for the home can be hidden behind pictures plus furniture for added protection easily. It comes with a set of emergency backup hardware and keys also for mounting the safe to a wall.

The safe’s biometric technology provides you the capability to quickly and effortlessly access your weapons in the emergency period. Also, it gives a hands-on two-stage solid dead bolt fastening system which can be quickly opened up.

6. Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe, Cream:

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Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Wall Safe can provide you complete security for your jewelry, cash, and other valuables. An inside light illuminates contents whenever the door is opened. This particular home safe features an electronic clock along with an electronic keypad. A pry-resistant door plus obscured hinged prevent theft. This kind of Mesa wall safe also offers a good steel door flange and is usually ideal for a residence or industrial use.

This wall safe is constructed to fit well within your wall. The extensible and telescoping range provides you a chance to increase the useable space when set up in various wall thicknesses. It is wonderful for storing essential valuables and documents such as watches, cash, jewelry, little weapons plus much more.

7. Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E):

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The Protex Electronic Wall Safe is a great choice for house, office, resort, school or dorm use. It is convenient and can be installed in any interior wall structure. It is rather simple to install between two wall studs. It includes a velvet interior for an excellent plush feel and look. The door contains a concealed lock to spread out the secure with a mechanized override key.

 The key of the best wall safes for the home is utilized when batteries are dead, or keypad is damaged. Your body of this safe is made of sturdy steel. It is superb for keeping money, rings, records, deeds, heirlooms and photos.

8. Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-1814Z):

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The Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe is created for the quick and easy opening. Hassle-free access to, convenient programming and can be set up at any height on the room wall. This fingerprint wall safe can store up to 30 fingerprints which make it perfect for commercial and residential use. To open the wall safe, press the switch activating the biometric scanner simply and place your fingerprint onto the glass reader. If it is a match, you can get your goods fast.

You can set up Protex wall safes into the wall easily. It comes with a flange so that you don’t have to re-plaster the wall space. This Wall Safe can be opened simply by a digital locking mechanism or biometric lock based on the model you select.

Benefits of Using the Wall Safe: 

The various benefits of a wall safe are as follows:

Easy to Setup:A good wall safe is lightweight, allowing the DYI (do-it-yourself) person to set up themselves, with simple household tools. As the hole is covered by the flange you slice, the trimming will not need to be ideal. All of the wall safes come with a design template to assist you to tag the right size for your wall structure. Simple installation instructions are included with each safe also.

Easy to Access:Wall safes could be installed at a most easy level for you. It can be your eye or height level. It is possible to access the best wall safes for the home in your wall easily.

Security:Each and every good safe are attached inside, this means a burglar cannot access the bolts with the hinged door locked. Nevertheless, since the wall safe is usually bolted to the weighty inner framework of the wall, the bolts are harder to gain access. So, wall safes provide you complete security.

Easy to Conceal:Of all the safes, wall safes is the simplest to cover. The much less noticeable a secure, the not as likely a burglar is usually to think it is. Wall safes are designed so that if they’re set in a wall structure they are get rid of or nearly flush with the entire wall. It makes it easy to hang painting or photograph over the hinged door of the safe.

Hassle-free:Wall safes are hassle-free in comparison to heavy free- standing up safes. For many individuals, floor space is a valuable product, better utilized for something more appealing. Wall structure safes only make use of space that is unused already.Flood Safety:If a free standing safe or even a floor safe is set up in a basement or building which can flood, the opportunity of these getting submerged within a flood great. Even though many safes are water-resistant, the very best possibility of no harm at all is certainly a safe that’s up off the ground.

How to Pick the Best Wall Safe For The Home? 

Wall Safes can be found in many different forms and sizes. A few of these wall structure safes are open fire proof plus some are not really. Let’s check out what you ought to consider before going away and purchasing a wall safe for your home.

1. First of all, picking a great wall safe is a committed action. They are not simple to find out, after all. The safe will probably be installed on your wall as soon as it is normally there you don’t want to determine down the road it isn’t found in the proper place. Be sure you choose a section of your house where you can disguise the secure by placing a piece of art, mirror, or perhaps additional item over it to keep this from becoming noticeable.

2. Secondly, when you select your best wall safes for the home, make sure it shall use the depth of your wall. Your typical wall isn’t deep extremely, thus make certain the depth from the in-wall safe works with together with your architecture (common wall space are 4″ – 6″ deep). Likewise, it’s great to remember that actually without significant more detail you can proceed with a tall in-wall safe to have significantly more than sufficient space.

3. Thirdly, the thing to consider is usually the actual installing your wall safe. It’ll need to be mounted on the studs in your wall, so select a certain area with enough space for your in-wall secure to mount easily. Ideally, you should choose your location when your home is being built first. If you later install an in-wall safe, although, most in- wall structure safes have a flange, so you don’t have for plaster or drywall restoration.

4. Finally, whenever choosing the wall safe, you will notice a variety of quality and price ranges. You should check the thickness of the steel to determine the safety of the safe.

Wall safes are a great way to achieve the protection to your valuables you wish while keeping them useful and close for easy, daily access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Question: Can I set up my home safe?

Answer: Absolutely. But you can take help from a qualified safe engineer who is experienced.

2. Question: How can I choose the correct right home safe?

Answer: Before purchasing a good home safe you have to check its size, price, weight, lock, warranty, etc. Besides, read the product reviews from the online marketplace.

3. Question: Can I purchase a home safe from the online marketplace?

Answer: Of course. Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces where you can purchase it easily.

4. Question: Can I modify the combination for my home safe?

Answer: Traditional and digitals locks are found in the marketplace. You can change the combination, but please read the user manual before doing it.

5. Question: Can I clean plus service my home safe?

Answer: The interior mechanism of a high-quality home safe is permanently lubricated. So it requires no maintenance. But it may be essential to lubricate it occasionally.


Wall Safes provide not only fast and simple usage of home valuables but also a convenient protection measure against burglars and organic catastrophes. So the best wall safes for the home would be a good investment for you to secure your valuables. We think the above Wall Safe reviews will be very much perfect for you to find out the best product for your home. All of our efforts are only for you. If any question, please feel free ask us. Your feedbacks and comments are very much crucial for us.

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